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Carolyn and OsoFrom the desire to reach your goal, one sometimes forgets to enjoy the act of communicating and personal empowerment. What causes this problem is the lack of interest in how to connect with others from a desire to accomplishing your needs. In my mind reaching for your goal is a way to enjoy the relationship with your horse further. Going through the process of reaching your goal gives you a way to experience the personal well being from the act of communicating so that you may feel the resonance of life.  What exists in the resonance of life is that there is a battle going on as the music is playing in your heart and within the horse’s heart. This battle actually makes the dance sweeter and keeps you young and enthusiastic.

Many mistakes can be made without knowing it. You can think you are too strong when you are too weak. You can forget to keep leading. You can lose your grit which can cause you not to be truly authentic.  However, when horses have their freedom, they love the journey that you bring to them.

To get to the point of connection that I have with my horses today I had to be willing to be too soft, too strong, not effective, and love my mistakes as much as the good times in harmonious dance. Before I gained amazing tact I had to be willing to experiment. I had to be willing to loose connections and not afraid to create a rift with my horse in order for the bumps in the journey to bring us closer.  This journey has always been the sweet spot of life for me.

Carolyn and OsoWhat I liked about horses and how they saw me, and all my errors and failures, is that they always respected me and wanted my company because of the Waterhole Rituals we shared together and the courtship they created. What I gained from all of this is that today I am able to intentionally hold energy in my body that causes a horse to trust me and to expect my leadership.  I acquired this from my personal approach of the Waterhole Rituals.

When I ask a horse to give me room, just like a horse does with another horse, I do not accept “no” for an answer.  However, at the same time I never expect a horse to follow my lead if he objects. It is so simple. All a person really needs to do is find the code of conduct through the practice of the Waterhole Rituals and getting the results that are gained through their practice.

Have a great weekend.  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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20 Responses to “Developing a Resonance with Horses”

  1. 14

    Hi Carolyn
    Checking in, a little late this week! You must be busy preparing for your BTWR clinics coming up and I would like to wish you and your participants a joyful time. I think of you even more this time of the year and remember my experiences with you in Escondido. Thank you for being in my life and guiding me with my horses. I encourage everyone and anyone to join this wonderful journey we travel together.
    Lots of love and continued thanks for these gifts every week.
    Carolyn B xxxxx

    • 14.1

      Dear Carolyn,
      There you are! I think of you also at this time of year. Thank you for your testimonial. I hope you come back again to enjoy the Escondido nights with your great sense of fun and joy.


  2. 13
    avatar Colette Deschenes says:

    Always enjoy your blogs VERY much and pick more and more gems..
    This blog about resonance reminded me of your writing about the importance and fruitfulness of the pause… Also about ” the point of entry”…And all of that relates so much, it seems to me, to the ST when we put ourselves in the right ” place” energetically and mentally and emotionally because then a lot comes to us very ” organically” so to speak, as a fruit of intuition…
    Thank you again very much for all your hard work in behalf of horses and people who love them,
    Take care,

  3. 12
  4. 11

    Hi Carolyn,

    I am late reading your blog. It is Monday and I almost always read it on Thursday’s, Friday’s at the latest.

    Hearing you talk about your trials and errors of being too soft, too hard, etc. just allowing yourself to experiment through trial and error helps me in my training of horses so much. I feel like a child who gets to explore the unknown and although the results may vary from great to “not so great” it’s ok because I learn something.

    Trying to keep harmony and connection for me can be a battle even though these words are contradicting. I often think horses will battle with each other for harmony in the herd. I suppose anything worth having is worth battling over even though the saying is, worth fighting for.

    As usual, I love the blog!

    I look forward to seeing you very soon.

    Whoppy Wang,


  5. 10

    Dear Carolyn,

    Thank you for this post. I sometimes forget that it’s all about the journey and the battles. It’s so very hard to love one’s mistakes! I have a tendency to get discouraged, especially when after taking four steps forward with my two horses I take what seems to be three steps backwards.


    • 10.1

      Dear Karin,
      Seldom are the back steps you experience training a horse something to be avoided. Every step has value. I take wrong steps to learn more about a horse. They are what creates forward movement and evolution and how to lead a horse more effectively.
      From our mistakes we have learned something about our horse and our self. Leadership requires that you giving up the “good guy” roll, and our neediness that you got to be loved every moment. Leadership is keeping our balance and leading at the time that others would follow.
      I know you know all of this and are enjoying the journey at least most of the time. Thank you for checking in and sharing.


  6. 9
    avatar Ulrike Kraft says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    I forgot to show you this video I took of Sirocco successfully animating his parents (Jahil and Misty) to play and run around in the heat of the day. It starts off with a King Parrot.

    The black horse featured in the video is called Sirocco. Sirocco is the name of the hot dry wind that blows over the Sahara. Sirocco is 4. He is half Percheron, quarter Andalusian and quarter Arab. The song accompanying the video is called ‘The Gift’ and is written and performed by (my partner) Rob Bruce. It appears on his fourth album ‘Tanglefoot’. The words that begin the song (‘god took a handful of southerly wind…blew breath upon it and cried ‘behold! I give you the horse’), are borrowed from an ancient Bedouin Legend. The rest of the words are his own.

    Though his song speaks of an ‘Andalusian white as snow’, Sirocco is in fact only one quarter Andalusian, has been slow to turn white, and is still only marble and dappled. He was jet black at birth like his parents, but like them, will eventually turn completely ‘white as snow’ and so many black foals do. Of course, his skin will remain black however.

