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girl with horseThe way we approach our horses in every day actions can make a big difference. My parents, when I was growing up, suggested that I look at how my horse sees my behavior and to look deeply into how my behavior could affect my horse’s attitude towards me.

Practicing this, to this day, causes me to approach relationships in my life with more consideration. The more I think of what my horse needs the more he surprises me with what he has to give back.

I went to look at a new horse that might be coming to my ranch. It was so touching, after spending less than an hour with him, when I went to leave he called out to me like a horse does when his best friend or his mother is being taken away from him.  He will be coming here for my Bitless riding course.

I am not going to tell you about him except that it was a momentous meeting. As time goes by with my work with horses  I am surprised how the door into another dimension continues to open wider.

Sharolyn is giving a clinic – see flyer below

When I have experienced this kind of connection with a horse, it gives me the strength to take whatever time it takes to grow the bond slowly by setting time aside each day to give this kind of a horse my full attention. The gifts of connection are going to be greater than anything I could have ever planned out.

I see well meaning and loving horse owners continuing to push the envelope and ruin a perfectly magical connection with their horse, which they have a strong bond with, from wanting more than the initial magic that they experienced.

AndalusianThis new guy that is coming to my ranch is a four year old stallion that has more than enough energy and spirit for several horses. When we looked at each other for the first time I had a deep desire to lay my forehead on his. He was at Liberty and has not been handled much. It was a bit scary but I listened to this new dimension that I have stepped into with this new soul that I just met. I tested him on his gas pedal and when I signaled him to move away from me, very easily, he jumped away like a gazelle with the agility and grace of Rudolf Nureyev, a famous ballet dancer that was known for his leaps – he looked as if he could defy gravity by hanging in the air more like a gazelle than a human.

It surprised me for a second. At that moment I was puzzled in regards to his attitude towards me. Was he afraid?  Was he dangerous? Could he hurt me if I tried to get close to him? I had no idea who he was or his intentions. I didn’t know, but in this new dimension I felt a burning desire to lay my forehead on his, so I did. What I felt I could do with him I would never think I could accomplish with a stranger that I had just met for the first time, though it would be nice.  I will add this to my bucket list of wishes – to share this kind of connection with humans one day.

HonjiI laid my forehead on his and he felt giving, willing and soft. He had the softest gaze I have ever experienced. It was the kind of gaze that I hope I will experience through my own eyes one day.  He wanted this close connection with me; one that he has never had with another human in his life and I wanted it too. This is what I mean by a cross species bond.  Stay tuned for our next meeting, which I hope will take place soon, here at my ranch.

If there are any students in my course that feel this deep connection with a horse that at this time seems not to be unfolding the way you hoped, just know that the connection is there and it will unfold easier if you do not doubt the initial connection that you started with. Give it time. Know that this time is precious and has great meaning to being able to carry you to a new magical dimension.

If your horse is new to his surroundings it will take awhile for your horse to adjust.  Use your imagination, imagine that you have the connection you want right now, feel this feeling and stay with it throughout the day. To peal away the veils that stand in your way, park yourself in neutral with an open optimistic heart and this will allow the bond to grow, as it will.

Forget about all the rituals that you need to address in this course and just take it one step at a time; like Trinity is doing in his new exercise, standing in neutral and giving up his agenda.

Have a great weekend!  Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn

Here is a video explaining the forehead greeting, Hongi, in New Zealand



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41 Responses to “Connecting with a Young Stallion at Liberty”

  1. 22
    kiki says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    I just wanted to thank you for all this info and methods about how to bond and work with horses. Me and my daughter bought an arabian mare 2 years ago. At first she was not cooperating but then we boded,following the Waterhole Ritual,and now my daughter is able to ride her and we are progressing greatly.Thanks again!

