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Let’s look at how the magnetic connection with your horse and your leadership role work together to bring about a magical performance at Liberty.

valentines horses

Let’s first look at the dance with your horse as a spontaneous one.  A spontaneous dance is not a dance of predator and prey; it is not a dance of rivals; it is not a dance of a trained bear.   A spontaneous liberty dance is a dance of meaningful friendship that is special between horse and human, where the horse is drawn to follow the leadership of his human partner.

A trained dance differs from a spontaneous dance in that the horse and human are more focused on the performance. The dance does not arise out of them from the magnetism they offer to one another.  A spontaneous dance needs a clear leader that can follow and lead to be able to keep the dance alive. Like playing with a cat with a string, your role is to lead the cat by making the string come alive in a way that would attract the cat. The cat wants you to lead his dance and there must be a bond first for the cat to trust you enough to play this simple game.

Karen and Majesty

Karen and Majesty

You keep the interest of your horse by building or decreasing the energy of your body language.  To a horse, your direction and leadership is like the string is to the cat.  You start the dance with your body language and ask your horse to go trot, asking him to move out at a faster gait to get his blood up. He comes back when you signal him to return. You ask him to come back when you see his life and spirit come alive. You then lead his dance to keep the magnetic connection growing.  It is a courtship dance that is built from an inter-species bond. A spontaneous dance begins by waking up your horse to the idea of playing with you in a magnetic connection.

If you lose your leadership dance, dancing with your horse at Liberty, there will be consequences in other interactions, making your horse unpredictable.  You will lose the overall control of your horse because your horse will no longer pay attention to you.  What we want is for Liberty Training to improve the overall connection and the overall performance of your horse, in hand and when you ride.

How to develop the magnetic connection

Ruella and Renn

Ruella and Renn

By Sharing Territory with your horse you develop a bond that will give you an ability to take the leadership role that will give you the ability to dance with your horse. If there is not a natural desire to follow your lead, and the bond is not there, the dance with be brief because the horse loses interest. The time and effort it takes to develop attunement creates the true friendship. Understanding the culture of horses, coming from an open heart and the timing of your leadership creates a meaningful bond. If the time has not been put into developing a bond, a spontaneous dance is not possible.

When I was growing up as a teenager we went to dances, rock and role and sock hops. When we danced together we hardly paid any attention to our partner, no soul connection was really shared.  And if a connection happened, this connection was not as deep as when a bond had already existed before the dance. This is where Sharing Territory is needed, to be able to align yourself with your horse so the dance is a true partnership rather than a trained act.

horse valentinesLeadership on our part is what a horse is yearning for, but it must come from a courtship of Sharing Territory and going through the process where a language is developed between you and your horse, in the same way horses go about building  a relationship using social rituals that create friendship, leadership and harmony. Taking the time to develop your skill with horses at Liberty will give you the ability to train a horse more efficiently and save you allot of training time.

The Rituals open the door to a powerful ability to communicate leadership that will bring you alignment with your horse and an amazing performance under saddle, if you are already an excellent rider.

If you do not put leadership first, last and always with a horse, he will not respect you and will soon be leading you. The trouble with this idea of leadership needing to be consistent is that the picture brings to mind inflexible leadership with no allowances and possibly mean-heartedness. The leadership I am talking about is the kind you would like to experience for yourself.  We are all different in how we want to be led. From my program you will figure your horse out and discover the best way to handle him, taking the leadership position.

We are all leaders looking for leadership when it brings connection, well-being and interplay. You the reader want my leadership; I want Kedra’s leadership as a student; and we all come together creating a magnetic interplay. You the reader, Kedra and I are all in it for the dance. There are many elements needed for a dance to take wings and the Waterhole Rituals offer these elements.

Throughout your life, you are the leader that either chooses to follow or lead.  You are the driver of the dance with horses and of your own life.

