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To all of my readers –

My Thanksgiving will be more enjoyable because of all of you.

I wish each and everyone of you the greatest Thanksgiving ever!!


Flowers for Everyone!

Flowers for Everyone!


We just finished a Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Group Clinic today at my Ranch and it was so much fun!  I have added a few pictures throughout this blog of our clinic to share with you.  I also want to thank everyone who attended my last Insider and Extended Circle Online Class as well.  It was so enjoyable having you all there and sharing everyone’s experiences learning the Waterhole Rituals.  I can’t wait for next year’s classes.


Vivianne and Jazz Connecting

Viviane and Jazz Connecting

Free Lesson on Connecting to Herd Bound Horses

Here is a game to help your horse give up being herd bound behavior. When working with horses at liberty, being herd bound needs to be removed from your horse to help him focus on you and allow the connection between the two of you grow. This game is a fun way to train the unwanted behavior out of your horse.

A herd bound horse is hard to deal with if you force a horse to separate … Read more

meditation2It is my experience that horses are very sensitive. They can jump around like a rabbit shying at shadows on the ground and can respond to aids as light as a fly’s touch. It is also my experience that they have amazing problem solving abilities when put to the task. They can learn new behaviors easily, when at first they have no idea what it is you are trying to teach them. On Facebook I saw someone put up a statement that said “you can lead a horse to education, but you can not make him think”. I am not sure what they were getting at. Whether they thought horses did not have an ability to think or they were trying to make another point. Whatever the purpose, it caused me to want to write this blog. I put on some Pandora blues music and off I went to plead a case in the way horses function.

I will share with you in a moment how horses think, but first I want to say this – Yes they think! Can you imagine that?

For people who train horses, using my method, they know that horses think. However, in the general … Read more

Linda, Carolyn, TrinityI love the practice of Sharing Territory:

I am able to connect with the true spirit of horses. Feeling their spirit alive and how they connect to their surroundings, I leave the false world of the human mind. When I Share Territory I set out to rebalance my energy so that I can truly connect with horses. In the pause of silence I take account of the unwanted energy I am holding. As time passes I begin to feel myself reaching a natural state of being. I begin to feel the slipping away of blocked, held energy leave like the shedding of tightly bound robes that restrict my movements. In this blocked state, before the pause, I was previously unaware that I had a problem. Becoming aware, I begin to notice an unpleasant quivering inside my body. As I sit focused on this locked up mess, I long to break free so that I might feel reborn, refreshed, enriched, and able to experience the true joy of simply being alive. I enjoy my discovery that I am not in alignment. From releasing this energy I feel a heighten state of well being. Becasue I have become aware of my discomfort, … Read more

CarolynI want to dedicate this blog to you, my students. For you the readers, the current online class is more than halfway through and this blog might help you as well if you are already familiar with my method.

I want to give you a deeper understanding of the Eye Contact Ritual. Many students find this Ritual to be the hardest to understand and to practice. However, I feel it should be the easiest so I think for this reason I want to offer more explanation.

Liberty training is a word that I coined for training a horse at liberty without tack to create a better partnership. I own the trademark “Liberty Training”.  The end result is to develop a student who understands the true nature of horses and how to dance with a horse at liberty spontaneously, where the horse at all times stays focused on this trainer’s direction and the trainer knows how to direct a horse to stay engaged.

Carolyn and OsoIt is so important that a horse uses his eyes to stay in contact with you at liberty. When a horse does, it is a sign that he is interested in you and willing to follow your lead. … Read more

CarolynI was gifted at birth with knowing how to train a horse at liberty. I had a natural instinct about how to bring out the enthusiasm in a horse to follow my lead.   My special connection with horses caused people to want the same cooperation and expression that I was getting from my horses. That was when I started doing public clinics in the 80’s, traveling across the USA for two summers.

I had developed the Waterhole Rituals in the 70’s. At that time they were called the Seven Steps of Liberty Training. The Steven Steps where developed for people who wanted to study with me at my ranch and later on when I started doing clinics.

My method for teaching others was based on what I had learned from interacting with horses in the wild as a child. My book Naked Liberty is about this journey that I experienced with domestic and wild horses. I am sure you would enjoy reading it. You can purchase it on my site under the “products” tab.

2013 Group Clinic

2013 Group Clinic

Now at this time in my life I see how many people that I have influenced as teachers in the art of liberty Read more

Jimbo’s Dressage rider with her spurs on, in public, got me to thinking:

Have you ever wondered why some people can influence a horse in a gentle manner and others must fight a horse to get any kind of cooperation.

I was in Jimbo’s today, it is our local health food store, and there was a young woman at the deli wearing dressage pants, boots, and spurs waiting for her order.


These are western spurs, however they are close to what she had on but in the dressage version

Her spurs were sharp and had teeth like rowels on them that are usually aggressively used on horses; if you are not carful they can easily cut a horse. Wearing her spurs in public pointed out to me that she must have been proud of her “look”. As she stood there waiting for her order, it got me to thinking that she was the best example of having no awareness for the sensitivity of horses.

She either did not know how to ask a horse to perform or how to train a horse using light aids. Maybe she needed to experience her personal power in removing the resistance in a horse.   … Read more

Do you want to practice dancing with a horse to music at Liberty everyday with a well-trained horse?

You will get to do this in the Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic here at my Ranch in Escondido. Liberty dancing with horses is part of the afternoon classes. The afternoon program is fun to watch and fun to do with many kinds of horses.

Here is a video compilation from a past class:


If you answer “No” to any of these questions and want to learn how, my Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic is for you.

  • Do you know the exact moment to give an aid to your horse when he will follow your lead naturally?
  • Do you know how to use your body language to influence your horse in the most positive way?
  • Do you know how to warm up a horse, with the Waterhole Rituals, so that you get the best performance under saddle?
  • Do you know how to transition from Liberty Training to using tack so it does not take away the training you have on him?
  • Do you know how to remove the boredom in your horse while training?
  • Do you know how to develop a horse’s
Read more

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