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We just finished another fantastic Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinic.


I enjoyed this clinic along with my class so much that we are going to use the same curriculum and the same number of people going forward in my future Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinics. The size of the class, only 4 students, was much smaller and it was more rewarding for all of us.  Instead of having two clinics a year, we are now going to have four clinics a year.  By running more classes with this intimate setting, the students get much more personal, one on one time with me.

What an amazing experience and event.

Carolyn and LibertyIn the morning we gathered together and I shared what was on my mind about what I felt was important to the class that day.  It was a five-day clinic,  each morning we focused on one of the first five Waterhole Rituals that develop an ability to dance with your horse at Liberty as a true art.  We also moved ahead to more advanced training of the horse regarding people’s interest in training horses that included the start of the bit-less program.  Everyday In the afternoon students got to practice Liberty Dancing…Companion Walking in spontaneous movements from a magical connection.

Ginny and TrinityBeing in an intimate group setting, each person realized more of their natural ability in directing a horse at Liberty in a freestyle approach with grace and ease.  It was more like a social event in the afternoon between horses and humans, but more than that was learned.  Music inspired each student’s creativity to dance in his or her own way and leadership style and in harmony with a horse in a spontaneous dance.  It was like the Movie the Black Stallion. Everyone was full of joy and danced each day with a greater skill that took no effort because of how lost in the fun and exuberance we were all feeling.

From my perspective

Adriana and HoneyAs the position of being the guide, I felt I was assisting everyone to find their true nature and tap into their instincts in order to speak directly to a horse through their own personal body language.  In this way they could express themselves from their own approach and from seeing their approach I could guide them with greater clarity and see how I could empower them more.

I believe that in order to heighten horsemanship skills quickly theory and direction needs to be given to the student away from the dance they experience with their horse.  This way the student gets to practice what they have learned so they have more ability to utilize the information I have given them. In the freedom the class experienced I only monitored and supported their direction to keep them empowered.  In their exploration of the new information cheering and  encouragement was of great value, it brings out your greatest strength in how to communicate and lead a horse.

Wendy and Trinity

The student gets to see themselves grow and advance using their own natural instincts and leadership style. Working at liberty is alot diffrent than having tack on a horse. When  a horse is at liberty, keeping a horse in control can only occur through knowing how to keep the horses’ focus and willingness alive in the horse. Much more skill is needed, along with knowing the natue of horses in general and knowing how to use your body language to get a favorable result. This is what my studnets were able to achieve during the clinic.

Knowing how to go about making a connection with a horse, any horse, is so important.

Pavla and HoneyWhether you are a professional or an equestrian, on the pursuit of advancing your training skills and understanding horse behavior and body language, or working with horses at liberty to develop the bond and respect, this is of great value.  I believe it is important for people when learning horsemanship skills that they learn with gentle horses that they are unfamiliar with. I have noticed that working with a horse a person knows gets in the way of true empowerment in how to approach and communicate with horses in general. When you have learned how to approach a horse you do not know and can make a connection with him, you find you have moved into the world of true empowerment and knowingness in all kinds of conditions and circumstances.

Our horses included: Trinity, Honey, Liberty, Marchador, Firelight, Apollo, Jazz and Ladd.

Uberstreichen Exercises

Not only did we do afternoon Liberty dancing, but in the morning we also focused on how to develop a horse  from Liberty into moving on to using tack.

I want to thank Wendy, Pavla, Adriana and Ginny for your enthusiasm during the clinic and for my Method and for your dedication and love that you all have for your horses.  I also want to thank Teddie, Marina Jeanette and Carrey for your help and support behind the scenes.

Here is a video compilation of some of the Liberty Dancing that everyone did with Trinity.

I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as everyone had doing it.  If you have a group of 4 and would like to have your own private Beyond the Waterhole Clinic here at my ranch, please email us at and we will gladly set it up.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for more horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.


Warmly, Carolyn


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44 Responses to “From the Horses’ Mouth – Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic – Spring 2013”

  1. 22
    Susan Smith says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    I’m really enjoying teaching the Waterhole Rituals, and must say the small clinic format is a lot of fun and fosters greater intimacy in the group. The horses also benefit from a lot of attention.

