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The Foundation for All Equestrian Pursuits Through the Horse-Human Connection.

Such a lesson to be learned here in training your horse using the Waterhole Rituals. If you keep driving your horse away, eventually he will not come back. While playing with your horse at Liberty one must pick a play interaction that would develop the training of the horse rather than making a brat out of him; becoming too out of hand or turning him into a bully.  Remember, you are responsible for your horse’s behavior.

Discovering this, through experiencing it yourself, develops your skill as a horse communicator and evolves your understanding of nature and an awareness of how your horse sees you.

Carolyn, Jazz and Apollo

The Bond Between You and Your Horse:

I see how truly and deeply some people want to feel a bond with their horse and they are analytically trying to figure out how, but the emotional aspect is somehow disconnected. When we think of a bond I also see that most people have no idea how to bond with a horse.  Many times I see that a horse feels a special bond with their owner, but their owner is not even aware of, or sees, how their horse is feeling.  The opposite of this is that the … Read more

It is my belief that you can ride a horse without training for any and all the movements in dressage, even to the aires above the ground.

When a horse wants to be ridden he will perform, and understand, your aids naturally and willingly like magic. Not every horse and not every rider, but I do believe that it is hidden within us. However, the human needs to be a highly sensitive and an admirable man or women for a horse to agree to what is being asked of him.

The direction given to the horse must inspire the horse to want to dance due to the soul connection he has with his rider. This is where the Waterhole Rituals come into play.

Marino LattoMy Method prepares the horse to respond in this manner by doing exercises that will evolve the horse to perform the maneuvers in dressage.  This happens by doing the exercises in my Method that precedes a particular movement. It is not at all unusual to develop a horse in this manner, except that we start training at liberty first and that the exercises I offer are different.   My exercises are designed so that when you ride your … Read more

This is an actual letter I received:

Dear Carolyn, Would it be fair to say, that your work is not “horse-training”, but instead a creation of allowing. This allowing is the expression of two beings existing in their truth? Would it be fair to say that instead of training, your work gives behavior a place to exist that mirrors a relationship – mirrors the strength of a bond established?

I am trying to wrap my head around just how truly different your method is from the others. The others operate from doing, forcing and demanding. While your work has no limitation, because of just how beautiful it can be.

My Response:

I was so excited to get this letter as it gave me the opportunity to speak to you about my feelings on this matter.  I love to talk about the freedom you give your horse while training and the amazing relationship that this freedom brings about. It is all about a real relationship that makes sense to the horse. Your letter definitely speaks from a heart driven position and my method also comes for this position as I have always warned people not to slip into “the trainer’s mind”. … Read more

Update from Carolyn - 

Journey-WalkYears ago, the great horse trainers did not share their information.  What I learned from them, I learned through watching.  The secrets of the old time cowboys seemed lost, however it was not lost with me.  I carry these secrets with me to this day.  What I retained was the ability to communicate with a horse with aids as light as a fly’s touch, without any drama.

I fantasized that I too was a great master of training horses, when I was young, because I had a deep connection, respect and trust for horses.  However, at that time, had never trained a horse to do anything.  I was lucky because I knew from observation how to proceed in developing into the trainer of my dreams.  I owe my success with horses to loving to be with them and looking at training as something we could do together that we both enjoyed.

IMG_0865The old time cowboys that I knew walked through life like a whisper.  I want to thank Tom Dorance and the gentleman that followed in his footsteps.  Also the loving support of my family.  They all knew that the horse always came first!

Have a … Read more



Sharing Territory with horses has many exercises to achieve the full benefit in how to bond with a horse. The first lesson is that the student needs to become fully focused on the moment and feel a deep connection with their horse just being in the same space with him.

What gets in the way of really receiving the full benefit from Sharing Territory is that horse lovers, when focused on the bond, can become needy and want an interactive experience with the horse while Sharing Territory. This kind of neediness affects a person’s approach to how they choose to go about training a horse. Being needy causes the horse to take charge. Sharing Territory will grow your spiritual awareness so you will need less guidance from others.  This will reduce the neediness.



From proper guidance in my Method you can easily become a true Horse Whisper. Soon this is the program we will be offering from the Academy.  Sharing Territory will continue to grow your understanding of life and in how to influence others through better communication. Sharing Territory also helps you to stay in the flow of the moment so you are able to lead without … Read more


A Groom Tending The Horses – Pieter Frederik Van Os Dutch

When I was growing up I remember sitting with a mare in her manger and picking through her hay to create a pile of the top choice leaves that she enjoyed the most. When she learned what I was doing she would try to take my piles away from me before I had completed them. I protected them by disturbing her enough to keep her away from my piles. From our discussion of where she needed to eat and how to leave me alone, until I was ready to give her the food, there was a profound effect on my ability to ride her later. She was an untrained horse and after the relationship we had formed at the manger, I found that I had created a dependable riding horse that did not need saddle training.

What I discovered was that the relationship we formed over food was most valuable. She learned to trust that I had her best interest at heart and at the same time she needed to follow my lead. She gave me her full attention because it became a habit for her to do so. … Read more

Listening, Connecting, Communication, and Conversation:

Listening -

Teddie and Jazz

Have you ever noticed that certain sounds, cues, or movements work the same, no matter what language, person or animal you are using it on?  Think about it…if you see your child (or your animal) getting into possible harm’s way and you have to stop it immediately, the first thing you do is make a noise or sound. It usually sounds like a few loud grunts that in your mind mean “NO! Don’t do that”.  It’s an instinctual “uh, uh, uh, uh” that comes out of your mouth before you can actually think about what words you wanted to say.  It’s been my experience that these instinctual sounds of “No” work on children, adults, dogs, cats, horses, etc.

Carolyn had discussed in previous blogs “Nature’s Code of Conduct” that all animals resonate to.  I think this natural “Code of Conduct” is where some of our human instincts come from as well.  Like the natural sounds we make when we are trying to stop something from happening.  If someone raised their index finger and said “uh, uh, uh, uh”, the child, horse, or dog almost always know exactly what that means.

Connecting –

Teddie at Assateague Island


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