An Uplifting Evening Experienced again at the Cavalia Show

Calvalia is Back!

Cavalia is back in town and played to a full house on opening night. I was there and got to see another episode of the evolving show. Cavalia has been a favorite horse entertainment of mine for years. The first show featured Frederic Pignon and his amazing horses at liberty with his beautiful Lusitano Stallions. Frederic was marvelous beyond words. After many years the show then featured Sylvia Zerbini with her amazing Arabians at liberty and her flowing connection that was magical. What would be a dream come true would have been able to see them both in a performance together.

This year in San Diego the show consisted of 48 horses with 40 riders and acrobats, but did not offer a headliner. Could it be possible for the show to continue the magic? Simply – “yes”. The horses are the true focus of the show and, again as ever, Cavalia is an amazing spectacular event!

The Show’s Focus

The show this year is focused on the connection shared between horses and humans. It starts out softly to open your heart to the magic and wonder and then builds to a faster and faster pace that offers a “wow” factor that only Cavalia can provide. The first part was a bit slow for me. I felt that the beginnings’ soft romantic part was too long before the action took over. However, the audience was enthralled, mesmerized and entertained. It was obvious that the audience was truly grateful to experience such a show. Everyone was wowed as they expressed their deep emotions by their sighs, applause and laughter with a gusto and exuberance that I have seldom witnessed. That night Cavalia delivered!!!!

I could see that all the entertainers were carried to their best ability from the crowds’ enthusiasm. At the end of the show it was out to the stables to meet the well cared for horses that we, the audience, fell in love with on stage. It is a horse lovers “must see”. You will see breeds up close that you will never get to see in a lifetime without extensive travel around the world.

The music is live, rhythmical and soulful. The staging is grand, beautiful and amazing as usual. Water curtains magically appear along with an appearing and disappearing pool of water and falling autumn leaves. The stage is something that I will remember forever along with the energy of the horses’ free spirits running through it and the riders who love them.

The Heart behind the Show

Normand Latourelle, the Artistic Director of the show, has put his heart and soul into bringing great entertainment with a message to the world in how magical the relationship between horses and humans can be. The trainers and riders in Cavalia are true horse lovers and many have been with the show for years. Throughout the show, each horse has only one rider, in order to keep the bond between horse and human alive and intact while on tour. The footing that is provided to the horses is the best in the world and it is brought from Canada to provide the horses the safest footing that could be provided. The focus of this show is on Horses, Horses and Horses and a care that is to be admired and expected. Cavalia is spreading the word to the world that horses need to be remembered and honored through our care of them.

The Evolution of the Show

Cavalia keeps evolving and one day possibly there may be a show with horses only at liberty sharing a magical connection between horses and humans that will be fully realized. My dream is that the evolution of the show could be that the show would give up the bits that the horses must tolerate to have a connection with man. It could be a story told that man discovers that a horse will carry him without the control he thought necessary and that this connection is born from the human truly believing in the magic we share with the spirit of the horse. Yes we have come a long way in mans’ evolution of empathy for horses and possibly one day we will have a show where the horses are truly liberated, and the metaphor and reality are one.

Thank you Normand for bringing the evolution of horse and man to the next possible freedom. Yes, see the show, spread the word and help the show to the next evolution that could offer a story line that by dancing in partnership with a horses’ free spirit intact that man can realize the liberation of his own soul. I am looking forward to the next chapter that I believe is in the making.

There is something special about horses. Something that we honor in them that they have, that we do not come by naturally. No matter how restricted or abused a horse is in his life and environment, a horse stays in touch with his free spirit and that is to be admired.

A Plot Worth Mentioning

This is my idea for the next show. I heard a story about a beautiful Arabian stallion in Arabia that was so feared and fierce that all four of his legs were bound to the ground, each leg tied to a stake. He was kept that way for years, unable to move, held by his shackles. His bones and ligaments must have been locked up and had grown together so badly that he would not be able to move, and because of this he was set free, for no one feared him anymore. And when he was set free, to the surprise of the men who released him who had feared him, he took off faster than any horse had ever run and was never seen again until a blind boy, that was abandoned by his family, came back riding on the Stallion to the place that the horse been bound. This spot, were the stallion was bound, was also were the boy had been abandoned. Upon returning to this spot a miracle happened, the boy gained his sight back and the horse was never tied up again. The town, for all the years the stallion was tied up, was in economic disaster. Now that the Stallion had returned with the boy, the town became a sanctuary of abundance for all that lived there. The moral of the story is that in strife we can grow strong and miracles happen if we can experience freedom in the moments of our capture, like this Stallion. This story was told to me in the late seventies.

If you have a story you would like to share, or a book, on the bravery of animals and the magic, I would like to hear it.  I am sure we can conjure up some magic in today’s blog in honor of our next step in the evolution of empathy and humanity to all things that horses inspire in us.

Below are videos from the Show…








Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.



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Aline Mellema/ IC/ Angel and Vicky/ Netherlands/ ECspring2011/ ICfall2011/ BTWRCmarch2012 - 3 years ago Reply

Oh wooooow… thank you for this Carolyn.
Thank you for showing us something of this beautiful show and for taking us backstage through your words and the videos.
It looks and sounds really amazing!!