    It looks like everyone had a great time as I would expect they would. What a joyful experience!


  2. 21
    Regina Walter says:

    Dear Carolyn

    I have not been writing in very much but I always enjoy the blogs. It would be a dream to join you in one of your clinics. Trinity is a special boy.


    • 21.1

      Dear Regina, We have allot more options now for people to come to a clinic. You can get a group of 4 together and come for either an Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals Clinic or Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic whenever you would like, come do a 3 day Private clinic with me anytime you like, do private or group coaching calls for 30 or 60 minutes or still do the online Extended or Insider’s Circle courses.

      You let me know if there is something else you would like and we can try to make it happen for you. I’m trying to help as many people and horses as I can. :)

      Warmly, Carolyn

  3. 20

    Now, I really enjoyed that video!! I think taking the class down to four is a smart decision. Great job, Carolyn! Thank you so much for sharing and thank you to the person who put the video together, I know that it time consuming.


  4. 19
    kristin says:

    Just checking in. Love your videos of your clinic. It always helps to see the methods over and over along the way of evolution!



    • 19.1

      Dear Kristin, The Method is all about the natural evolution and organic nature of growth with horses. I’m glad you enjoyed the videos.

      Warmly, Carolyn

  5. 18

    Dearest Carolyn – I wish to share the following with you – why? – because I think it is important for people to know and understand that getting familiar with the Waterhole Rituals is part of what you so beautifully describe in your response to Mary Gaye’s comment. ::

    @@What it is that I want to bring is an inner knowingness in how to connect with a horse through a leadership that arises out of the true nature of a person rather than a person that moves more like a trained bear that has been to Arthur Merrie’s dance studio.
    One of the reasons I like to bring out natural expression in a person is that it gives a freedom that returns us to our personal power and our inner guidance system in how to go about training a horse safely..@@

    During a private session I had a couple of weeks ago with DZAR ( I talked about the Hippo Sofia Academy – the Academy I mentioned in a mail I sent you on that subject – I wish you can spare a few minutes of your precious time to send me a reply.
    What DZAR said about my involvement with the Hippo Sofia Academy I wish to share with you as it gives a very good insight into the relationship between horse and human – and the more people are being introduced to this ‘inner knowingness’ the better our world can and will be(come) – I have a very strong sense that what DZAR is telling me has a lot to do with you too, Carolyn, – of course, you are totally free in your own interpretation…….

    DZAR @@…. you see…. your energy needs to be there…..what you are doing is teaching them…..teaching them how they are connected to Nature ….so many humans feel separate…..they ride a horse……they don’t ride a horse to ride a horse…..they ride a horse to re-connect to that part of them that is missing……what you are doing is re-connecting them… are plugging them in……you are the connection between what they don’t know……perfect, Young One……the more beings, the more humans that re-connect to Nature the less they will destroy it…..when they realise that the horse that they are with is that direct connection to Nature they will admire it…… it is just part of wholeness, you see……just part of them realizing who they are…….more need that connection……more need to understand the true purpose of why they ride……it is to allow them the freedom……to allow them to be within Nature again…….it gives them just that moment of ‘aaaahhhhh, I REMEMBER’……that is what you give…………. @@

    Your energy, Carolyn, will inspire the humans coming to you – in person or online – they will also be re-connected as I have already mentioned in my earlier response to your blog – I wish to repeat that here – and in turn these humans will in their own time start re-connecting other humans to Nature – PERFECT, YOUNG ONE….

    For ever grateful to being part of this ‘movement’ …

    Warmly, Geerteke

    • 18.1

      Dear Geerteke,
      I do not read my mail, Teddie does. If you resend what you want to share with me and I will get back to you on it. I will watch for your letter. At this time the only thing in our office we address is new business. The board has been cleared way so I can take care of the Bitless program and coaching calls and of course my mother.
      Thank your for your comment. You are right it is about returning home to ones personal guidance system. What you wrote is what I am focused on in my teaching.
      Thank you for your interest and support.


