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Equine Tea Time

Robin Gates and Will

Robin Gates and Will

Have you ever struggled to get your horse to drink enough water after exercise, while traveling or during very hot or cold weather? Is your horse ever grabby or rude when you bring food?  Do you have concerns using food as a training aid due to your horse’s weight problems? By dissolving various types of horse feed products in water, you can create an enticing equine “tea” that brings health benefits and can be used as a training aid.  Here I will share with you ideas about the benefits of using tea and some of my favorite recipes.  If you have an interest, you can experiment further and discover your own.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe importance of good hydration for equine health was driven home to me last summer.  My thirty two year old Arab gelding, Frankie, began having difficulty getting up after he rolled, [one of his favorite things to do].  The problem was getting worse and he frequently required assistance to get on his feet.  He even had a chaffed “bum” from rocking back and forth in his attempts to stand.  One afternoon, during a bad heat wave, I was completely unable to get him up.  Absolutely distraught, I called my husband and brother to come help and they were finally successful.  Frankie has been part of our family since he was seven. He is so sweet and respectful that we’ve allowed him to roam where he pleases as our “barn manager”, warmly greeting everyone who comes here.


Though he always has access to fresh water and a salt block, I was told he still might be weak because he was dehydrated or low on electrolytes.  Humans begin having diminished thirst sensation starting at age fifty and it progressively declines with age.  Maybe horses experience the same loss.

I began offering a delicious tea twice a day to entice him to drink.  He loved it and would happily gulp down a big bucket!  What a difference it has made in his ability to get up after a roll.  He still has to rock a few times, however, he gets up on his own and he doesn’t have sores on his rear anymore!  Now he gets tea once a day and during really hot or cold weather, he might get one in the morning and one at night.

A chunky Icelandic mare named “Una” helped me to fully appreciate the advantages of tea as a training aid.  Una’s pushy and dominate behavior had escalated to the point that her owner could no longer ride her.  She couldn’t even lead her up the driveway on her ranch.  The little mare is very smart and loves food.  Like most Icelandic’s, she is a super easy keeper. Her owner had understandable concerns regarding the use of food in training.


By using flavored water made with a low carbohydrate pellet food, I was able to increase the number of requests and reward interactions without dangerously elevating her caloric intake. It also addressed her desire to shove her nose in the bucket and rudely snatch a mouthful of food, savoring every morsel of her ill gotten gains.  Hard to snatch a mouthful of tea! As soon as she swallowed, she was looking for the next time she could earn permission to have some.  What a star student little Una turned into!  She really wanted to figure out what the requirements were during our sessions so she could score the most sips. Instead of mowing people over, she was looking to please. The respect she gained around the tea has translated into a much more manageable and tractable attitude.

Equine tea is easy to make.  I will share some products that my horses really love, however, don’t limit your tea creations to these concoctions.  It’s fun to use your imagination and experiment.


Check out this article “Maintaining Hydration in Horses”

Here is a video with Robin explaining the recipe for the Equine Tea

and how to use it during training.


Robin Gates was injured last week and is in need of your love and prayers

Robin2This is a time for thanks, healing and gratefulness. I want to thank everyone that has supported Robin on her need for financial help. Your  support at this time will help with her expenses for surgery and hospitalization which are beyond anyone’s ability to pay. I know this one, for I am in the same boat with my mother. For everyone that has supported Robin she has a long way to go and will need a lot of care going forward. I want to suggest to everyone to make monthly donations as this is going to be a long journey back to a full recovery for Robin.

The good work that Robin and myself have done around the world for the development of self realization with horses through the love of horses is in no way lucrative. We do what we do because it is in our hearts to bring more harmony to the world of horses and humans.

For all of you who have supported Robin with your love, prayers and meditations – it has had an immeasurable value.


The power of sending healing energy and love reminds me of what I learned about  Elephants giving birth in captivity. Their story emphasizes how valuable the support of our friends can be.  Elephants for years in captivity had only still births and it was learned later on that the reason this was true was that elephants needed their girlfriends around them while giving birth.  The elephant community helps the mothers in labor and ever since this was discovered, elephants now have babies in captivity easily because the zoos now leave the elephants together at the time of birth. What I heard is that the pregnant elephant’s girlfriends will circle around her closely and moan and weave back and forth all though the birthing process. This gives the mother strength to give birth to a healthy baby. Robin has a large support system of friends and I know we have made a diffrence in her healing process and helped guide the hands of her surgeon. We have experienced the power of group healing.

I spoke to Robin today and I could tell she was able to speak to me though a strong energy that is not owned by any of us. It was beautiful.