    Note in the clip the great gravel crunching Sirocco is doing as evidence of the quality of his hooves, (perfect heel first landings on rough surface as evidence of painless healthy happy hooves etc…)

    Thank you again for guiding me in my journey of becoming a member – and eventually the leader – of my herd!

    Thank you!


  7. 8
    avatar Ulrike Kraft says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    “What I gained from all of this is that today I am able to intentionally hold energy in my body that causes a horse to trust me and to expect my leadership.”

    This has been my main challenge with horses. I need to learn how to hold this energy in my body. This underlying confidence that causes horses to trust. I often work on horses (teeth) who have never met me before or it has been between 6 month and one year since they briefly met me. If my energy is right everything goes smoothly but if the slightest bit of doubt rises, I loose the horse. There is no way the horse will trust me enough to hold still if I’m unsure about what I’m doing or if I’m unsure about the environment we’re in (the horse owner and what’s going on around the place). That’s why I still need my teacher to come along to the finish the job for me, in case this happens.

    The practice of the Waterhole Rituals and working out how to reach my goals with my own horses (like fly spray and trimming hooves) without restricting their freedom to say “no” has definitely made a huge difference but I still have a lot to learn.

    Could you explain more about “the battle” you were talking about in your first paragraph?

    Thank you so much, Carolyn, for your never ending guidance!


    • 8.1

      Dear Ulrike,
      Live is a battle, working just beyond what you know is a kind of battle. Personal growth is a kind of battle. What you described by losing your connect and getting it back is a kind of battle. Razing children is a kind of battle, we make mistakes. In relationships we do not have the answers and yet we reach for them. Challenge=Battle.
      A kind of battle is learning how to stay in harmony with our everyday existence. Life is one great big experiment and if we are not experimenting we are not as alive as we can be and we do not taste life to its fullest. If you are having an easy time of it you are in the sweat spot when life works easily but this does not stay this way. If you avoid the challenges there is no growth. You are either in the dance or in the pause and what happens you can not predict nor is it always going to be smooth.

      Something like this,

      • 8.1.1
        avatar Ulrike Kraft says:

        Dear Carolyn,

        thanks for your reply and thanks for clarifying this for me!


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  9. 6
    avatar Joy Greenhalgh-UK-IC-Broc, Cirrus and Kate says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    Thankyou for this beautiful post .

    I am intrigued and fascinated by your including the notion of battle.

    Because of my praticing The Waterhole Rituals, I took up fencing in January : the martial arts kind not the useful keep~your~horse in kind! I never, ever thought I would take up a martial art but I saw that it would improve my skills for being with horses as it requires mental and physical focus.

    A fencing match is a battle. The Battle is it’s value : without The Battle it would be as nothing. In The Battle my partner and I hone our mental and physical skills. No matter what the score is, we both “win” because we both gain, we are both alive in The Dancing Battle. We salute each other with our swords before a match and shake hands after ~ that is customary ~ but we exchange huge grins too.

    My horse and I are in The Dance but it is also The Battle . It brings us both alive.

    Every best wish, Joy

    • 6.1
      avatar Jayne Forster NooNoo,IC,UK says:

      Love your post Joy! your fencing sounds great,I started Karate 31yrs ago and it has been a battle with myself and has helped me through lifes battles.

  10. 5
    avatar Anna-Karin Hägglund , Ameri Kahn, Sweden, EC 2010, 2011,2013, BTWHR dec 2012 says:

    Carolyn, Thank you for a great post!

    To allow misstakes and learn from them is sometimes hard but I am becoming better and better at it. It is easier to become a misstake with my horses than among people, my teaching collegues. The horses doesn´t judge me as people do, as I think people do. I am practising on being more forgiving towards myself and working with the horses and with childen helps me on this journey. In the end it is all about me… and it is a bumpy, exciting and lovely journey.

    Thank you for you words!

    Best whishes


  11. 4

    Dear Carolyn – beautiful energy …..

    Take care and be well

  12. 3
    avatar Elodie Belz (ICC spring 2011, BTWHR December 2012) says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    I love this blogpost and the way you talk about experimenting.
    Yesterday I had a nice “resonance moment” with the ponies I am taking care of. I sat in their box and I felt very quiet. Endira came to me, muzzled me, asked me what I was doing, and after a while started to doze with her nose on my knees. After a while she woke up and went to eat her hay, but she dozed again every now and then. Enya also came to me. She was very agitated at first because she has some bad itch and wanted to be scratched (we are trying to find a solution against this ich at the moment). She was a real pest. Since I had already scratched her earlier and did not feel like it anymore, I asked her out of my space a few times when she became too rude. But when she became more respectful, I allowed her to stay close to me. At the beginning she had a very sour face, because she was irritated by her itch and by me not wanting to do what she would like to. But she slowly began to relax. After a while I could take her little head in my arms and rub it very gently. Finally, she fell asleep with her nose on my lap, and I was very happy to be able to bring her a moment of peace. It was as if the ponies had tuned into my quietness and it felt really magical. We were all in resonance, relaxing, breathing and being.

    Have a nice week-end,

  13. 2
    avatar Tamara Blits says:

    Nice words Caroline. I love the way my horse wants attention , when I’m cleaning his stall. He always comes up behind me and nudges me. I wipe his eyes, and pet him, maybe scratch between his front legs and rub him all over. I still have a job to do, and I gently move him out of my space. I love him , and I like when he needs my love too.

  14. 1

    Dear Carolyn,

    Thanks once again for your post. Especially meaningful for me today, at this point in my journey, is your reminder that one has to be willing to experiment, to try something and take the risk of having it NOT work out, and then love and learn from the result. Great advice! I’ll keep it in mind as I re-watch the video from today…wow, what a learning experience THAT exercise was!

    Thank you!

    – Kay