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The Foundation for All Equestrian Pursuits Through the Horse-Human Connection.

Finding the still point within yourself opens the door in connecting with nature. This still point I am speaking of exists when you are able to communicate with horses and other animals. Connecting with animals and nature is gained from returning to an ability that is deep within all of us. Whatever the reason we are drawn to horses there is an opportunity to get back to our true nature because of this urge. The first step of my program Sharing Territory is all about this.

Having a deep empathy is the first door in discovering your true nature. Knowing how to have an empathic interspecies connection allows life to present itself to us in a greater supportive way.

Anna Breytenbach shows us clearly in this video I am sharing with you what state of consciousness you need to have to access the connection to all living creatures. By watching her connection and communication with animals and seeing the changes that take place from her influence is mind altering. This connection is a supporting element to our future survival on this planet so we do not continue to tear it apart as many civilizations are doing. I believe it is the animal lovers and humanitarians that will lead man to his highest good and salvation.

You will see what I am taking about in the scenes of the people on the beach coming together to play a supportive element in a time that they really have no clear answers for.

From natural disasters, I have witnessed the best in human nature.  This I believe is a window into understanding how to bring the community of man to the next stage of his existence.

When you finish watching this film below (click on the link) please respond and offer your heart felt support to the evolutionary change we are seeking.


Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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37 Responses to “It’s Not Just About Horses…”

  1. 32
    avatar Tricia Sybersma Ont. says:

    Just watched the film…it is a beautiful film and I understand how it relates to what I am learning at your ranch! It confirms my new mantra ” I don’t have to understand it and I don’t have to explain it because It just is”

    Thank you
    Tricia Sybersma

  2. 31
    avatar Stina says:

    checking in – this is a really good documentary

  3. 30

    Dear Carolyn,

    To say this video is inspiring doesn’t do it justice! I watched it for the third time last night.

    I think I’m beginning to understand what you meant the other day on the conference call about autonomy. Autonomy in the sense of being complete in oneself, and staying centered in oneself, and therefore requiring and expecting nothing of the Other.

    You can see that with Anna, for instance, when she’s with the baboon who’s sticking his hand out of the cage. Anna doesn’t really reach for his hand, but she responds to his touch and allows it—her choice is to allow the touch to happen. She’s not asking anything in particular from him, because she doesn’t require him to be or do any particular thing. She’s complete within herself.

    And she’s not going up to the cage and saying, “Oh, you poor monkey!” and projecting all her desires onto him, or letting him do whatever he wants to. She’s strong and complete in herself.

    Am I anywhere close to understanding your meaning? I would love to hear more from you about this.

    Here’s an example of what I think you’re talking about: The other day I was standing next to Galahad and he was “on point,” with his head in the air, watching a horse move over by the round pen. I deliberately let all the tension drain out of me, and just focused on being present, not on the horse at all, and not really “thinking” much. That’s a state I don’t often attain—but it’s wonderful when it happens.

    As soon as I got to the point of feeling really connected to myself and grounded, Galahad’s head dropped—no kidding!—and a couple of seconds later he turned his head to me and touched my hand with his nose.

    Pretty cool….

    Thank you again for your guidance!

    – Kay

    • 30.1

      Dear Kay,
      Your understanding is what I hope people can see. Autonomy along with respect and a desire to connect is the ticket into the animals world and heart.
      I hope you practice what I suggested to get into this state of being. What I suggested is that you walk in nature by yourself and imagine you are Anna and take on her movements and pay close attention to them. Your moments will elevate you to the consciousness you are wanting to gain and understand. It will open you mind to a new horizon.
      What I have noticed is not enough practice is given to gaining a universal connection to life and to the opening of the heart or an understanding of the personal power that is gained by this practice. Anyone can take a walk in the woods but it is how you do it that makes the difference.
      Thank you for being in my class and asking me to respond to you,
      With appreciation,

      • 30.1.1

        Dear Carolyn,

        Yes. Your message goes to the heart of what I need most to learn. While I’ve been a “child of the land” for as long as I can remember, AUTONOMY is the piece I have never, until now, understood. For me, it has always been about “merging” with the Other.

        From my heart, I thank you.

        Headed off for the woods right now, on this wonderful rainy morning….

        With gratitude,

        – Kay


          I just came in after my clinic on the ranch and let you know that I read your last message.
          It is raining here as well. I am pleased you are out in the woods on a new adventure.


          avatar Bonnie Podraza says:

          I was so moved by this film that I can’t find words. Carolyn and Kay, I can’t tell you how much your exchange about what autonomy is and how important it is to come to your animal feeling the solidity of autonomy instead of wanting to or expecting to feel a merging with the animal. This has given me much to think about. Autonomy is something I have felt in other contexts of my life and I know its power. I think I can now use that concept in trying to find the calmness within that so frequently eludes me or evaporates when I want it most with my horse. I am feeling so grateful.