  6. 17
    Kira says:

    I am just starting liberty with my horse, who is a 6 year old NSH. We show pinto and Arab and he does hunt and show hack and is just starting western-so it’s kind of a lot. And I have searched and searched on what to do with him to start this, and I’m just not really sure what to do. I’ve sat in his paddock, let him sniff me and come over to me and leave as he pleased. I’ve let him loose in the arena too and tried doing some stuff with him(he hardly payed any attention to me) and I think he likes me but I just have questions. Like should I use treats or not? Because he is definitely motivated by them but he gets mouthy then. I haven’t used them too much but I think he also gets disappointed and uninterested if I don’t have them. And what are ways to get him to do things like side pass, turn into/away from me, trot in sync, etc. on the ground without anything on him? Because again, he doesn’t really listen. Also, when I let him loose in the arena or in the cross ties he always chews on stuff, and I know you are supposed to sort of ignore the bad things but he would ruin a ton of stuff if I did! So how would I get him to stop that/turn away if I don’t want him doing it (without force). And same thing for when I am leading him to and from the paddock he always tries to eat the grass. it is really hard to pull him away, and when I do, I try to release and make it on his terms as much as possible but then he turns around and goes right back for it! How could I prevent that? If any of this makes sense I would love if you had any answers for me, I will probably have more questions on the future but this is mainly it for now! Thanks!

    • 17.1

      Dear Kira,
      I am happy you are wanting the best for you and your horse. I would suggest you take my on-line course in my method if you can qualify for it to get your organized. The way I help people with their horses required working directly with me from the programs I offer. I suggest you do a coaching call with me to get you started.
      My next suggestion for you is to not have things around so your horse will not be able to reach them to set a rhythm. You need more information that I can not handle in the blog. I would also suggest you seek a person to help you directly. You need guidance in how to use treats before you use them. I offer this in my online courses.
      My next suggestion if you do not qualify for my on-line course fix only one thing before working on another thing. Right now you have too may things you are working on and they are out of order. This is a sign that you need to work with a trainer in person to organize your appraoch and keep you safe and not turn your horse against you.


  7. 16
    MaryGaye LeBoeuf says:


    Your blog and the magical video made me want to jump on a plane and fly back to Escondido! Seeing the connection between these women and the fabulous Trinity, brought tears to my eyes and made chills run down the back of my neck! Each of these lucky women danced their own dance with your magical mustang! No paper-cut-out, step-here-next, patterns. Just a dance of pure joy coming from a true connection between horse and human. Carolyn you have such a tremendous gift in bringing out a person’s individuality and their ability to live and lead! You give people the freedom to express themselves while bringing them closer to horses — horses who are the true reflection of who we really are. It has been three weeks since I left your beautiful ranch on the mountain top, and since then, very few moments have gone by that I am not thinking about something that you taught me about myself, about me and my horses, or about horses, period! In just five magical days at your ranch I was enriched, enlivened and transformed! Now that you are offering the new clinic format, with 3-4 students, so many other people will have the same opportunity to experience the life-changing gifts you have to offer people and their horses! To anyone out there who has not had the opportunity to learn directly from Carolyn — and now that there is an opportunity to learn with her in an intimate setting –go, go now, go as soon as you can!! Gather your friends and Go!

    Carolyn the week at your ranch just flew by. In all my years of learning, nothing will ever compare to all I learned from you and your wonderful horses that week! Thank you for the gifts you shared with Christy and I! It was so hard to leave and I can hardly wait to come back!! And Dear Teddie, ever in the background, supporting all that goes on at Dances With Horses Ranch and helping to make sure that Carolyn’s students’ dreams come true, Thank You, Thank You, for all you do and for this week’s beautiful video!

