Carolyn Resnick Horsemanship: Liberty Horse Training

The Foundation for All Equestrian Pursuits Through the Horse-Human Connection.

“The Waterhole Rituals are like colors to an artist, you use them to create the foundational layer for a magnetic bond and connected relationship with your horse.”

In the Waterhole Rituals Course you will be studying the true nature and culture of horses. You begin to understand how the Waterhole Rituals relate to a horse’s natural way of communicating in the herd, and then you will learn how to apply the Waterhole Rituals to develop the horse of your dreams in your own philosophy and style. The focus is on safety and empowerment of the students with their horses and themselves.

Next Program starts March 1/2, 2015

Insider Circle Students:

When you join us as an Insider Circle Student, you have direct contact with Carolyn through 5 group phone coaching calls, every two weeks. This seat includes all classroom audio lessons & videos, access to Carolyn’s Classroom, the student chat room and student videos, and personal phone coaching on the group calls done from videos you send in of you and your horse.

Extended Circle Students:

When you join us as an Extended Circle Student, you can participate on your own schedule, it is like a home study program. This seat includes all classroom audio lessons & videos, access to the student chat room and student videos as well as replays of all the coaching calls.

Sold Out

With 5 Coaching calls over 2 1/2 months that is over 20 hours of coaching directly with Carolyn Resnick on the Waterhole Rituals and Liberty Horse Training!! Calls are every two weeks on Sundays 11am PST & Mondays 5pm PST. All calls are recorded.

Read what other students from the last Insider Circle Class had to say about Carolyn:

“I love Carolyn’s methods! Her words really resonate with me. Often when I read what she writes I respond with a “Yes! Exactly!” or I have a major “aha” moment. She is so uncomplicated and refreshing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to really deepen their relationship with their horse.” Katherine Radomsky

“I consider Carolyn to be one of pioneers in studying and understanding horse behavior.” Carol Hopkins

“Carolyn shows amazing calm and intuitive leadership as she builds the connection with her horses and demonstrates a sense of innocence and fun….her skills of interpreting body language and understanding of behaviour are awesome.” Fiona Blachford

To join the Waterhole Rituals Course in an Insider Circle Seat you will need:

  • A safe horse partner that you can send away at ANY TIME – 100% of the time.
  • A phone, computer and internet connection.
  • A video camera to receive video coaching directly from Carolyn throughout the program.
  • A desire to build a rewarding bonded relationship with your horse.
  • A desire to have fun!

To join the Waterhole Rituals Course in an Extended Circle Seat you will need:

  • A safe horse partner that you can send away at ANY TIME – 100% of the time.
  • A computer and internet connection.
  • A desire to build a rewarding bonded relationship with your horse.
  • A desire to have fun!

Starting the Journey

The Waterhole Rituals are not a step-by-step method, it is a journey. The first stage of the rituals is to socialize the horse by bringing out desirable behavior during intimate interactions around food. Through Sharing Territory together, you will develop a bond with your horse, and as the bond is growing, you educate your horse in how you want them to behave. It is fun to develop a deep friendship with a horse, and it is really easy to do! Through understanding the Waterhole Rituals you may be pleasantly surprised to discover a universal code of conduct and a way to communicate that naturally creates connection, willingness, and cooperation with your horse AND others.

Starting with an Equine Partner that is Right for You

The most important part of being successful with my method is to pick a horse that is easy to connect with. You want to use a horse that will respond easily to the method so you are SAFE as you work at liberty. Once you get my method under your belt, you can then work with horses that would be a bit more challenging but doable.

“Taking this class is a privilege, not a right”  Carolyn has the right to refuse service to anyone or any horse she feels is not a good match for her Method.

What’s included in the Insider Circle 10 week class:

  • Waterhole Rituals Workbook
    A downloadable 27 page workbook detailing each of the 7 Waterhole Rituals including an area for you to take notes during the calls.
  • Interview with Anna Twinney
    Listen to an introductory talk on the Waterhole Rituals that Carolyn did with Anna Twinney.
  • Five Waterhole Rituals Lessons online over 10 weeks.
    Calls are spaced out at 2 weekly intervals to give you a chance to put the coaching into practice. Each call will be a mixture of instruction and question and answer.
  • Can’t make a call? No worries! All calls will be recorded.
    You will be given access to all the MP3 audio files so you can download a copy of all the calls for yourself to review. Each call is about 2 hours depending on the number of questions from students.
  • Double Sized Classroom
    You will follow along with the Insider Circle Program by listening to each of the calls. In fact, there will be 2 Classes running concurrently, which means there will actually be 10 calls in total for you to listen to… and as the previous participants mentioned, you will learn as much listening to other people’s questions and answers as you would if you were actually on the calls yourself.
  • Video Lessons
    NEW videos are added with each class just for Insider & Extended Circle students. PLUS access to the library of videos Carolyn made for previous Waterhole Rituals programs. We are very proud of our growing library!
  • Insider Circle Classroom
    A special area on the website where you can see each other’s videos along with questions from all your fellow students and Carolyn’s answers.
  • Graduate Circle
    Access to the exclusive Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Club social networking site, where you can post your photos and videos and more importantly get to know graduates from other Insider Circle Programs for future mastermind sessions.
  • Question Period & Personal Coaching
    MOST IMPORTANT BONUS: personal access to Carolyn Resnick to ask any question you want as you study. As an Insider Circle Student you can ask questions directly to Carolyn after the lesson during the Question & Answer section of each call.
  • Video Coaching
    BONUS 2: As an Insider Circle Student you will be able to submit 20 minutes of video for coaching feedback over the 2 1/2 months of study to Carolyn for PERSONAL COACHING and feedback. (Ideally starting on Week Two ~ 2 videos a week that are 2 min each)

To get this kind of access to Carolyn at any other time would cost $3,000

After the last Class, almost 46% of the participants surveyed said they found the program “priceless“, while a further 53% found it “really helpful” and “extremely beneficial” to them and their horse.

When asked to put an actual $ value on the Class, 54% said it was worth more than $300 and of those 31% said it was worth $450 and 37% said it was worth $750.

Carolyn wants to make sure you can easily afford The Waterhole Rituals Course and so it is available to you at two levels: Insider Circle and Extended Circle.

Some more feedback from the immensely popular first Waterhole Rituals Programs:

“You MUST do it!! The course will change your whole way of thinking about being with horses and probably your whole life. “

“The Insider Circle Program was fun, comprehensive, supportive, enlightening, engaging, and thought-provoking. Listening to Carolyn opens one’s eyes, heart and mind — Hearing others’ voices as they expressed their challenges as well as their succeses, ah-ha moments — hearing the diversity of perspectives and horse-human relationships, brings insight into what one’s own self and horses.”

“This must truly be one of the best programmes on offer. The calls together with the questions page and the videos made for excellent coaching stretched over a good period of time. And even though I did not really actively participate with questions, almost all of them were answered through questions by other people. The group gives you a sense of belonging to like minded people and strengthens you in your belief of being on the right track. It was well organised and one always felt looked after, even though I was in the Extended Circle Program”. Thank you Carolyn and the rest of the team.”

Carolyn’s Personal Guarantee to you
If you are not delighted with Carolyn and her teaching after the first call and can’t begin to see how the Program will benefit you and your horse, then just let us know and Carolyn will happily refund your money to you. Plus you get to keep all the pre-course material as her way of saying thank you, so you have nothing to lose.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before signing up for the Course, you should read the pre-requisites, recommendations and notes below to make sure you qualify. If you are not sure or don’t think you qualify please check by emailing our team to discuss. (see more details below)

Should I take the Insider Seat or Extended Circle Seat?

Waterhole Rituals Extended Circle Students receive access to all the print materials, replays of the calls, access to the video library just like the Insider Circle however they will not be able to submit videos for Video Coaching or speak with Carolyn during a lesson call. As an extended circle member you can listen to all weekly calls and post questions to the classroom.




1. You require the skill to be able to work a horse at liberty, keeping the horse calm and also you should be able to move the horse away from you, whenever you request it.
2. You have read the book Naked Liberty and watched the Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals DVD – this is very important to prepare you for the course.
3. You need the ability to read a horse’s intentions so that you can stay safe at all times. You can easily move your horse away from your space.
4. The horse you decide to work with while learning the Waterhole Rituals should be uncomplicated and you should already be familiar with the horse.
5. You should be an intermediate equestrian – able to handle most horses with ease.
6. In the beginning you need to be able to work the horse alone. Later you will be able to develop skills to work with horses in a herd, but we would strongly advise against this while learning the Rituals.
7. You need to commit to spend a minimum of four hours a week working through the Rituals with your horse and to be happy with whatever connection the horse offers you.