  2. 21
    Kamille Hottinger,IC-spring 2012USA, Starbuck says:

    Lovely Carolyn! This is how I love my horses and my dogs with a forehead connection, a greeting, like a kiss, a Namaste :) it is so delicious :)

  3. 20
    Ulrike Kraft, Australia, EC, Jahil-Silvermoon says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    my dog and I always greet each other touching foreheads and my little boy and I often fall asleep with our foreheads touching. I never really thought of it but it’s so deep and real. In those moments my mind is not thinking and I just go into a state of wholeness. Just like when Jahil went to sleep with his cheek pressed against my forehead during Sharing Territory.

    I read and watched all about your Bitless Riding Program and I’m very keen! But I don’t want to get hung up on it while I’m doing this first course with you, at the moment. I have to stay in the Now and not concentrate on any outcomes. Could you just let me know if there are many places available still? Or do I have to hurry to get in? I also have no idea how to come up with the money all at once, so I was wondering if there could be a way of paying a certain amount each month or week or even in two lots would help?

    I love the online class and it’s even better than I imagined! Thank you so much!!!


    • 20.1

      Dear Ulrike,
      The thing to do is summit your qualification video. I think there maybe room. I have yet to choose the class. We have twice the amount needed for the class but we believe that most will not qualify because you need to be a student of my method and half the people who want to be in the class are not. You need to be an experienced indeterminate dressage rider to qualify as well. This class we can not extent credit due to the size of the class.

      I am so happy you are enjoying my class. Maybe we will make a DVD of the bitless program which will be a peek into allot of insightful information. I might do a book as well. Are you a dressage rider?


      • 20.1.1
        Ulrike Kraft, Australia, EC, Jahil-Silvermoon says:

        Dear Carolyn,

        thanks for your reply!

        I had weekly dressage lessons when I was growing up, but I was riding my Icelandic Horse. I never rode an experienced big dressage horse. We did come first at competitions but they were all Icelandic Horses and the main thing people were competing in was the gaited horse section. We never got into any high school dressage movements.

        What I do have is a burning desire to free sports horses from the torture and terror they are going through.
        My teacher’s wife is a dressage rider, teacher and judge. I thought if I can get as far as riding my horse in natural collection without a bit, I then could take lessons with her and show her how it’s done.

        Apart from that I’m dreaming of my own circus show called ‘The Dancing Horses and the Singing Dogs Show’. The other thing I thought might be a good thing to get the boys into is mounted archery. All boys like bows and arrows and it would require them to work on their horsemanship skills because they would have to let go of the reins.

        When is the deadline to get my video in?

        Thanks again,



          The dead line is determined by my selection of the class. I have not looked at the videos yet so there is time. Please send your video as soon as possible.


            Ulrike Kraft, Australia, EC, Jahil-Silvermoon says:

            Thanks for the info, Carolyn.

            I will work on learning how to make videos and hopefully it won’t be too late. My friend said that her daughter can teach me.


  4. 19
    Farah says:

    Hi Carolyn from Farah and Mercury!
    I love that you mentioned Maori traditions in this blog. Looks like we share a passion for Maori and Polynesian culture. Each time I go to NZ I try to learn more about Maori culture and traditions. :)

    • 19.1

      Dear Farah,
      I look for these kind of heightened perceptions for connection that are in our own human culture so people can feel more at ease. From this awareness it can help us step more easily to a deeper connection with horses and with a softer side of life. Getting comfort with a universal awareness is very empowering.
      I see horses more clearly from understanding their culture. Thank you for sharing.


  5. 18
    Teri Peery says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    Nice blog. How exciting……a new horse! I have a new horse also. I am so glad I have taken your courses it is giving me such a comfortable clear direction. Thank you once again. It sounds like you’re off to a wonderful start with the new horse you will be working with.
    Take Care,
    Teri, Tango, Rusty, and my new horse, Dezzie

    • 18.1

      Dear Teri,
      Congratulations on your new horse! Thank you for checking in. I am so happy that my course has benefited you. I so enjoyed you in my class.

  6. 17
    Anna-Karin Hägglund (In a box and 2010 and EC spring 2011, BTWHR 2012, EC2013)) says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    This spoke to me:
    “To peal away the veils that stand in your way, park yourself in neutral with an open optimistic heart and this will allow the bond to grow, as it will.”

