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Photo by Teddie ZieglerPausing before giving your horse a request gives you enough time to gain the full attention of your horse. Pausing between each request will bring excellent timing to your communication aids.  It will also give you enough time to read your horse properly.

Using the pause as a training aid will give your horse time to process and respond, or not, and this will create an indelible desire in your horse to follow your lead.  Using the pause rather than a push with correction, and asking in a relaxed manner, will help to keep you in the flow of the moment and the dance alive and connected.  It will develop a proactive behavior as a leader; pausing instead of pushing and correcting, bringing you a better approach to horse training in general.  Focusing on asking in the right way, rather than expecting a certain response, brings training to an art and opens the door to the magic. What we are looking for is dependability and a forever growing deeper relationship.

Photo by Teddie Ziegler

There is a magnetic connection that horses share and when this is gained in a way that the horse is not forced, in a proactive style, this gives the horse room to respond the way he chooses.  This approach brings out in a horse a joy for learning and performing, which will speed up the training of the horse creating more dependability. In this way you are training the true spirit of the horse.   Learning then becomes a desirable activity for the horse and the relationship becomes more important than the treats he might receive.

Developing this proactive style of training will continue growing your personal magnetism with your horse. This magnetic energy will also come in handy with the training of your horse at Liberty. Getting into a rhythm with your horse as a trainer is most valuable. If you watch respected trainers with horses you will see this dance going on, but most of the time onlookers do not watch for this. If you do, then your awareness is keen and horse training may be your calling in life, if you choose it to be.


Getting comfortable Sharing Territory is the first step in developing the power of the pause as a training aid. Sharing Territory with my guidance will empower your leadership choices and develop them into an art.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerWhen Sharing Territory with your horse, as you begin my online courses, the easiest way to get comfortable is to put yourself in “neutral”. This means being in the moment wanting nothing, accepting things as they are, and becoming quiet so you can truly relax.  I find that being able to put a horse in “neutral” at any time will keep your horse performing to his best ability. Before you develop the pause in your horse, focus on developing the pause in you.

You cannot ask a horse to pause and be in neutral if you cannot do this for yourself. You will also discover that the pause in you will draw the attention of your horse to want to feel a connection with you.

When you reach this neutral state of mind, while Sharing Territory, move your awareness to all the things around you in nature like the weather, the energy, and any changes that are taking place in the flow of the day. This way of being is how a stallion stays watchful over his herd.  He is relaxed and aware.

The purpose of this practice is to bring awareness to the moment and to the environment. This will give you the ability to see when you can direct a horse successfully and how to go about setting him up so you can.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerRelax and hang out with your horse. Allow your horse to hang out wherever he chooses to in the area the two of you are sharing. See how comfortable he is and develop this demeanor in yourself as well. Take this time to quiet down.

What should happen from the practice of the pause is that your horse will develop a deeper connection with you. This will help to start the magnetic energy to grow within yourself. This practice will continue to increase this well being, both in yourself and in your horse. In turn this will bring you more connectedness in your activities and pursuits.

The benefits that you obtain from the practice of the pause will become your natural way of being around horses and horses will begin to see you as a trusted leader.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerSit with your horse every day for an hour in a place that your horse is comfortable.  In an hour spend equal time sitting quietly, reading a book, and journaling on your experience and how you feel about it.

If you are in my online class – “See you on the call”. If you are not in the course it is not too late to join in. You can click the link below to register.

<<Waterhole Rituals Online Courses>>

I hope this blog has inspired you that training your horse can be an experience in self-realization through the proactive style that I offer.

We start our Spring Online Waterhole Rituals course this weekend.  However, we still have a few spaces left in our Insider’s Circle Course and will keep the registration open for one week after we start.  We also have a few spots left in our Extended Circle Course and will keep the registration for this course open for two more weeks as it is a “study at home” program.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn



Self-Realization through the Training of Horses at Liberty

Certified Trainer – Linda Salinas

May 2,3,4 – 2014 in Gastonia, North Carolina



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ColetteDeschenes - a couple of years ago Reply

