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_DSC0783While we are growing as a business and a family, I have realized that I need to have a systematic, standard way of teaching that is consistent with how I want my Method taught to the public.  This is to make sure that anything that is stated as “The Carolyn Resnick Method” is truly taught with my blessing, my knowledge and is taught the way I want it to be, with as much safety and integrity as possible.

My Method has grown organically over the years and many of my old trainers did not keep up with their training or take continued education classes with me, as required to keep their certification current. Continued education classes included learning new techniques, new exercises, new lessons and updated programs for the way I want my Method to be taught.  Continued education is needed to keep the trainers up to date in the same way teachers, insurance agents, real estate brokers or psychologists need to keep their licenses current.

Photo by Linda Salinas

So that meant there were allot of different versions of information being taught under the guise of “The Carolyn Resnick Method” that were different than what I was teaching myself.  There was also old, outdated information being taught that should no longer be used.  Because of this, I un-certified all of my trainers in order to retrain them and have everything consistent and be able to give my students the correct, most updated information in my Method.  This is why I started my Academy to teach the most updated information and to have a systematic, standard way of teaching my Certified Trainers.

I also want to mention that Stina Herberg, a previous certified trainer, is no longer part of the Academy and she is no longer authorized to offer programs in my Method.  The Carolyn Resnick Method is not affiliated or associated, nor ever has been associated with the Humana People to People Organization.

Carolyn and LindaThe First person that I certified in the most updated version of my Method was Linda Salinas from Gastonia, North Carolina.  She is a fabulous trainer and she continues learning from me to stay on top of all the latest techniques.  She is having a clinic in North Carolina this May, 2014 which I highly recommend you attend if you want to begin a new journey with your horse, build a stronger connection, or are looking for a better way to get a higher level of performance from your horse in a kinder, gentler way.  See her flyer below for her May clinic.

I would also like to announce that the second person I have certified in the most updated version of my Method is Teddie Ziegler.  Teddie has just received her certification this past Sunday, March16th.  Teddie has been my assistant, my student, my apprentice and my protégé for many years and is now my newest Certified Trainer.  I feel very confident in her abilities to teach my Method and to be a safe and an enjoyable teacher to learn from.  She will be teaching private lessons and clinics here at my Ranch in Escondido as well as traveling, if requested, to give clinics and lessons.

Their contact information is listed below.  However, we will be setting up all clinics centrally from the Academy.  So, if you are interested in setting up a clinic near you, please contact our office at and she will set one up with Linda or herself.


Become a Certified Trainer in the Carolyn Resnick Academy

In my Certification programs there is a standard of knowledge or understanding that I have of my method in how to teach it.  Liberty training needs to be approached with care and is not a program for a beginning horseman.  Working with a horse at Liberty takes more skill and is more dangerous than with tack.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerWhen learning from one of my Certified Trainers, take the information that you learn that makes complete sense to you to use in your daily practice in whatever discipline you are currently working in, i.e. jumping, dressage, hunt, etc…  Do not practice my method without understanding how to stay safe.

I consider my Method at Liberty an advanced ground training for experienced horsemen and women.  This Method will grow the bond and relationship with your horse to a level that will take your current work, on the ground or riding, to a new level of performance and love.

It can also be used as a simple tool to just start the relationship with your horse, new or old, into a true heart felt connection where magic is found and love abounds.  Once your horse “really” looks at you, deep into your heart and you can do the same, nothing will ever be the same.

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If you would like to visit the Ranch as a Working Student click below for more information.

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<< 3-Day Private Clinic >>

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn




1.  Linda Salinas:  Gastonia, North Carolina, USA (will travel)



2.  Teddie ZieglerEscondido, California, USA (will travel)



Liberty training needs to be approached with care and is not a program for a beginning horseman.  Working with a horse at Liberty takes more skill and is more dangerous than with tack.  Whomever you are learning from, take the information that you learn that makes complete sense to you to use in your practice.  Do not practice my method without understanding how to stay safe.