    I will bring those words with me!

    I show the children in my class how to be in neutral when saying goodbye for the day. I told them to think of that they where standing in a box and in this box they could just be, breathing and not thinking of what the others were doing around them. In no time it was so calm and silent in the classroom!

    It was a big surprise to me how well the children responded!


    • 17.1

      Dear Anna-Karin,
      What a smile your comment gave to me. You comment returned me to neutral in this very second and I am know breathing a bit deeper.
      Give you class a big hug for me,


      • 17.1.1
        Anna-Karin Hägglund (In a box and 2010 and EC spring 2011, BTWHR 2012, EC2013)) says:

        I will give them a big hug!

        Yesterday one boy asked me if they could stand in their boxes while we where ending the day and he is one of them that have a hard time standing on one spot. This things really help those kids. It gives them a tool how to handla them self and I love it.

        If I never ever will be able to start an own school, (it is still a big dream of mine), I can change things in my own classroom and do my best to help the children to have a great time in school.



  7. 16
    Anne Lervik, Norway, IC Spring 2012 says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    Nice blog – and also nice to hear how you think when you meet a completely new horse.

    Just wanted to say that when I was home for a Easter break I worked some more with Lòcë, my gelding who spooked at the saddle. I didn’t work on anything regarding the tack issue, but I’m quite sure you are right that this won’t be an issue at all. And I actually found that since we had a long pause in our training because I’m away for school, he has developed a much better gas pedal! This was one of the things that I probably put into him since he was born, that he’s very fond of people but doesn’t have a good enough gas pedal. But as I tested it before doing the five pile game, I could easily move him away in all gates, with so much less effort than before. We also worked more on leading well out of the stables and went for short walks. When I get back home I will start doing the head-up, head-down, so it was really nice hearing you explaining it again in one of the calls not so long ago.

    I keep repeating the mantra you gave me, also. Maybe that’s why the gas pedal is working, who knows? :)

    Looking forward to hearing more about this new stallion, he is absolutely gorgeous. Will you be writing blogs about his step by step journey? It would be so interesting to follow his progress and hear about the training decisions.


    • 16.1

      Dear Anne,
      I think it might be nice for me to write blogs about his training program.
      Thank you for letting me know how your horse is improving in regards to the saddle. It is always nice to hear about how I have positively helped people with their connection and their horses performance.

      Thank you for sharing this,

  8. 15
    Stina says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    Hm ha ha…. don’t you fall in love very easily?

    What a beautiful horse you will let us meet in your bit-less program, looking forward to find out how we can participate in the bit-less program from here in St. Vincent.

    Much sunshine from Stina in St. Vincent

  9. 14

    Thank you Carolyn,
    I love what you wrote and how you shared your experience.
    It was a good reminder of my first connection with Brego, an abused stallion who found me and trusted me. It was something special from the start, but not knowing how to proceed from there , I started having an agenda, and the magic got lost, it came back in moments, but I didn’t understand why, now I am starting to realize why and how to have them again ,all the time with him. He is very powerful and even scary sometimes, and though he has attacked other humans when he felt threatened, he has never hurt or attempted to hurt me in any way.
    I am very happy to be in the EC class and know this will change so much for both of us, though I am actually doing the class with Shiloh my other horse, who is easier to handle.
    This morning, before I read your post about your experience with this stallion, I had a little tiny version of it myself. A new horse came to us a few days ago, an Iberian grey stallion ( not so big) he is very calm and easy going, very sweet. I was trying to take a photo of him in the pasture. He kept coming up to me (which makes those big head small body photos) and it just wasn’t working, at one point I was looking down at my camera and he came up, lowered his head and put it vertical to mine, very very close, so I unconsciously put mine against his and we stayed like that for a few moments. WE hardly know each other, yet he came up to me and shared this space with me, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
    I must tell you that I am totally a believer in what you do, it is making an important difference in my life and that of my horses! Thank you from Costa Rica! Terry

    • 14.1

      Dear Terry,
      Thank you for sharing and your appreciation for my interest in helping the horse and human connection to expand and grow.
      I do believe that I am making a difference one forehead at a time.