Robin1My part in all this was that when Robin went into surgery, by the way it took 10 hours, I stayed up all night until I was told that she was out of surgery the next day. I felt her pain, like the elephants supporting their pregnant friend. I was there in my heart with and for Robin.  Robin is a strong person because of her practice of gratitude and her love of life and horses. Nothing is going to hold her down long and all of your love for her is sending her healing energy in her time of need. Thank you!

Above is a blog from Robin which is the formula of her tea that you all have been waiting for. If you want to learn more about the details of Robin’s injuries, check out the link below for the details and while you are there it would be appreciated if you could leave a donation to keep the love growing.

Robin-Gates-300x192We may all need this kind of support at some time in our lives and it may become the wave of the future that many can help the individual from the computer friends we have made. Linda salinas told me a story about her daughter. Her daughter was at a party with her mother and was told by a friend that she loved her mother too much and her daughter replied that you can never love anyone too much.

What I leaned from horses is that they know something that does not come that easily for humans and that is when the community needs to support the individual over the community’s needs and laws and when the individual needs to support his community over his own needs. This is the time to help our dear friend. Thank you and hugs to you all.

Here is a link to help Robin



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37 Responses to “Equine Tea Time with Robin Gates”

  1. 18

    Dear Carolyn and All,

    You are invited to join Marcello enjoying his equine tea – perhaps you wish a cuppa yourself?? – you are welcome :-)


  2. 17
    ian Rowcliffe says:

    Dear Carolyn

    I can only attempt to express what I felt on hearing of Robin’s injuries – shattered, questioned to the depths of my soul and deeply disturbed: Ruella is such an amazing person and her love of horses is transcending – so how could all she loves somehow have resulted in her so nearly having been killed out right?

    And so we might talk about vulnerability and what it means and its unconditional commitment to life, yes, real life, imperfect in its perfection. I remembered finding my own daughter on the ground one day, when Sebastian had quite unexpectedly spooked while she was grooming him. We were lucky that day, only a mild bruise, but it could have so easily been otherwise. And so it was sweet when Stephanie confronted by my grief, our grief, spoke of all the horses have meant to her: how they had saved her and restored her to life when she had reached a dead-end in the human world of being a virtuoso violinist.

    And so her lesson prevailed: the horses are a restorative power in the world although things, like anything, can go terribly wrong at times. And so you have to take the rough with the smooth, for such is life in all its profound beauty. Ruella’s beauty; the horse’s beauty – nothing can take that away! And it is something we need desperately, such that life is steeped in MEANING.

    Much love to you and yours, including Robin so very, VERY dearly


  3. 16

    Dear Carolyn and Robin,

    Thank you both for sharing the ‘Tea Idea’. My Icelandic horses tend to be overweight from just the air they breathe, or so it seems ;-). Because of this I’m always concerned with using too much food as treats during training, so the tea would be very interesting to try with them.

    Robin, I was shocked to hear about your terrible accident…
    I have never met you in person but still I feel I have met you in some way through your videos, which I absolutely love. You have a beautiful way with horses!
    It’s nice to hear that you are back home now. I wish you a very speedy recovery. Perhaps these ‘healing vibes’ from my horses help a little?

    Love to both of you,

  4. 15

    Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing this great idea of Robin’s. I’ll give it a try this weekend.

    Thanks also for posting about Robin–SOOO glad she is recovering! I signed up to donate to help cover her medical expenses and also posted the link on my facebook page. Hopefully, a few of my friends will see it and help out also.

    The work that you and Robin have done and are doing has indeed made an enormous difference in the lives of your students and their horses–I have been amazed! And the ripples just keep going out into the larger world. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

    I’ll be on the call Thursday–“see” you then.

    — Kay/Galahad/Nevada

    • 15.1

      Dear Kay, Thank you for your donation to Robin. I just want to help as many horses as possible to change the way they are viewed and taken care of by us ‘humans’. It can be such a wonderful, magical experience for all involved.

      Look forward to talking to you on our monthly group call.

      Warmly, Carolyn

  5. 14
    Andrea Schwiegel says:

    So sorry for Robin Gates. I had a similar accident three years ago so I know what she is going through. I wish her a fast recovery and a quick return to her wonderful work.
    Thanks for the tea recipes. Great ideas.
    Love to you and Robin
    Andrea (Italy)

  6. 13
    Tine Meilby Friedrichsen/Stjaki (EC spring 2012) says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    Thank you for your swift response. Unfortunately I don’t know a group of three who would join me in California – it is just me.