1. To learn the Waterhole Rituals fully, you will need a secure area of a least 40×60 feet where you can work your horse separately.
2. You should not expect to be able to Liberty Dance (Ritual 7) with your horse at the end of the course. While many students do in fact develop the skills and connection to achieve this, for many others the process is much slower. You need to progress the course at the pace your horse dictates and do not get concerned if other students are accomplishing more and working on different Rituals than you are. Surrender to the process and extraordinary results will occur when you are not focused on the outcome but what you learn from the process.
3. Learning the Waterhole Rituals is a long journey, which you must take responsibility for. It is not a Method for creating a quick fix with problem horses. Once you have become skilled in the technique you can then work with more challenging issues.
4. If you do not have an appropriate horse to learn the Waterhole Rituals with, or indeed if the horse you have selected turns out to be inappropriate, then there is still tremendous value in following the Program from what you will learn from it.

If you are not sure whether you qualify, then please send an email to with details of your query along with your telephone number and we will help answer your questions.

Cancellation Policy: Once the program has started there is a no refund policy. However if after Class #1, if you feel this this program is absolutely not for you, a refund will be given less a $150 administration fee or the entire amount can be applied to another program, coaching calls or clinics within the 2014 year. No refunds will be awarded after the date of Classroom Call #2.

Insider Circle
Sold Out

Extended Circle Tuition: $297

Credit Card Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Carolyn Resnick Method






144 Responses to “Online Courses: Waterhole Rituals”

  1. 68
    Nataliya K. says:

    Dear Teddie,

    I still have no access to the study materials whatsoever. As I said before, I only received a letter that is nothing more but a receipt of my purchase of Extended Circle Class, stating the total amount that I paid, my address, e-mail and phone and a couple general links to Carolyn Resnick’s Blog Homepage. There are no instructions on how to register for classes.

    I did not get a “Welcome Email” which you mentioned in yesterday’s comment. it is neither in my Junk folder nor is it in my Deleted folder (I checked both thoroughly).

    Clicking on the purple “FALL 2014 CLASS – Click here” button brings me to a Login page, that only offers to type in my Email and Password. there is no option to register/create account, so naturally I have no password to type in, which I am guessing would be given to me in the “Welcome Email”?

    Or am I still missing something?

    Please help!

    • 68.1

      Nataliya, That email you got was not just a purchase confirmation. It had a link in it for you to click on and register. I will resend it to you. I hope it works. If not, I will refund your entire purchase price.

      Thank you,

  2. 67
    Nataliya K. says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    I just signed up for the Extended Circle of Waterhole Rituals Online Course. After completing my payment I’ve received the receipt confirming my purchase, but nothing else, no details on how to log in, or how to access my study materials.
    I’m not even sure when the course is starting. The website says it is September 14/15, 2014, so I’m assuming it has already began, since it’s Sep. 20 right now.
    Please let me know if I’m missing something, or if there is a waiting period before I can begin my studies.

    Thank you very much and all the best!

    • 67.1

      Nataliya, The welcome email asked you to log in and register. Once you register you are able to get into the classroom right away. What you do is go to the main blog page and just press the purple button that says Online Class press here. This will give you all the instructions, videos, lessons, workbook, etc…

      Have fun,

      • 67.1.1
        Nataliya K. says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply, Teddie, the problem is though, I did not receive any Welcome e-mails aside from the purchase receipf. And when I go to press the purple icon it asks me to type in e-mail address and password, there is no option to register, sadly. I’m not sure what to do.

        Thank’s for your help in advance.

  3. 66
    MarianneBertrand says:

    I just paid for the fall IC course. I could not get into the course info. Kept saying wrong password. The password that was sent to me was C39CP. There was also a link to the bitless riding course – every time I clicked on the link it came up with a blank page that said – error code – you cannot edit this page. I wasn’t trying to edit. I simply clicked on the “click here…” . Help! Thank you.

  4. 65
    Victoria says:


    Will there be early filly prices for the fall Waterhole Rituals course?


  5. 64
    Micki Lawley says:

    Hey, Carolyn! I’m enrolled in the upcoming Extended Circle.

    – What should I do to prepare? (I have printed and read the booklet you emailed, read Naked Liberty, and watched the Rituals DVD.)

    – When will you send us the call-in numbers for Day 1 and instructions on how to get to other goodies?

    I’m afraid life will WOOSH by me if I don’t ask this while I have a minute to do so.

    My apologies,

  6. 63
    Leigh Freeman says:

    Good morning, I have a draft cross (Belgian) that is nervous and flight prone. I was a hunter rider as a youth and did some showing. I returned to horses as a 54 yr old! I am now 56 and love my horse Big Bo. I purchased him 1 yr ago. I have had lessons but feel that my understanding of his needs and how to communicate a true connection and leadership qualities are still VERY lacking. My “goal/direction” is a meaningful relationship and the ability to safely participate with him on trail rides. So far we have a wonderful grooming relationship – I love grooming him and want that close feeling during ground work and riding as well. How do I start????