Relationship development

valentinesThere is another purpose to the Waterhole Rituals besides dancing with your horse and preparing your horse each day to be a willing partner.  Having the dance as your goal, you learn there is a process that needs to be developed in any relationship for leadership, respect, order and a meaningful connection that leads to a loyal partnership. You learn how to communicate from your heart in an inviting way with horses and humans in the many roles you play with them. Your ability to communicate with a horse will help your ability to make a difference on this planet by knowing how to create more peace, harmony, willingness, empathy and joy through your energy, focus and communication.  You will also know better how to inspire the dance in others and how to bring your dreams to reality through your communication with them. This kind of heart-driven leadership that does not expect or demand performance is always received with an open heart. From this way of being, you can make mistakes as a leader that are overlooked and everyone has no fault insurance.

If you are interested in gaining more knowledge of horse behavior, the culture of horses and how to train a horse in the most natural way without focused persistence and holding a horse against his will until he gives in; if you want to work a horse in true liberty and are wanting a strong foundation and warm-up program for any equestrian pursuit, you might be interested in my online course starting March 24th.

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Horses and Hearts

Horses can teach us to have more compassion for our own species by healing our hearts. Someone once asked me what a horse was to me.  I thought a moment and said that, “a horse gave me back my missing heart”.

What I mean by this is that horses are my battery charger and continue to help me to be a better person to myself and to my own kind from the dance I share with them.   If you have any stories on how your leadership has supported your magnetic connection, it would be interesting, informational and educational.

In closing, I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn



For those of you following my mother’s progress, here is another childhood story:

When I was growing up I lived in the town of Indio when Indio was small enough that you could walk around the town in an hour and not miss looking into every store widow. My mother and I would walk to town to do our shopping.

On Valentine’s Day after school my mother and I went to town to hand out Valentine cards to our friends, neighbors and even strangers we might meet. For some reason it brought us a sense of well-being to receive a card from a stranger that said ‘I love you’.

cardsWe made our own cards and brought them in a little box that had so many in it we needed to find people to give them to.

My father would give my mother a big heart-shaped box of chocolates and fresh roses. My mother would always bake something heart-shaped, like cookies or cake. Everyone seemed to be genuinely uplifting and kinder to one another on Valentine’s Day.

In those days I wore Buster Brown shoes. Buster Brown was a boy that had a bull dog.  If you looked into the heel of the shoe there was a picture of him and his dog.  The slogan for the company went something like this:  ‘Hi, My name is Buster Brown and I live in a shoe. That’s my dog Tige who lives in there, too.’  My mother made such a big deal of this story that I remember it today.

We would walk down to the shoe store together to buy Buster Brown shoes. I could not wait to get them on my feet. At the shoe store they had a great big machine that you could look at your feet and wiggle your toes and see them inside your shoes. I would try and see if I could see Buster Brown and his dog. After we left the shoe store we would walk home while I slapped my feet on the sidewalk in my new shoes.  My mother seemed to be just as excited about my shoes as I was.

We would repeatedly sing the Buster Brown song together.

It is now my turn to bring meaning to my mother’s life. My mother can walk to the bathroom with help because she doesn’t see very well.  We take short walks outside around the water fountain, if the weather and her feet will allow it.

I stay in touch with her and bring her life to a better place by my sharing with her what we have to look forward to each day, like she did for me when I was a child.

strawberriesThis Valentine’s Day I am going to our favorite health food store to buy fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. We will eat them together,  and I will tell her how good it is and she will smile and agree.

And tonight we are going to watch American Idol. I tell my mom every day what we have to look forward to. When I do, she lights up.

Again thank you for your continued support for my mother’s care at home. My mother would not be happy anywhere else. We have always been a team for each other in our heart of hearts.

My mother and I thank you.


Notice to Trainers:  I am looking for an established horse trainer who is interested in my method that is currently working with the mustang makeover program and would like to train from my ranch so we could work together.


March Liberty Foundations Clinic!

Please join my Certified Trainers Ruella Yates and Stina Herberg with Suggested Trainer Susan Smith at a Liberty Foundations Training Clinic at Spirit Horse Ranch near Oklahoma City March 9-10.  Many extra activities are always planned at Ruella’s clinics, leading her to refer to them as HorseDreamer Festivals!