Hi Carolyn!
I want to wish you and the students for this new session of the WRclass a wonderful time (which, by the way, I am sure they will have)!
I SO wish I could participate! Can’t believe it’s been a year since I got to do this! Thankfully, we keep reaping the good fruitage…
Thank you for the blog, which I normally read every week( did miss one and therefore the webinar because of my older equine Friend reaching the end of his life..)
This one, on the pause, is (like the one you wrote a while back) such a good reminder of a very essential element of the practice!
And one that can easily be glossed over because of personality traits, modern life, etc… So, thanks again!
Take care,

Erica Dixon Izzy & Bijoux EC Spring 2011, BTWHR's 2012, IC Spring 2013, EC August 2013 - a couple of years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn

Synchronicity again! Before I read your blog on Thursday I was playing with the pause & what I call ‘mini meditative moments’. The pause is something I have been developing over the winter. Along with meditation in the sense of finding peace in the present moment & turning off the monkey mind that likes to come & pester me! I popped my camera on the gatepost & made a video. Its not great quality, but it was about this very subject. I was curious to see what it looked like more than anything.

What you said about watching respected trainers – all I can say is yep!!

Love & best wishes


    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - a couple of years ago Reply

    Dear Erica,
    Today, few humans appreciate the pause. For many it is hard to make an appointment to “pause”, so that we can return to a neutral state of being and appreciating life to it’s fullest.
    Animals have not lost the art of the pause while we humans
    have. I call purposefull pausing an art because it is how to be in the pause that makes the difference. It becomes an art when we find that the pause is the best part of life and from the feeling we get from the pause it carries over making the rest of your activities just as “sweet”.
    Thank you for your comment and the good “pausing” you do. Would love to see your video.


      Erica Dixon Izzy & Bijoux EC Spring 2011, BTWHR's 2012, IC Spring 2013, EC August 2013 - a couple of years ago Reply

      Dear Carolyn

      I love that you said ‘make an appointment to pause’. I shall remember that!

      I’ll email Teddie a link to the video.


JayneForster - a couple of years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
I went to watch a dressage clinic with a trainer from spain today,who has won lots of shows and trained lots of horses he rode most of the horses in the lessons. He also did some in hand work on the ground. I am still pondering on what I saw and how differently I train Noo noo, he was a nice guy who obviously loves horses. You have hit on one of the things I realise is so different for me now,and so effective, The pause!! He did not have that and all the time I kept thinking how great those horses were with accepting the pressure put on them and the work rate he expected. He was not sucessfull with everything he was trying to teach them, but they all tried so hard but showed a lot of resistance at times, I do wonder if he let them pause if he would have been more successfull.
Thank you so much for this blog,well timed as ever! its helped me see one things onlookers would find very different about how I do things now if I took Noo noo to him. and I cannot change what works!!! Although I am always open to learning.
thank you for your wisdom and always keeping me on the right path.
love jayne and noo noo.

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - a couple of years ago Reply

    Dear Jayne,
    Yes, I am sure he was amazing and got a lot of work on to the horse. I learned this kind of approach from one of my coaches years ago. I got great results in his hands using his style and it taught me allot. I found the spark and performance he was getting and then after that I could do it his way, from this I then figured out the things he felt a horse should be able to do in his hands and I developed another approach where the relationship was more enjoyable for the horse and the performance was more connective.


StephanieMorse - a couple of years ago Reply

Dear CArolyn

Thanks for giving those of us who can’t yet afford your classes these little tidbits.

I spent a couple of hours sharing territory with the fellows a couple of days ago. Cracker loves that. He spent the whole time standing next to my chair as I read a book.

Sometimes he stood over me and put my head between his jowls, sometimes he put his head down and I scratched him there.

Gruski came over for a little bit, but Cracker is a real ‘people horse’.

If we lived closer, I’d bring him over to your ranch so you two could meet, I bet you’d really like him.

Hope you all enjoy the classes this spring.

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - a couple of years ago Reply

    Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you from reading my blog and your staying in touch. The things you call “little tidbits” I believe have more values than that. What I share with my readers I believe has great value. I try to put in the blog all aspects of my work.
    It is very nice that you are enjoying the pause with your animals. I would enjoy meeting you and your horse. Thank you for your well wishes.

    Keep up the good connection in the “pause” you are sharing with your horses.