KatherineHarberd - 3 years ago Reply

Lucky you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with all of us and your videos and interviews. Imagine being able to fly around your horse like the acrobats on wires. Inspired! Katherine

joanna blake - 3 years ago Reply

hi carolyn, what a great post and i enjoyed your questions and the responses they elicited – in particular where you asked how much time they spend with their horse each day.
i have an animation to share that is a kind of simple story to me, about the place horses have in our lives, here you go, hope you enjoy:

    Jannie Smit (IC Spring and Summer 2012) - 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Joanna,
    What a great little animation, not only a great story line but I also love the artistic part of it, great way of drawing and filming.
    Thanks for sharing

karin kozlowski - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

How fantastic that Cavalia continues to perform in San Diego so that you have seen their marvelous performances several times now. Thank you for sharing your joy with us.


Lisa Hill - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn, thanks for sharing!
Blessings~Lisa & Magnum

Christine - 3 years ago Reply

I love reading about these sort of shows! Also love your idea about the Arabian stallion story!

SharolynWandzura - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
What great videos and interviews. I am going to check if they are coming near me soon too! Much love from afar! Sharolyn

Susan Smith - 3 years ago Reply

Hi, Carolyn,

So glad to hear/watch your time with Cavalia. I’ve never seen them perform in person but would love to do so. I love how they always keep the work interesting for the horses so they come to the show with enthusiasm.


StephanieMorse - 3 years ago Reply


Thank you so much for the review. I had heard that this version of Cavalia was not as good as the others, I see that was probably not the same as what my opnion would have been.

I hope they do visit your ranch.

I loved the video of practice, and when the narrator said ‘we don’t ride with sticks, and never with spurs…’ that is exactly the opposie of what the top trainers now propose, they say never ride without spurs, what a totally different mindset. I prefer to use the enlightened version.

Have a wonderful weekend.

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Stephanie,
    We need to support a show like this. It is evolving humanity and honoring horses. I am all about that.
    I saw in the show they carried whips but did not use them. The show is getting better as far as the horses are concerned. This show wants to make change for the care of horses and they are in a big way.
    Thank you for sharing,

Marja van Run - 3 years ago Reply

I just finished Fréderic Pignon’s book ‘Gallop to Freedom’ and loved it. I never watched Cavalia but wish I had, especially Fréderic’s horse Templado. From the book he seems like ‘Mr. Charisma’ himself!

Amy - 3 years ago Reply

Carolyn… I loved your interview. You are a wonderful investigating reporter. I truly hope they come to visit you. I can hardly wait to see what transpires…
With appreciation…
Amy and Zorro

Jannie Smit (IC Spring and Summer 2012) - 3 years ago Reply

That would have been spectacular to see. I hope they put on an extra show while we are there in December. Cross fingers.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Desiree, the Netherlands, EC spring 2012, IC summer 2012 with Abby - 3 years ago Reply

You guys had some prime horse and human sightings from the sound of it! Looks like a fantastic show.

Natalie van Andel - 3 years ago Reply

Spectacular! Wish I was there too!

Robyn Bardas, New Zealand EC 2010, BTWHR 2012, IC 2012, Stellar. - 3 years ago Reply

Wow Carolyn, what a wonderful experience to share with us, thankyou so much.
And thankyou for the coaching call today, it was inspiring and clear, and incredibly supportive.
In gratitude,
Robyn and Stellar xx

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Robyn thank you, I am so excited you are doing so well with your mare. I can not wait for the next installment.
    HOw is your singing coming a long?

    Carolyn xx

BonnieJBeresford - 3 years ago Reply

OH! What a disappointment – Cavalia will be in San Diego through December, but there are no shows scheduled during the time we will be at your clinic!

The stories I loved when I was growing up were the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley. I still have every one of them. The bond between Alec Ramsey and the Black has been my lifelong inspiration with all the horses I have had. It is the reason that your method captures my imagination and why it has given me back the dreams I had as a girl. You showed me that it can be more than just a dream.
With deep gratitude,

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Bonnie,
    The show will be here during my clinic as I understand it.

    The more we believe that a horse wants to be ridden and enjoy a relationship as much with us as we want with him and then spend enough of time with a horse to evolve the connection we find the magic we are looking for. See you soon,


      Carolyn Resnick
      Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

      Dear Bonnie,
      I just went to ticket and you are right but I did think that the show would be going on during my clinic. Humm…. I was hoping we would all be able to go. Maybe they will add some more shows because then well be here. Maybe we can visit the horses between the shows. I will check this out.

        BonnieJBeresford - 3 years ago Reply

        Oh yes, Carolyn, please do see what you can find out about the show. They seem to be taking a two-week break from the show, just when we are there! But it would be fabulous if we could even just talk to some of the performers and see the horses.
        Wouldn’t it be fun if some of the performers could come to the ranch and watch you (and us) work at liberty…

Ruella Yates - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
What a wonderful experience you had! Your description made me feel as if I were there seeing it with you. My students and I are working toward the dream of unity with our horses at Liberty; we are planning a horse show in the spring at Spirit Horse Ranch featuring my fabulous students and their Liberty-trained horses. It won’t be Cavalia, but in our hearts and in the hearts of our horses it will be a horse and human sighting beyond loveliness.
Always grateful for this way to be with horses,
Ruella Yates
Carolyn Resnick Certified Trainer
near Oklahoma City

Teri Peery - 3 years ago Reply

I’m so glad you saw Cavalia once again. (I’ve only seen it once) What a spectacular
production…..I’m so glad you could be there! All the best to you!


stina - 3 years ago Reply

Wish I was there.
Much sunshine Stina

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