    • 63.1

      Can you send your horse away and keep yourself safe?

      • 63.1.1
        Leigh Freeman says:

        Yes, but I have to be quite firm about it. I normally have something in my hand (rope or whip) to emphasize this as I have a hard time getting big enough with him.
        When others get big – trainer, foot trimmer – he shapes up very quickly and moves right off but, they have to remind him.
        When I feed him I put food around his pen to make him walk more and have to be very big to move him away from me. He tends to jump away with a small kick in the air and a bit of a vocal squeal.
        He can get very pushy and we have to walk, stop and back when leading him.
        On the other hand we have quiet peaceful times when I feel very safe doing T-touch even under his tail in the round pen or corral as well as joining up with me off lead.
        He seems to be a pushy gelding that needs constant reminders and constant re-enforcement of my authority.
        Is this the way our relationship will be forever or can your course help smooth some of this out?

  7. 62
    Sophie Hunter says:

    I hâve signed in for the extended circle and remember I was asked to send in a picture of me and my horse.
    I actually have 3 and am not sure with which one to do the course.
    I was thinking to maybe working on the 3 horses As they live in pasture together.
    Should I send a picture of me and the 3 ?
    And where should send this, I can not find the mail where this was mentioned
    Thanks, so excited
    Looking forward to the course
    Love Sophie

  8. 61
    Rosalind bean says:

    Hi Anna
    I seem to have delisted the request regarding spending pic of self and horse and you email address .
    I sent it but was returned as faulty address
    So excited for course a just worried that I am already out of the loop
    Fond regards Rosalind bean

  9. 60

    Carolyn’s Internet is down at this time and she is unable to respond to your comments. The problem is currently being investigated. Thank you for your patience.

    • 60.1
      Alison says:

      Looking forward to the course. I have the written pre-course material but cannot remember if we’ve had details for joining the actual course / calls – help! I sort of guess we/I must have otherwise I couldn’t have picked up the material I have!! Reminders please and see you in 3 weeks.

      • 60.1.1
        Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn Resnick Method says:

        Thanks for joining us. You will receive all the call in details within the week. Stay Tuned! warmly The Carolyn Resnick Online School.

  10. 59
    Sinead says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    I am looking at signing up for the extended circle class, starting in March. Before doing so I would just like to ask one question.
    I can send my boy away from me while he is free, just by rasing my energy and sending him back. Is this sufficent for the purposes of doing the extended circle?

    Kind Regards,


    • 59.1
      Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn Resnick Method says:

      Hi Sinead,

      1. You require the skill to be able to work a horse at liberty, keeping the horse calm and also you should be able to move the horse away from you, whenever you request it.

      You must be able to send your horse away whenever asked so you can keep yourself safe.

      If you have further questions please email the office directly at

  11. 58
    Rosalind bean says:

    I would like to take part in the spring course
    Please advise how to go about doing so
    Thanks Rosalind bean

    • 58.1
      Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn Resnick Method says:

      Hi Rosalind,

      The buy buttons and 2014 tuition fees are now posted above.

      Choose either Insider Circle (participating in live calls) or Extended Circle (studying at own pace) and sign up before Feb 23rd and save on tuition! :)

  12. 57
    Ana Alvear says:

    Hi, i am reading naked liberty already and will be getting the waterwhole rituales DVD soon. What is the cost for the insider circule course? Thanks!

    • 57.1
      Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn Resnick Method says:

      Hi Ana,
      Registration is open and early filly pricing is in effect until Feb 23rd. See the full details posted at the top of this page. :)

  13. 56
    Ana Alvear says:

    Hi, i al reading naked liberto already and will be get ring the waterwhole rituales DVD soon. What is the cost for the insider circule course? Thanks!

  14. 55
    Jackie Gagen says:

    I am considering your course and wondering what the cost is? Are you suppose to be involved with one or both of the phone sessions? Thanks for your answers.
    Fondly, Jackie and OLLIe

    • 55.1
      Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn Resnick Method says:

      Hi Jackie,

      The Insider Circle is limited to 40 students – we aim to have half the students on each call. So plan to make ONE call for each lesson.

      You will get to LISTEN to the recordings of both calls to that will easily add up to over 20hours of learning just from the calls – there are also Lesson videos and student videos!