          With respect,

  4. 29
    avatar Karen Gebhardt says:

    Thanks for all the video recommendations….this one about the animal communicator Anna and the other one about the female eel from a couple years ago are my favorites. You, Carolyn, are quite a teacher of animal communication as practicing the ‘art of doing nothing’ is one of the most amazing gifts I’ve attained from having attended the extended circle course in fall of 2012. Changed my crazy, busy life by really putting me as a part of the earth, in the present, sometimes standing near my horse Chusi, or just ‘being’ nothing at any moment I choose! Not focused on anything but my feet on the ground, breathing the air, listening to the birds and other sounds carrying on the atmosphere…..this has been a fact that my horse and I consistently enjoy this practice of doing absolutely nothing every single time we practice. It is an art! It is a gift! I visually recall the video you posted of multiple horses ‘doing nothing’ in each others company as part of your online waterhole rituals course. Chusi is skilled at this and I am becoming skilled too! The art of doing nothing is really something.

  5. 28
    avatar Marina Latto, Ontario Canada says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    Beautiful and Heartbreaking. I cried almost the whole way through because of the beauty, love, acceptance and the uncovered pain. I’m inspired.

    With a full heart,

  6. 27

    [...] It’s Not Just About Horses… [...]

  7. 26
    avatar Bev Boynton says:

    Anna is a beautiful, soft and courageous woman. I was so moved by this video. Thank you for posting it, Carolyn. You are a light in this sometimes dark world.
    Thank you Carolyn, for posting this life altering video…

  8. 25
    avatar Erica Hess says:

    How beautiful, how sad, how hopeful, how powerful how true.
    Carolyn thank you so much for sending this out to us. I have just finished watching it a 3rd time through and it has been really affecting the way I am with the horses, the dogs, cats, even the spiders. Yesterday working with a new mustang I was in a bubble with him from the moment we met.
    The connection was immediate and deep throughout the session.
    I was in tears most of the time.

    much love

  9. 24
    avatar Kristin says:

    This helps to pull away more veils of understanding to the point of connection.

    Thank you for posting. I see how this all works for you now.



  10. 23
    avatar Anki Church says:

    Dear Carolyn
    Thanks for charing the film with me, It was magical.
    Anki Church

  11. 22

    Hi Carolyn

    Thank you for this universal message, find it all, and infinitely.

    Would it be beautiful if we could live all in this in condition?

    No words, but still many. knowing that someone is always in contact with you, even though there is little 3D contact.

    Seeing six eagles in the sky and the strength of their being, doing connectedness never fade. It is the confidence of the bond, which is always there.

    Sometimes with tears in their eyes, I behold otherwise, but know that the connectedness is always there.

    Lots of love Monique

  12. 21
    avatar Tamara Blits says:

    I wish everyone had a heart for all of life . I love the animals more than life itself. They give more to my life, than you’ll ever now. I love how they understand you. My dog sleeps with me; and if I wash her face, she runs around in circles, and wipes it off in her bed. She is so happy when I clean her face. I don’t know where I would be without my animals. They are all I’ve got. I loved the video, It’s amazing how some people can reach an animals heart.

  13. 20
    avatar Julie Hubers says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    Thank you so much for sharing this video. It is helpful to understand how the communication works and I hope someday to be able to better manage the insights I receive from animals. I feel very tuned in to their collective pain and sadness for how they are being treated by humans. It is so overwhelming that I have to turn it off because it is unbearable. When I do that, everything turns off. I want to learn how to manage my emotions and trust the insights I receive so I can be part of the solution. Hopefully in time that will happen.
    I’ve enjoyed this course immensely and appreciate your joyful/playful approach to working with the horses. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and everyone in the class. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world – you are a beacon of light!
    Julie Hubers

  14. 19
    avatar Joy Greenhalgh-UK-IC-Broc, Cirrus and Kate says:

    Wow , Carolyn……….wow.

    What a gift for us all to be put in touch with this film.

    At any time of my life I would have enjoyed this film. However, my recent experiences of Sharing Territory and how this has affected the way I am with horses, or any animal including my fellow humans, allows me not just to enjoy this film but to resonate with it. This is thanks to you.

    I shall encourage as many people as I can to watch it, and carry it’s message with me.

    Every best wish, Joy

  15. 18
    avatar Kim says:

    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous documentary. I deeply connected to this. My heart was moved by the truth of our human capacity to reconnect to the teeming life around us. I am grateful for this time we live in. We are part of a great awakening, all creation is crying out to turn the heart toward Home, to the very reality of connectedness. Blessings and peace to you and your calling.
    Kim Jozwiak

  16. 17
    avatar Gina O'Brien says:

    Excellent documentary. Thank you.