  10. 13
    MaryGaye LeBoeuf says:

    Carolyn, what a magical blog! Your words paint a wonderous picture of your meeting with this new guy and feelings an emotions that you both felt towards one another! It is the kind of meeting we all dream of having with a horse! I cannot wait to meet this guy and witness your bond with him. This blog also reminds me of the importance of keeping the relationship and connection first. Everytime I neglect the relationship with Cowboy, it boomerangs back on me. To him, the relationship is just as important, if not more important, than any leadership qualities I might exhibit. Without re-making the connection first, Cowboy resists my efforts at leadership. But so long as I take time to just be with him and establish the bond, he is willing to do my bidding. When the relationship is in place, he seems to trust my judgment more, even if he thinks that what I’m asking him to do sounds a little crazy. It’s funny that a big, dominant, seemingly non-emotional, non-demonstrative horse like Cowboy, finds the relationship of trust, love and affection, to be so important. He acts like he doesn’t care about relationships, but he does, big time! Thank you for reminding us again that the relationship is where it all starts and ends. Hugs! MaryGaye

  11. 12
    Sally Leong says:


    I love the idea of letting go and following the higher connection that is possible. I do connect with foreheads during the intimacy bucket activity and find it very enriching. I sometimes connect with the forehead when I am scratching and rubbing the checks and chin and neck.

    I was touched by the Maori greeting and its meaning.


  12. 11

    Dear Carolyn,

    I resonated with this: “just know that the connection is there and it will unfold easier if you do not doubt the initial connection that you started with. Give it time.”
    As you know winter here in the Netherlands has been harsh and long and I haven’t been able to interact with my horses for months. Now that the weather is slowly getting better, Kría is letting me know very clearly that before I try any activity with her, I need to re-establish the connection first by Sharing Territory. She doesn’t even want to be led by the halter right now. She is the one who will always take me back to the core essence of Being with Horses. I will obey, Kría ;-)!

    Here’s a video you might like: . I made it recently while playing around with my video editing software. What surprised me was that the essence of the horses is still fully there, even though just the outlines are visible. Kind of a ‘New Horse Sighting’ you might say ;-).


    • 11.1

      Dear Marja,
      I watch your video it was very gentle and refreshing.


      • 11.1.1

        Dear Marja,

        About your relationship at the moment with Kria, if I were with your mare, she would enjoy wearing her halter and following my leadership. She would not need to obey me or I her. You can find this partnership and willingness in understanding her needs and staying in a leadership position when it makes sense and would increase the willingness of your horse.

        Remember, horses are social and enjoy leadership.



          Thanks for your concern Carolyn. No need to worry though, Kría and I are doing fine together and she’s always looking for my company. It was just one of those little ‘Trial & Error hiccups’ that occur sometimes and remind me to stay with ‘what is’ in the moment.
          I didn’t mean the ‘obey’ so literally, just joking a bit, hence the winking emoticon ;-).
          I’m soooo happy we have Spring weather at last, which means: Sharing Territory in the sun :-)!



            Whoopy hang joy!!! I am always happy to have your up dates and glad you have “No worries!”
            LIfe at the farm must be so wonderful with the warmer weather.


  13. 10
    Desiree Taylor, EC & IC 2012, private clinic 2013 says:

    This is so exciting! I am very curious to see who the new guy is!

    I do not have any experience in dealing with stallions, but for me Abby is the one that has always brought out very strong emotions. I did not always know how to deal with that. The secret was to cherish all of her emotions – and my own. It’s a very valuable lesson!

  14. 9

    thank you for this wonderful blog carolyn. especially enjoyed the hongi film.

    best from munich

  15. 8
    kristin says:

    Ohhhh Carolyn!