    That is one of the none-horsey-reasons why I am interested in your private 3-days clinic because I need to plan a flight schedule from Denmark.

    I will send a mail to Teddie as you suggested. Thank you so much, I hope to see you soon.

    Sunshine from Denmark,


    • 13.1

      Hi Tine, I would be glad to do a 3-day private clinic with you alone. Teddie can send you all the information once you email her.

      Warmly, Carolyn

  7. 12
    Tine Meilby Friedrichsen/Stjaki (EC spring 2012) says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    I have sent an email about a week ago to inquire about your Dance with Horses clinic. I am not sure I have used the right contact form to do this?

    I am so sad to hear about Robin’s injury. I truly enjoy Robin’s videos, and I find it very inspiring to watch her communicate with horses through her wonderful body language.
    I pray for her safe recovery.

    Thank you for your inspiring blog.



    • 12.1

      Hi Tine, We have received a few emails about setting up private clinics as well as group clinics for 4 here at my ranch. We are even doing a new clinic “Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals” if you have a group of 4 that are just starting in my Method.

      If you haven’t received any emails back, please email as she is setting these clinics up for me.

      Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you soon.

      Warmly, Carolyn

  8. 11
    Erica Dixon UK Izzy: EC spring '11, BTWHR's Dec 12; spring 13 IC says:

    Dear Carolyn
    I am so glad Robin is now home. It is better to heal at home I feel.. I have never met Robin or corresponded with her, but I love all her videos & really felt for her when I heard about the accident. I have been thinking about her too along with so many others.
    I love the tea & I am going to experiment! I shall remember this especially if I get to work with a food grabbing horse or pony. I make ‘teas’ of various kinds to see what they go for. Seaweed in water is a favourite. In summer we also put water out with a cup of raw apple cider vinegar in. Some go nuts for it others just a sip here & there. I made a tea out of organic porridge oats & some salt – so oat milk basically & strained the oats out. Izzy stuck her nose in it, splashed it around & did flehmen posture whilst sucking it through her teeth – she made a big deal out of it… but wasn’t really drinking it. The two thoroughbreds drank it straight down (one old & creaky, one young & green).
    Warmest wishes

  9. 10

    Dear Carolyn, I wish to express my deepfelt love and light to Robin Gates – and at the same time also to you, Carolyn, and your mom…

    At this moment recovering from this terrible accident is the most important thing to be receiving energy – simultaneously I wish Robin all the strength in the world in discovering the deeper meaning and healing essence of a situation like this one.

    Your story about the elephants is so wonderful – Nature is unsurpassable isn’t it?!

    And the Equine Tea – that is something really fab – Marcello gets his daily ready made mash with more (luke warm) water than actually needed – and when he has almost finished it he is sort of sucking his lips and cheeks inwards as if not letting the taste of the last drops of water go to waste – he holds his head up while doing that as if having the taste imprinted in his memory – I now even better understand the WHY – thank you so much for sharing…

    Warm wishes to all who need them the most at this very moment

    • 10.1

      Dear Geerteke,
      Thank you for all of your wishes for all of us. Yes, Robin’s is the one that needs our attention at this time. Marcello is a luck horse I can imagine him with his daily mask. What is the recipe that you give him?
      Also how are you doing after your injury? I hope you have fully recovered.


      • 10.1.1

        Dear Carolyn,

        Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your well wishes.
        It took the larger part of 2012 for me to ‘fully’ recover – I was in rehab for 9 months – and definitely a new ME was born/emerged – a ME with more self confidence – more inner strength – more freedom with less control and impatience – the latter two do NOT go well with freedom, so they will have to disappear completely.
        Physically I have recovered for 97% which is a lot – my physiotherapist and surgeon had lower expectations – they feared I would end up with a frozen shoulder and I didn ‘t – so I am happy and content..

        You ask me what recipe I give Marcello – the mixture (no pellets) contains barley, wheat, oats (very little), corn, wheatbran, sunflower seeds, linseedmeal, alfalfa, soyoil and sunfloweroil, vitamins and minerals – I give him 3/4 scoop a day.
        I haven’t thought of putting it on video – perhaps I should – I will let you know and see if it fits in with one of your future blogs.



          Dear Geerteke,
          That is a great idea a video on your tea and why. I know that you went through allot and I hoped you would have shared with me more while you were on your recovery. But know it is over.
          I still want to send you a belated support.
          Much love,


            Dear Carolyn,

            I am in some situations typically kind of a ‘lone wolf’ – but even a ‘lone wolf’ does feel the love and support of horse and human being sent its way in whichever form – even if it’s belated.
            And experiences a feeling of sincere gratitude.