    Love and Hugs! MaryGaye

    • 16.1

      Dear MaryGaye,
      Your connection with your horse Cowboy is amazing. Thank you for sharing your pasture experiences with Cowboy’s herd and the drama and the interactions and harmony they have reached with one another. The charter shaping you have done with Cowboy has really turned him into a respected and loved horse in the community he is living in. Good job!!
      The evolution of the herd comes alive from what you have shared with me. I am so appreciative that you have shared this wonderful testimonial from your heart.
      What it is that I want to bring is an inner knowingness in how to connect with a horse through a leadership that arises out of the true nature of a person rather than a person that moves more like a trained bear that has been to Arthur Merrie’s dance studio.
      One of the reasons I like to bring out natural expression in a person is that it gives a freedom that returns us to our personal power and our inner guidance system in how to go about training a horse safely.
      Much love and again thank your for your unsolicited testimony.

      Love and hugs,


  8. 15
    Rebekka says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    very interesting point about achieving true empowerment by working with a horse you do not know!
    Unfortunately, the video does not play in Germany – due to music right’s restrictions :-(
    Regards, Rebekka

    • 15.1

      Dear Rebekka,
      Yes, working with a horse you do not know you are more free to grow into your own as a horse communicator. Increasing ones awareness and finding your true nature in how to appraoch a horse, it is best to work with a horse you do not know. Working with a person with a horse they do not know I can better see how to empower the person using my method. I am about building on what is working and not what needs to be “fixed” with their horse at home. I want to blast the student in to a new phase of personal development.
      Once you have had a change to work with many horses a person feels a sense of knowingness that bring out a leadership that is inviting to a horse. A person does not second guess their direct decisions on a lesson horse and does not take a horse’s response personally causing a loose of personal power and experimentation way from them. Working with horses you do not know helps your relationship with your horse at home because it gives a person a change to grow and find their way to a universal understanding in how to get along with a horse while training them.
      Once I have a change to bring this out in a person then I want to work with them and their horse if it is possible.
      Sept be step will build the bond,respect and dance.
      I am sorry my utube did not play in your country. We had to have the utube with the music that people selected because it puts more meaning and understanding in what took place. I will ask Teddie if we can make it without music at this point.


  9. 14
    Robyn Bardas New Zealand IC, BTWHR says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    I miss the regular interaction and studies with you. You are with me everytime I’m in the pasture though and keeping an eye on the blog helps. You were right that my Masters studies are soaking up precious horse time, and the best I can do at the moment is ST and play a bit when something is offered.

    I watched Panadero’s Journey again today (while excersising!) and picked up many new subtleties I had missed, again. Your latest clinic looks a perfect fit. I will have to wait to come back to learn with you some more, but it will happen!

    Blossom (now 9months) is delightful and fun and Stellar (PRE rising 4 mare) is still a gawky cocky teenager.

    With always an ear cocked in your direction and much love,


    • 14.1

      Dear Robyn,
      I feel such a connection with you. I have watch you grow to where you are today and I have great respect for your personal connection with your horses.
      I have enjoyed your personal style that always opens my heart each time I watch your utubes. I want you to know that I am out there with you at my end too.


  10. 13
    Aline Mellema/ IC/ Angel and Vicky/ Netherlands/ ECspring2011/ ICfall2011/ BTWRCmarch2012 says:

    Oh wow Carolyn… I just don’t know where to start…

    I loved the video! It is so beautiful!! the music is perfect and Trinity… what an amazing horse. When I look at him I feel so much joy and energy. Felt I was dancing with him too… like I was there for a moment… feeling like a little kid jumping up and down, getting all excited :D Thank you for sharing <3

    This video shows exactly the power of your method. You teach people to become who they are… and when they are their authentic selves, magic happens. This is so different from other methods where people are expected to become someone else and have to act as if they were a “leader” or whatever is expected from them.
    It was beautiful to see the connection happen between Trinity and every person in the video and each time in a different way… it got me all teared up.

    And then the whole new concept about the clinics. Wow! I felt so excited reading about this new idea. I think it’s fantastic!! I feel that it would be perfect for me as a next step to come back to you :D

    I would like to share a video with you too. Yesterday Angel and I took a walk to the park and we discovered a huge frog family in the pond. They were making so much noise that in the end Angel looked at them like ‘can you please all be quiet?’ LOL! :D
    But it was amazing to be there with them sharing territory!