    He is sooo magnificent! Stay in the Blessing !!!

    Can’t wait for more sharing with you and Trinity! Wow!



  16. 7
    Lawrence Maskill says:

    Hi Carolyn

    what a powerful post. There are not many trainers who would say: “In the moment, don’t worry about (my) method, but trust yourself, trust your horse, trust the connection, trust the moment. Allow it to be.”

    Your awe, love and connection come through so deeply in this post. Thank you for sharing your special time with this horse. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences with him.

    warm wishes


    • 7.1

      Dear Lawrence,
      What I try to do is point out the place to be, that is the place were things are in harmony, and build from there. There is no other way to move forward if you are talking about the true art of horsemanship or love of horses.
      Yes, professionals can help us but when the bond is broken, the harmony is lost, and you can not understanding the program you are applying, it is not going to work for you or your horse.
      I was lucky with horses when I was growing up. I never had a horse where my dream was shattered because the horse was not right for the dream I hoped to have for him because having him was enough. I could put aside my dream for riding him if it did not work out because the relationship was enough . Horses do not need to be used, they need to be appreciated when we take on the responsibility for their care.
      Horses do not need to be fixed, all that is needed is the right match and the right horse for the job we have intended him to fill.
      It is important to find a horse that wants to do what you would like him to do.
      Thank you for your warm response,


  17. 6
    jannie smit (ic spring and summer . BWHR december 2012 says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    A very moving post. So wonderful that you have found this connecting with this Stallion. I am looking forward seeing the two of you together.

    I found it very interesting where you mention about the deep connection with your horse and it not going quite the right way sometimes.

    I had, right from the beginning when Ivanhoe came to me, a special connection and it took me a few years to understand that he really wanted to be with me and bond with me. I did not see this back then.

    I was far to much in that “trainers mode” and could not see the deeper bond that he was looking for. It is probably only since a year or two that I recognised his longing to be with me.

    The WHR have helped me a lot to strengthen this connection and taught how to slow down and “go with the flow”.

    I still have so much to learn from horses, and I always will. I know the connection can still be much deeper. It always amazes me how patience horses are, waiting for us.

    Thank you for a great post.


  18. 5
    amy says:

    Hey carolyn,

    I love the way you work with horses.I do not have a horse so i do not know the feeling of a connection but there is a horse at the riding school that I love.She is a appaloosa and i feel like i undersand her.I really want to feel that strong connection with her(i already have one). My reason of righting you is to know how do you liberty train a horse? It fascinates me.

    Thank you, Amy

    • 5.1

      Dear Amy,
      I think if you go through my blogs you will get an idea in how to train at Liberty. I have an online school you might like to attend as well. I would like to answer you in a few words but it would be impossible to do this.
      I can suggest that you can Share Territory with your horse and let nature take its course and tell me what happens.



  19. 4
    Erica Dixon UK Izzy: EC spring '11, BTWHR's Dec 12; spring 13 IC says:

    Wow – so lovely Carolyn!

  20. 3

    checking in, wonderful description of the meeting

  21. 2

    Hi Carolyn

    Wow you have a beautifulllll stallion up there

    So many people interpret the strength of the stallion as hard. I have here three stallion and when I see how they deal with their foals, you can only wish yourself a loving father and educational as the are . Full of power, yet so soft. Every time I sit down with the herd to read a book, “The are my book” actually. Dad’s with their children. Sometimes they come to me and lay their head against mine, Wow I get a very very warm feeling in my belly. “Celeborn”, one of my stallions, sometimes press a little to my head and sometimes I get a little restless, and then he laughs. it’s good, trust me, he says, and I get a thick hug from him, and than he goes.

    I love them. and love the forehead greeting

    I have been do little bits of filming, it’s so beautiful. I will work this out, for them.

    Thank you Carolyn
    This is beautiful.

  22. 1
    Diane Ursch,IC, April, Missouri says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    Lovely blog.
    I will love meeting him and seeing you work together.