              Dear Geerteke,
              In my heart you are not a “lone wolf”. I truly care about you. How are you doing in regards to your injury? Remember, I stayed close and communicated with you immediately after your injury. I should have followed up more often.

              much love,

  10. 9
    Ruella Yates says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    Thank you for your beautiful story of the elephant ‘sisterhood'; I remember your telling me that a year ago, when I had a serious surgery and you stood by me. I was/am very grateful for that.
    And now I stand in the circle around Robin, sending strength, healing, love and light as she faces this challenge.
    Many thanks for taking care of all of us,
    Ruella Yates

    • 9.1

      Dear Ruella,
      Thank you for your well wishes and sending strength, healing,love and light. Robin is now home and at the moment asleep in her own bed. The road for healing is coming along amazingly well at this point.


  11. 8
    Susan Smith says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    I love the story of the elephants staying near and supporting the pregnant, birthing mother. It is true, we are all part of a vigil keeping healing thoughts and light for Robin as she goes through this very difficult passage of her life. She is a strong person with great joy and presence which will serve her well as she goes through her recovery.


    • 8.1

      Dear Susan,
      Thank you for being a part of the healing energy for Robin’s recovery. She is home today. This is amazing. The nurse had told a friend of mine She would be in the hospital for two weeks in icu and that it would take six months for her to heal. Now just two days after surgery she is home and walking around with very little swelling.
      Big hug,

  12. 7
    Joan says:

    Wishing Robin a speedy and complete recovery. A tea I’ve made for years is to add carrot pennies or thin apple slices along with a tbsp of salt to the water and let it sit for about half an hour then vigorously stir. The pail I use is a 3 gal pail about 2/3 full.

  13. 6
    MaryGaye LeBoeuf says:

    It was so sad to hear about Robin’s injury, but it is so uplifting to know that she is receiving so much support from others! We must all surround and support our “girlfriends.” With Robin’s postive outlook and the support she is receiving, the positive healing energy should speed her recovery! I loved Robin’s blog about tea. What a great idea! It’s starting to get close to the 100’s around here and almost too hot for carrots. Tea will be just perfect!

    Love and Hugs


  14. 5
    Connie Huibregtse says:

    Thank you Carolyn, for this blog and the beautiful link between horses and connection & Robin and connection. It was lovely of you to put her tea recipe up and as we try it, we can have her and the horses in our hearts. I will be sending her many, many healing prayers.

    Thank you also, for your wise suggestion to me with my horse, Yowahtee, who was on stall rest. The exercise to put his halter on and stand in the corner with him until he relaxed before inviting him out, and returning him to the same place when he began heading to the puffed place, was truly helpful. He is now able to go out with the other horses, but I am still using that simple exercise when I bring him out of the stall and when we are working together and it has added something to him and us that I do not fully know how to express. It was like a special simple key that we had been lacking. Thank you!

    Many blessings. You are a very special and inspiring person.


    • 5.1

      Dear Connie,
      I will have a tea part here as well. Thank you for your healing energy.
      I am very happy that my suggestion in how to handle your horse on lay-up worked for you. The exercise that I suggested does bring you spiritually closer to your horse. You can apply it alway in any situation.

      Love and light,


  15. 4
    Joan says:

    When I realized the lick was almost done, I grabbed a box of pickling salt, available at the local store. The horses were immediately attracted to it and I was surprised by how much they ingested. A lick is available but it is 4 years old now and barely touched. Since I discovered the greatly increased uptake of salt, research has proven that a lick gives a horse a sore tongue. By providing loose salt the uptake was increased by as much as a third.

  16. 3
    Teri Peery says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Robins injury. I am sending healing thoughts and support. Thank you for this post!

  17. 2
    Ruby Morgan says:

    I love the TEA!!
    I am gong to make some today with seaweed and some herbal remedies thrown in. The Girls (Nahani and Denali) and Pony already love warm, watery, mashes with mostly seaweed and herbal remedies, so going to a tea should be great!
    What a wonderful idea!
    Thank you
    Sending energy Robin’s way to help with healing process!

    • 2.1

      Dear Teri,
      Thank you for your healing thoughts and support. I think of you always and it is nice to hear from you.


    • 2.2

      Dear Ruby,
      I am missing you and the fun times we had together. Honey sends you his best. Thank you fro sending energy Robin’s way. She is at the moment doing great.

      Much love,

  18. 1

    I hope Robin heals quickly.

    Please have her or someone close to her check the equestrian aid foundation.

    They have a fund to help equestrians in need