Moving in the Direction of Ease…


with Ruella Yates and Stina Herberg

*Certified Trainers in the Carolyn Resnick Method  with  Susan Smith, Suggested Trainer

March 9-10

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*Friday afternoon informal discussions with equine healing professionals

* Friday Environmental Evening with Stina

*Saturday evening with Plains Indian dancers and musicians

*Hands-on work with Carolyn Resnick’s  Waterhole Rituals

Register at –


Spirit Horse Ranch – Liberty Foundations

Near Oklahoma City, OK


What people are saying:

“Ruella has a natural gift with horses.  What Ruella has to offer is inviting and as natural as natural can be.  From her knowingness she can not help but bring people to their own innate ability to bond with horses with my method.”

—Carolyn Resnick

“Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the epiphany you brought to the lives of Cowboy and me.  I am moved to tears and pray that you know what a blessing you are to all horses and humans who are touched by your gifts.”

—MaryGaye LeBoeuf














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53 Responses to “How Your Leadership Draws Your Horse to a Magnetic Connection at Liberty”

  1. 21

    Dear Carolyn,

    Thanks to the WHRs my horses and I have a wonderful relationship. Of course, the spontaneous dance is the icing on the cake. We all would love to have this with our horses. Roscoe and I have been together about five years now, but only recently have we begun to really dance together. (That it took five years is certainly nothing to brag about.) He now recognizes that I am inviting him to play with me, and he joins me. I think he previously perceived my body language and my attempts to bring his energy up as aggression. As a result, he either became fearful or resentful. He would run away and try to hide, or he would put his ears back. I assumed that our bond might not have been as solid as I had thought. So, I no longer focused on the dance. Probably six to eight months have passed. I don’t know what has changed or what I did differently or did not do, but the dance is there now. It is exciting. I hope that one day my young horse, Amigo, and I will enjoy this dance together as well.

    Thinking of you and your beloved mother,


  2. 20

    Dear Carolyn, I so love the example of the string and the cat – totally perfect……

    Another aspect that has in my feeling a connection with ‘the magical connection’ is the phenomena of the dimensions – we humans are moving slowly but decidedly from the 3rd into the 4th dimension – the dimension of increased awareness…..

    A lot of our horses, if not all, have travelled that distance already and reside most of the time in the 5th dimension – the dimension of the authentic self – the dimension of realisation and transparency – the dimension of the NOW …

    Occasionally these well-travelled horses will get ‘back’ into the 4th dimension to facilitate humans – however, if these horses are forced from the 5th into the 4th or even 3rd dimension it troubles/shakes their ‘body field’ so tremendously that it is not surprising that resistance is met by the human – isn’t it a beautiful assumption that the WHR serve as a kind of a bridge between horses and humans – between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions…….

    This same aspect is also present, I have the impression, amongst the whales – the movie “The Whale Dreamers” is an example thereof – this movie and the following highly popular Whale Dreamers Festival was so inspiring that it triggered a vision – a grand vision – yes, perhaps – but nevertheless a vision – and a dream…..

    This vision was shared on facebook and a number of facebook friends got all excited – the original visionary immediately had a name for this vision – Horse Dreamers Festival – a festival that would have as its main goal to elevate Spirit of Horse and Human – the intention was to dedicate 4 days to introducing different ways and means and views of elevating Spirit of Horse and Human – it was even shared between the visionary and myself how wonderful it would be for you, Carolyn, to join the festival for a couple of days and add your expertise and wisdom to this wonderful challenge…..

    As this message was picked up ever so quickly by a truly inspired horse woman Ruella, she named her soon to be held clinic Horse Dreamers Festival – lovely printed T-shirts and mugs were ordered – the visionary was delighted with so much enthusiasm, energy and drive and wished the clinic all the luck in the world…..

    This visionary’s name is Emily Glidden and I deeply love her for that ……….


  3. 20

    Thanks. My mother does not need to clean toxins. She needs easy does it to keep her energy up.
    I will have her drink the alkaline water in the evening and at night.