Linda Salinas – Gastonia, North Carolina – May 2,3,4




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16 Responses to “Certified Horse Trainers in the Carolyn Resnick Method”

  1. 8
    Jamie says:

    What about Robin Gates ?

  2. 7
    Diane Ursch, April, Missouri says:

    Congratulations Teddie, congratulations Linda, and congratulations, Carolyn. Maintaining standards requires vigilance, courage, and self-discipline on everyone’s part…something I do not see with other programs. But…your program is, and always will be different, in the most wonderful ways.
    Hopefully we will chat soon…am sending Teddie an email today with an update video.

    • 7.1

      Dear Diane,

      Thank you for your loving support and continued study with my programs. Integrity, consistency and heart are very important to me.

      Teddie’s email is down for a while, so she won’t be able to get back to people for a few days.

      Talk to you soon. Give April a big hug from me.

      Warmly, Carolyn

  3. 6
    Randee Fox says:

    This is a clear, courageous and empowering shift at the helm. Way to model leadership and own your brilliant work. Inspiring!
    Randee Fox

    • 6.1

      Dear Randee,

      Thank you for your support and understanding. I enjoyed you in my online class last year and hope you are doing well. You and your horse were so much fun together! What a beautiful dancing couple.

      Warmly, Carolyn

  4. 5

    Hoping to be able to start virtual training with you this year and become certified in the future.

    I know from reading your blog for some years now that your methods have changed a bit. All teachers need continuing education.

    • 5.1

      Thank you Stephanie,

      I’m looking forward to starting the Academy training with everyone soon and most of it will be online.

      Yes, all teachers, doctors, therapists, insurance agents and real estate brokers all are required by the State of California to have continued education in order to keep their licensing. They do that for the best interest of the public. I would not want a doctor who had his last class 20 years ago, or even 10, things have changed so much since then.


  5. 4
    Jayne Forster NooNoo,IC,UK says:

    Dear Carolyn,Teddie and Linda, congratulations Teddie. I am still spreading the word here hoping there will be enough of us for a clinic sometime. Once Noo noo gave me that look it touched my heart and soul and its true things are never the same I have had an amazing year since doing your online course. I know it will continue and I hope to be joining you on one of your courses soon, there may be a rescue horse later this year.So of course he/she would have to meet you Carolyn.
    Thank you, lovely ladies for all you bring to the horses and humans you touch.
    love as ever Jayne and Noo noo.

    • 4.1

      Thank you Jayne,

      …For all you are doing spreading the word to horse people about a new, gentler way of working together with your horse to grow that special bond!

      Warmly, Carolyn

  6. 3
    L.Sinclair says:

    The May clinic isnt listed on Linda’s web site. I was hoping to attend but unfortunately have another commitment that weekend. Will you be having any other clinics in NC or VA this year. The only ones I see on your site are in TX. Thanks

    • 3.1


      The website that is posted on the blog is wrong. My website address is: You will be able to see all of my upcoming events.

      I was just in Va. earlier this month. Where are you located?

      I have not posted my fall clinics yet, but will offer another 3 day clinic later this year. Please continue to check my website for upcoming clinics.

      Thank you for your interest,

      Linda j Salinas

  7. 2

    Thank you, Carolyn, for this update. And congratulations, Teddie and Linda!

    I’ll be in touch soon about certification/certificate of completion options….

    Your program, Carolyn, has been life-altering for me and my horses. I look forward to continuing my studies.


    — Kay

    • 2.1

      Dear Kay,

      We are looking forward to having you continue your studies with the Academy. You and Galahad have been such a success story together.

      I am looking forward to having so much fun with you and Nevada in my current online Insider’s Circle course.

      Warmly, Carolyn

  8. 1

    Hi Carolyn & Teddie,

    CONGRATULATIONS TEDDIE! I am so happy for you.

    I am thrilled to be a part of this growing business and team. I know together we will be able to improve the life of horses and people. There is nothing I would rather do.

    Oh happy day!

    • 1.1

      Hi Linda,

      We are so happy to have you as such an integral part of our team, doing our part to help horses and people throughout the world.

      Love, Carolyn