    Much love and JOY,

    • 13.1

      Dear Aline,
      This utube of the frogs causes me to want to watch these frogs all day. I can feel the joy and freedom they feel and this causes me to want to jump in the water and join them. I can feel what it is to be a frog in what you have shared with me in your film. But I do not think I want to kiss one. Sometime knowing oneself more deeply, it is also important to dance with frogs.
      The colors of green and the dancing light in the moment is so magical. Your utubs reviles your heart and why you have such a connection with your horse. Thank you!

      Much love,

  11. 12
    Ginny Carr Los Osos, California EC Holly says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    Thank you does not fully express the gratitude I have to you and your staff for the wonderful clinic experience. I was a little depressed the first day home, missing you and my classmates and all the willing horses. I have been reading my notes and remembering our activities, taking some new things to Holly. Today I hid some carrots under a ball and showed her how to find them. That was easy and fun for her.

    The video compilation is a treasure and, not to be too hard on myself, but I do see that I need to look where I am going and not at Trinity all the time! :) That was the most fun of the whole clinic. Yes, Jayne, that is Noo Noo’s song that I picked for Liberty Dancing!

    I know this is just the beginning of my work with you, Carolyn, and will look forward to the next class/clinic/coaching call. I am also talking you up with my friends! Hi to Teddie! Thank you, and thank you more!

    • 12.1

      Dear Ginny,
      When I saw the video of you dancing Trinity was so connection and our body language spoke to Trinity so well that the dance you shared was magical that I forgot to pay attention to what you notices. You had every part of the dancing at liberty in place. The “send away” was really good and the draw was excellent and your companion walking was right there even in trot. Bravo!!
      I was looking for your ropes you asked for have not found them yet but I will.

      Love and thank you for being in my class,


  12. 11
    Emily Glidden says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    Wow the new format sounds so warm and inviting! I look forward to hearing about the dates for your upcoming clinics–I would love to join and meet your new horses and have a chance to work with you in person again. Sounds lovely.


    • 11.1

      Dear Emily,
      This is wonderful news you are thinking of coming back. We hope to have even more horses as we go along.

      Are you going to do the Bitless Program?


  13. 10

    Dear Carolyn,
    I so loved watching these videos, so inspiring and beautiful. I am putting my pennies aside to come to one of your clinics, it is on my priority list!
    Everything you do, is changing so much for me, thank you!
    Warme regards Terry

    • 10.1

      Dear Terry,
      The ability to connect around the world in this day and age is so great.
      I feel that I can do so much more in brings better connections with horses and humans. So hope one day you can come to my humble ranch. Thanks for saying in touch.


  14. 9

    Dear Carolyn,

    I feel this is truly a great evolution in the format of your Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinic. It must have been an awesome experience for both the students and yourself to have the time to do lots of one-on-one coaching and liberty dancing :-)!
    I enjoyed the video very much; it’s great to see each of the students’ unique style in dancing with Trinity. And what shall I say about Trinity……… He is such a gorgeous, attentive and willing horse, proud and full of fire! He stole my heart from the first time I laid eyes on him at the March 2012 clinic (I had secret plans back then to put him in my suitcase and take him with me to Holland ;-)).
    Thank you for sharing the highlights of your clinic – it brought back good memories of precious experiences with you and with all the friends I made at your ranch last year.
    I have a strong feeling that this format of five days and four students fits you like a glove :-)!


    • 9.1

      Dear Marja,
      I know that when I see the personality of the student show through their body language the horses can connect with the student in an authentic bond. It can bring bond and wiliness of the horse to a longer lasting connect, in the moment, that helps the self-carriage of the horse to truly dance!!


  15. 8
    Elodie Belz (ICC spring 2011) says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    Looks like you and the students had a wonderful time again! I can only imagine how such a small group makes the experience richer. I loved watching the video of everyone dancing with Trinity, it is very interesting to see that each person has her own style. Makes me want to come back ;) I hope I can do that one day!

