Carolyn Resnick Horsemanship: Liberty Horse Training

The Foundation for All Equestrian Pursuits Through the Horse-Human Connection.

“I LOVED this book! It expressed my own thoughts and values with horses so very well, and explained why I do so many of the things I already do with them. I felt like Carolyn Resnick was telling my own inner story, and I found her prose to be like soul candy–I often re-read passages just for the delight of them. A wonderful book that delights while it is educating.”
Kim Walnes, Milford Square, PA United States

Naked Liberty book
Naked Liberty
is the captivating memoir of Carolyn’s detailed account of how she gained a magnetic connection with all horses. Carolyn reveals her struggle to be accepted into a herd of wild horses, beginning at the bottom of the pecking order, working to gain higher rank and ultimately riding on the back of a lead mare from a bonded trust. The book chronicles her childhood growing up in a small desert town in Southern California, and the events that led up to her experiences with the wild horses. $29.95
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“Everyone should read ‘Naked Liberty’. It’s a fresh look at horses that, I believe, has not yet been touched upon. It widened my perspective of horse behavior.”
Lendon Gray, 2 time Olympian

“For all you horse lovers out there who aren’t quite satisfied with your present relationship with your horse despite all the training — whether it be Natural Horsemanship or the usual “standard” approaches — you’ll find this book a great step up and out of the many current mindsets in horse training. In my view, you truly owe it to yourself and your horses to at least give this book a good read and really consider the Carolyn Resnick Method of training. I truly feel you will be glad you did and will learn things that will give you a better bonding and understanding of your horse(s).”
John Lala, Jr.

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Naked Liberty Introducton to the Waterhole Rituals
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Naked Liberty Panadero's Journey
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    History on Horseback says:

    […] There is magic at the heart of the relationship between horses and humans. There is magic and nobility and also frustration. Now, in the 21st century, perhaps we are only just beginning to understand and appreciate what horses have done for us, how they have contributed and can contribute to our own existence. In his book “In the Days of the Comet” H.G. Wells described a world changed forever by the arrival of a mysterious comet: “For the horse was already very swiftly reaping the benefit of the Change. Hardly anywhere was the inhumanity of horse traction to be found after the first year of the new epoch, everywhere lugging and dragging and straining was done by machines, and the horse had become a beautiful instrument for the pleasure and carriage of youth.” He describes riding “both in the saddle and, what is finer, naked and barebacked”.I think he would appreciate the fact that a hundred years later there is a term used by some horsemen and women, “Barebacked and Brideless”, abbreviated to BBL; and that horse behaviorist Carolyn Resnick has produced a book and DVD, both entitled “Naked Liberty”. […]