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CarolynI was gifted at birth with knowing how to train a horse at liberty. I had a natural instinct about how to bring out the enthusiasm in a horse to follow my lead.   My special connection with horses caused people to want the same cooperation and expression that I was getting from my horses. That was when I started doing public clinics in the 80’s, traveling across the USA for two summers.

I had developed the Waterhole Rituals in the 70’s. At that time they were called the Seven Steps of Liberty Training. The Steven Steps where developed for people who wanted to study with me at my ranch and later on when I started doing clinics.

My method for teaching others was based on what I had learned from interacting with horses in the wild as a child. My book Naked Liberty is about this journey that I experienced with domestic and wild horses. I am sure you would enjoy reading it. You can purchase it on my site under the “products” tab.

2013 Group Clinic

2013 Group Clinic

Now at this time in my life I see how many people that I have influenced as teachers in the art of liberty Read more

Jimbo’s Dressage rider with her spurs on, in public, got me to thinking:

Have you ever wondered why some people can influence a horse in a gentle manner and others must fight a horse to get any kind of cooperation.

I was in Jimbo’s today, it is our local health food store, and there was a young woman at the deli wearing dressage pants, boots, and spurs waiting for her order.


These are western spurs, however they are close to what she had on but in the dressage version

Her spurs were sharp and had teeth like rowels on them that are usually aggressively used on horses; if you are not carful they can easily cut a horse. Wearing her spurs in public pointed out to me that she must have been proud of her “look”. As she stood there waiting for her order, it got me to thinking that she was the best example of having no awareness for the sensitivity of horses.

She either did not know how to ask a horse to perform or how to train a horse using light aids. Maybe she needed to experience her personal power in removing the resistance in a horse.   … Read more

Do you want to practice dancing with a horse to music at Liberty everyday with a well-trained horse?

You will get to do this in the Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic here at my Ranch in Escondido. Liberty dancing with horses is part of the afternoon classes. The afternoon program is fun to watch and fun to do with many kinds of horses.

Here is a video compilation from a past class:


If you answer “No” to any of these questions and want to learn how, my Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic is for you.

  • Do you know the exact moment to give an aid to your horse when he will follow your lead naturally?
  • Do you know how to use your body language to influence your horse in the most positive way?
  • Do you know how to warm up a horse, with the Waterhole Rituals, so that you get the best performance under saddle?
  • Do you know how to transition from Liberty Training to using tack so it does not take away the training you have on him?
  • Do you know how to remove the boredom in your horse while training?
  • Do you know how to develop a horse’s
Read more

Here is a story that might shock you.

Carolyn ResnickThe reason that I am sharing it is that I hope that it will help you to understand how important the “Whoa” and “Go” responses are. Having a great gas pedal and break on a horse is the secret to a horse’s willingness to perform. This response also develops a dependable horse under saddle that will respond to light aids. It also produces beautiful movements and natural collection and straightness.

But how I learned this was over a period of time that took place in an abusive form. After it was over I wanted never to train a horse again. I wanted to think that you should never train a horse to stop and go with this kind of precision and that just to train this response into a horse was an act of abuse. What was occurring was that I wanting to throw out the baby with the bath water. But much later I learned that all of this could be trained in an enjoyable experience for the horse from a method that I developed once I settled down to it’s importance years later.

My Trainer in how to train English … Read more

Photo by Teddie Ziegler

Carolyn on the computer

Three things I am focused on when I am coaching people in my online course.

I have always felt that it is my love of nature that causes me to know how to approach the training of a horse so that it is a magical dance between me and my horse. When I was spending most of my days in nature with horses by myself when I was growing up, I would wonder why more people were not as amazed and fascinated with the workings of nature as I was. The everyday experience of being in nature kept me whole and excited about life. Even other children seemed not to have the capacity to be quite as amazed as I was.

Luckily I had a family that was just like me when it came to the love of nature and we shared it together. This watching of nature caused me to naturally match the existing rhythm of a horse at the moment I would communicate with him. It caused a horse to trust in my influence and be drawn to my leadership.

From the well being I received being with horses, it gave me a … Read more

We still have space available in our Extended Circle Online Class starting next week. .

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Written by Sophie Hunter For the September issue of Magma magazine in Turkey

SophieThe first time I saw horses I must have been no more than 4 years old. I found them so magnificent with their hair flowing along their powerful bodies as if they were dancing with the universe itself, and those dark dark big eyes that seemed to be looking straight at who I was. No-one ever had looked at me that way. I was love struck!

Of course there was no way to keep me from learning to ride and care for them. I was taught the classical English riding style and soon entered competitions with my beloved little horse black-jack. But everything was not without trouble, no no although we were best friends we also had daily fights and I must have fallen off of him over a thousand times. Strangely, our fights only happened when riding, when following the rules I had been thought. When we were spending time playing together, hanging out, there was only love, I often used to take naps on … Read more

The horse arrives like a mystery box

with puzzle pieces inside.

Some of the pieces are broken or missing

and others just seem to hide.

But the HEART of a teacher can sort them out

and help the horse to see

the potential for greatness he has within

a picture of what he can be.

Her goal isn’t just to teach knowledge

by filling the box with more parts.

It’s putting the pieces together

to create a work of art.

The process is painfully slow at times

some need more help than others.

Each horse is a work in progress

with assorted shapes and colors.

First she creates a classroom

where the horse can feel safe in school

where he never feels threatened or afraid to try

and kindness is always the rule.

She knows that a horse

can achieve much more

when he feels secure inside.

She models and teaches good character

and respect for one another.

How to focus on strengths…not weaknesses

and how to encourage each other

She gives the horse the freedom he needs

to make choices on his own

so he learns to become more responsible

and is able to stand alone.

He’s taught to Read more

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