    I wish you a nice week-end,


    • 8.1

      Dear Elodie,
      It is my intention to bring out free expression of body language. It is so freeing to the soul. It helps one to remove the Vail that keeps us from the magic we are reaching for.

      Looking forward to your return,

  16. 7
    Claudia says:

    how absolutely wonderful to watch, I would love to take the next clinic when the schedule is right. Can’t wait:))!

  17. 6

    Oh My Goodness Carolyn this is so wonderful – it feels so much as if energy has and still is shifting ……….

    Perhaps due to circumstances or just because it so happened – by making something ‘smaller’ it has gained so much ‘body’ so to speak -everything and anything having a reason and taking place just at the right moment ……

    You are definitely a RE-CONNECTOR pur sang …

    Wishing you many more of these ´re-connecting and re-connective moments´ and thankful feelings for all who supported you behind the scenes …


    • 6.1

      Dear Geerteke,
      Thank you for your warm wishes. Your wishes is so supportive. I have a very supported team here at the ranch. The gift is growing. Teddie is the best part.


  18. 5
    Jayne Forster NooNoo,IC,UK says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    You have made me want to come even more,Can t wait!,Please Anki,Susan and Erica lets beg ,borrow and well sell things on Ebay?It would be so cool to have a brits uk Clinic,but if you can’t I am going to sign up for November but don t want to rush into it if there is a chance of you all coming over.Ginny! so nice to see you dancing to Noo noos tune! wish I could have come this time and met you all.It looked really special you all looked like you had so much fun please tell all.Thank you so much for be such an inspiration Carolyn and girls of spring 2013.

    • 5.1

      Dear Jayne,
      I am so looking forward to working with you in person. I sure hope you all can come as a group. Give Noo noo by best.


  19. 4
    Anki Church says:

    Dear Carolyn
    You sure know how to tug at my hart strings, Watching the video of all your lovely students dancing with Trinity made me want to be there with you.
    We ( Susan Williams, Erica Dixon and Jayne Forster ) South west girls had a lovely day last week we had lunch and talked WHR. This is just what we were talking about, having a small clinic with you.It is like you put this blog up just for us. See you soon.
    Love Anki Church

    • 4.1

      Dear Anki,
      Teddie told me that I might get your group to come out for a clinic. I am so looking forward to the fun we will all have together.
      This idea of small groups is so effective and strikes a rhythm that really works well for me to advance the learning of my students. It is also much easier on me too. I always enjoy my clinics but the larger ones are more physically stressful on me.
      Dance with horses is the best,

      • 4.1.1
        Anki Church , UK , - IC - Ina, Molly, Nora says:

        Dear Carolyn
        I have an other friend (Sarah) if she comes to, she can help you. She has helped my mom. Sarah is a cranial osteopath .
        Love Anki Church

  20. 3
    Wendy Comstock says:

    What fun to get to watch the video of each of us dancing with Trinity! Working with Carolyn and sharing the experiences with the wonderful horses and students during the clinic was a peak experience for me. I will be forever grateful for what I learned and for giving me a great warm up experience for bringing my own group of horses together using what I learned during this clinic. Thank you!


    • 3.1

      Dear Windy,
      Next week I will get a coggins test done on Liberty. He told me he is going to love his new home. I so enjoyed you as a student and how quickly you pick up on my personal way with horses. Your body language is amazing. I am sure you will come back and looking forward to your return.

      Thank you for being in my class,

  21. 2
    Tamara Blits says:

    Looks like you had lots of fun, this is the best. I wish I could be there too. I would love to be there. I just have too much to take care of. I’m so thankful just to see what you do. God Bless you beautiful lady! I will always love you.

  22. 1

    Oh, Carolyn–this looks so amazing! I am saving my money to join you next year for sure! Cannot wait! Thank so much for all that you do. Your methods free not just the horse but the person as well. Hugs!!

    — Kay

    • 1.1

      Dear Kay,
      Thank you for your interest. If all I do is create more freedom and respect for horses in this world I meet my goals. Hugs to you an looking forward to working with you in the future.