  17. 16

    This is one of the best films on “connectedness” I have seen! I will be a better partner in training my young horses as well as a more compassionate soul with other animals AND human beings.
    What love and compassion-all within our reach if we are only open to it all and “reach” with genuine love!
    Thanks so much for sharing this very special gift~
    Maggie Schuler
    Orcas Island, Wa.

  18. 15
    avatar Tamara Blits says:

    I was amazed, with that video. I love animals so much. I have a pug who likes to find lizards, and I love the lizards so much. I tell my Charmin to leave them alone. She just caught one, and she let it go, I told her good girl; don’t hurt my babies. She finally realized; they were important to me. I love the animals. And they see me coming, when I go see my horse. All the horses see, me and call to me. I give them all a treat. Even the dogs down at the ranch ; all come to see me. I give them treats too. I guess I am loved!

  19. 14
    avatar Katja Behrens says:

    Thanks so much. Me too I sent it out to many people. Even though I deeply believe in these truths since my whole life it is again mindblowing and inspiring. Thank you thank you.

  20. 13
    avatar Desiree Taylor/The Netherlands/EC & IC 2012, PC 2013 /Abby says:

    Even though my head is whirling after watching this video, I cannot fully describe what I have just experienced. Maybe … it’s like … coming home to a house I was not born into.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. 12

    Dear Carolyn,

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing film with us. I’m so overwhelmed, I can hardly speak…
    I know one thing: this, and only this, will be the rescue of our planet.

    With much love and appreciation,

  22. 11
    avatar Karen Cochrane says:

    Thankyou so much Carolyn for sharing this video with all of us. I am truely moved by Anna’s gift to be able to communicate with the animals and for them to be heard. It was just an amazing and inspiring story.

  23. 10

    wow carolyn, thank you. that film, that woman is just amazing.

    I will spread the video to all my friends and more.

    thanks so much for your inspiration.


  24. 9
    avatar Andrea Schwiegel says:

    Wonderful, thank you for sharing, absolutely to share with as many people as possible.
    Bless you, Carolyn! Persons like you, Anna in the film and others bring me back to the right track, whenever I seem to loose it.

  25. 8

    Dear Carolyn sharing this world with you is a gift as well ……….


  26. 7
    avatar Ginny Carr Los Osos, California EC Holly says:

    Thank you so much for passing this on. I am amazed and inspired and want to learn more about this woman and her work. Turns out ( that she was just here in Pescadero, California doing workshops and teaching. Sorry I missed it! I would really like to be able to communicate with animals like she does. She reminds me of you, caring so much about the animals and wanting to help humans and animals love and understand each other.
    hugs to you,

  27. 6
    avatar Ulrike Kraft says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    since I was a little girl I’m carrying a deep sadness for all animals misunderstood and used, regardless of how they feel. All these tortured animals from factory farming to equestrian sport. Taken away from their families and used as tools for whatever reasons. Frightened and forced into obedience.
    Pets like dogs and cats have some more rights than cattle, horses and chickens who are regarded as “livestock”, or if they managed to return to their natural lives in the wild, as “feral pests”. My partner is studying animal law at uni and there is so much injustice, it really is not bearable.

    This video made me cry and still is – I’m very grateful to her for her work and her strength.

    And I’m very grateful to you, for offering your guidance and support to people who are ready to reconnect and willing to take the steps necessary to make this a better world for animals and humans alike!

    Thank you with all my heart!


  28. 5
    avatar Anne-Marie says:

    Thank you so much Carolyn. I have no trouble believing that animal communication is real.I am so grateful that you send out such valuable information ; such a benefit to us and the animals.

    Very powerful video. One of the best ever!


  29. 4
    avatar Niki Taylor, Perth, Australia, EC, Chica says:

    Wow! That is such an amazing video! Made me cry at times but also made me feel so hopeful about our future and about the future of all of our family here on earth. I have felt for a while now that animals are the key to us re-learning how to connect back to our mother, this is such beautiful evidence that this surely is true. I am sure they are so happy that we are finally ready to make this step.
    Thank you for sharing Carolyn.

  30. 3
    avatar Sue Macias says:

    Thank you, Carolyn. Jon Young was my tracking teacher, and the integral nature awareness that he teaches has many connections with your work. This video made me cry several times, but it also reminded me of many wonderful things.

  31. 2

    Dear Carolyn, I have no words except … wow… and … YES… and thank you so much for sharing this, and for all that you do.

    – Kay

  32. 1
    avatar Stuart says:

    Thanks Carolyn….