      The buy buttons and 2014 tuition fees are now posted above.
      **Please sign up before Feb 23rd and save**!


  15. 54
    Michelle Stewart says:

    Hi Carolyn ,

    Please advise me of the dates outlining the 2014 courses as I would like to sign up!

    Thank you

    Michelle Stewart

    • 54.1
      Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn Resnick Method says:

      We start March 16/17th and run until May 11/12, 2014. (calls are Sunday mornings and Monday evenings every two weeks). Looking forward to seeing you in the class Michelle!

      The buy buttons and 2014 tuition fees are now posted above.
      **Please sign up before Feb 23rd and save**!

  16. 53
    margaret cruise says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the spring 2014 online extended course, how do I sign up? I keep being diverted to the spring 2013 course. I’ve read Naked Liberty and watched the Waterhole Rituals.

  17. 52
    Anne Lervik, Norway, IC Spring 2012 says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    Long time no talk :) I am fully occupied with studying physical therapy, but am itching to get back in touch and train horses learning more about your method :) In the summer holidays I will be able to train more. Will there be a summer online waterhole ritual course, and if so, when would it start? I would so love to be in one again.

    All the best,

  18. 51
    ishnee dupont says:

    Hello, I signed up for the waterhole rituals extended circle course and haven’t received anything yet. I knew the course was moved back so was just assuming it was moved back until mid October, but I just checked and say it started a month ago. Please let me know how to remedy this–thanks.

  19. 50
    Sophie hunter says:

    I would like to attend the extended circle but I see that the program has started already. So if I start now will I miss out on calls and others?
    Also I love in turkey so the classes are at really inconvenient hours for me and I am sometimes off-line for weeks on a row.
    Is it still possible to get access to all the material provided for the extended circle and must all be viewed in a certain amount of time? Or is the timeframe indefinite?

    I have just read your naked liberty, it had my hair standing on my neck on several occasions. Thank you for reminding me all I knew as a child was just reality…
    I have, through rough circumstances been separated from horses in my teens, but am in the process of living together again, starting pretty soon, to continue what I had started as a child. 3 horses, 2 mares and a 2 year old stallion are looking for shelter and found us, my husband and I.

    I am quite excited and nervous at the sudden but long waited for turn in my life to reunite with my friends. I would love your support re-establishing deep respectful friendship, it has been 20 years…

    Thank you for the work you do.

    Sincerely Sophie

    • 50.1

      Sophie, you can still join the extended circle. The Extended Circle is like a home study program where you can study the lessons at your own time while the classroom is open within the three months. Call #2 is this weekend.
      Looking forward to *seeing* you in the classroom!

  20. 49
    Domenico says:

    Hi Carolyn and the staff,
    I am interested in taking the course but i don’t understand very well english….I have difficult in the hear much more…

    is there anyone in the staff that could offer a support in italian?

    • 49.1
      Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn Resnick Method says:

      Hi Domenico,
      We have one Italian speaking trainer and one Italian speaking student perhaps we could connect you all together? Please email with your email address and your request.
      The Carolyn Resnick Online School

    • 49.2
      Domenico says:


      can I know the name of the Italian speaking trainer and the Italian speaking student? and can I have your e-mail for a possible contact for to have much more information about the course before his beginning?

      thank you very much

      Domenico (Italy)

  21. 48
    Ana Alvear says:

    I am interested in taking the course. I have not yet read the book Naked Liberty and I haven´t seen the video either. I live in Ecuador, South America, so There won´t be much time for me to get both things on time so that I can do my homework.

    Are there seats left for the outsider circle program?

    • 48.1
      Carolyn Resnick Method Carolyn Resnick Method says:

      Hi Ana, There are seats left in the extended circle, which would be a great place to start if you are new to the work. The extended circle students have access to all the videos and recordings without having to be on the live calls at certain times. It is like a home study program. Welcome! Hope to *see* you in the classroom. ~ The Carolyn Resnick Online School

  22. 47
    Nuta Blakeway says:


    It appears i have missed the deadline to sign up for the ritual extended circle course. But, if there is any chance to still sign up please let me know. Im living in Indonesia, a very good friend of mine who introduced me to your website has joined the course and it would be great to do this course together with her. If not possible then please put me down for the next course. In the meantime I will read your book and follow what I can from your website.

    I have a cross warmblood, he has a wonderful nature, like you say; he is one of those rare ones. We are a few living in Jakarta who have a heart for natural horsemanship, bonding, riding bitless etc..

    So I am really looking forward to doing the course. Sooner would be lovely, if possible. please let me know. Thank you. Nuta

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