CarolynBourchier - a couple of years ago Reply

Checking in. Xx

Aline Mellema/ IC/ Angel and Vicky/ Netherlands/ ECspring2011, ICfall2011, BTWRCmarch2012 - a couple of years ago Reply

Such true words Carolyn, thank you!
And it’s the best Ritual ever… Sharing Territory! 😀 Love it!
We’ve had some really nice weather these last few days so I’ve spend many hours with my horses. Just being 🙂
The only place in the world where I can truly relax and meditate is when I am with my horses….

I’m enjoying the whole process of getting to know my new horse, Amy. And watching how she’s finding her place in the herd. Wonderful to see the Waterhole Rituals happen in front of my eyes.
She a little Miss Princess, LOL!

Just for fun a little video of her yesterday morning. Bouncy Baby Amy 😀

I can’t be in the WRIC this time unfortunately… but I’m sure it’s going to be as wonderful as always!!

Much love,

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - a couple of years ago Reply

    Dear Aline,
    I always enjoy your videos. They warm my heart to see you in the flow of life with your horses. Thank you for sharing.


Desiree Taylor/The Netherlands/EC & IC 2012, PC 2013 /Abby - a couple of years ago Reply

That was interesting! I thought I saw a familiar scene. It took me a couple of moments to realize it was actaully me 😀 ! That’s a different kind of pause.

It’s true that so much can happen with so little. I’m very much looking forward to exploring some more with my new horse Barbie.

Talk to you on Sunday!


UlrikeKraft - a couple of years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

I wish I could just go ahead and sign up for your upcoming IC class…

Thank you for this new blog!
It made me realize that I have not done enough ST with Sirocco when it’s just the two of us. I do it a lot with the whole herd but when I take him to our separate area with hay, water and grass he seems to get bored after a while (about 10 minutes) and wants to do things. I don’t think I’m finding neutral in those moments. I’ve stopped using treats for the moment because I had a feeling he is thinking about how he can earn himself a treat too much. He used to go and stand at the exit and that’s when I decided to start doing things with him. So we were mainly doing 5PH and later LFB. His gas pedal is not very good but has improved with the Carrot Game. Unfortunately we only had the chance to play it once so far, out of lack of a second person. I’ve been trying to work on the gas pedal on my own but it turns out to be quite hard. Is there a good game I can play with him on my own that would improve it or would you recommend to forget about the gas pedal for now and just do ST until I find a good person to help me?

Thank you,


terrynewtoncr - a couple of years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
I loved very much being in the Insider circle last Fall and all I learnt from you and my horses was amazing. I had been looking forward to enjoy and to learn even more in another one this Spring! For personal reasons I am unable, BUT I will be there in Fall! For the moment I live “in the moment” with our little herd in Costa Rica, Sharing Territory, playing games and enjoying life together. Thank you so much, Carolyn for showing and giving so much.
Warm regards Terry

KayTomlinson - a couple of years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

“Training your horse can be an experience in self-realization.” Well, THAT is the understatement of the year! Learning your methods, I’ve learned SO much about myself, probably more even than I’ve learned about my horses!

Just in the last few weeks, I’m finally understanding what “putting myself in neutral” is really like. And what a difference it makes in my relationship with the horses! Yesterday I actually napped with the herd of mares at our barn, and was able to move so quietly (physically and energetically) that they accepted me as one of them. This afternoon Galahad let me approach and sit on the ground with him while he slept–hooves “galloping,” eyes rolling, ears swiveling back and forth in his dream. He woke up, sneezed all over me, and then went right back to sleep.

All this happened because I’ve finally learned to leave my expectations back in the car and just be in the moment. The physical benefit is amazing–for years I have experienced some chronic pain issues that are getting noticeably better as I become able to throttle down to a still point.

Your teaching has made this possible, because I now understand how to be in the moment with my horse, without an agenda. That, for a nervous “type A” like myself, is amazing.

Thank you! Hugs to you and Teddie!

— Kay

GinnyCarr - a couple of years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
I am so looking forward to more of you! I joined the inside circle so I can get your coaching on my videos with Holly. She is really becoming more attentive and relaxed with me and we enjoy our time together so much. So I will see you in the classroom and on the phone, can’t wait to get started!

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