Bonus Offer for Spring Online Waterhole Rituals Course

Upcoming Online Waterhole Rituals Course

horse talk

We would love to have you join us!

If your horse could talk, I bet he would say,

“Please, let’s take this course so we can get to know each other better, be our authentic selves, and then dance at Liberty effortlessly, easily and naturally.”

If you are interested in a deep study of the behavior of horses, and would like to feel more empowered as you learn how to handle and influence them to follow your lead, you won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity.

My next online course on the Waterhole Rituals starts March 24th

You can choose between the Extended Circle Class or the Insider Circle Class (both are already more than half full)!  And when you sign up for either class by March 15th, you’ll receive a special bonus that offers you even more value (that includes anyone who has already registered)!

I’d like to share few words about the course: 



Who should take the Online Waterhole Rituals Course?

My Method of Horsemanship is the foundation for all equestrian pursuits and this course is designed for horse lovers, trainers, therapists, veterinarians and healers. On this journey, you will develop your caretaking leadership and gain a better understanding of the nature of horses and how to win their co-operation.

Through this course, it is possible to catapult yourself light years above what most horsemen know about how to connect, communicate and train a horse at liberty. You will need less skill in how to train a horse when you understand their nature. You will save the years it would take to gain the knowledge that I have to share with you around how to relate to horses while training them.

The course is also a lesson in self-realization and spiritual development.  From gaining a deeper understanding of how to be effective at Liberty with a horse, you will learn the secrets to life and how to create order from chaos. No matter how many ripples there on the lake, it will always return to harmony if you let it. When you work in the moments that the bond is shared between you, things will unfold naturally.

What makes this online course unique?

MenaWhat makes it different is that I create a personalized program for each INSIDER CIRCLE student. It is designed just for you and you will then receive individualized coaching and guidance based on the program you are given. If you choose the Extended Circle, though you are not on the live calls, you can report your progress in the classroom and if I see that you could benefit from some guidance, I will communicate with you and offer support.

Topics you will learn about:

  • Body Language
  • Care taking Leadership
  • Creating a deep Bond without Force
  • Self-Realization – Finding Your Authentic Self
  • Horsemanship Skills
  • Emotional and Spiritual Development
  • Spontaneous Dancing with your Horse at Liberty

Choose one of two options

1.  The Insider Circle is recommended for those who are eager to commit at a deep level. With this option, LIVE group coaching calls are held every two weeks for 2 and a half months. I custom design your lessons just for you and your horse on the conference call, as well as coach you on any videos you send me. You will have a library of videos to guide you that will be added to your lessons every two weeks. The Extended Circle and Insider Circle students will get to see all the videos of all the students. (The office staff is available to help you if you need technical support with the videos). It is all very exciting and a step-by-step program that will not leave you behind. Everyone can reach me in the classroom to report progress.

2.  The Extended Circle is a great place to start if you are new to my Method of Horsemanship, if you do not have a lot of available time or if you find it hard to make videos. You can go at your own pace and pick your program based on watching the Insider Circle student videos and listening to the MP3 files. You can choose to follow an Insider Circle student’s personalized program, which you feel would most fit you and your horse’s needs. While you will not receive personalized coaching by me on the conference calls, you can get in touch with me in the classroom and I will provide direction to help move you forward. Reserve your spot today

Register Now >>>



Sign up by Friday, March 15th to receive a special bonus that will give you even more information and value!

...Register for the Extended Circle Class

Photo by Mena Canonico

and you will receive the January ‘Ladd level’ of Paulina’s Program, which includes access to 2 coaching calls (approx 4 hours of recordings from the Marchador and Honey levels), plus videos from Marchador students. a $50 value – and truly, you’ll get invaluable information that cannot be obtained anywhere else!

…Register for the Insider Circle Class

and you will receive the January and February ‘Ladd level’ of Paulina’s Program, which includes access to 4 coaching calls (approx 8 hours of recordings from the Marchador and Honey levels), plus videos from Marchador students. Two months of the Ladd program would normally cost $100 – and truly, you’ll get invaluable information that cannot be obtained anywhere else!

Hurry – space is limited to 40 students for the Insider Circle class and both classes are already more than half full!

Reserve Your Space >>>


If you are brand new to my method

I generally suggest that you start in the Extended Circle class in order to acquaint yourself with my method. Then you could choose to join the Insider Circle class. Once you have done both of these online classes, you could take the Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic here at my ranch with my horses. You may also bring your horse to one of my clinics, if you wish. You will make forever friends during these courses. I also do 3 and 5-day private courses at my ranch.

Why Train at Liberty?

Horses are more willing to show their true feelings at liberty and they will bond more deeply with you. This will also give you a chance to really get to know how horses think and reason. It will be the most exciting work you will do with a horse by far. It is the “real” thing – getting to know a horse on his turf and following his rules without tack or force. The code of conduct is completely different from the rules that are taught by standard practice.

The Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is universally shared and understood by horses and humans. The code is based on the freedom of choice in all matters. It also opens the door in how not to get abused by others and how and when to set your limits. This code of conduct will help to guide you in your ability to connect and control unwanted behavior with all living beings with more compassion and ability to form lasting bonds built on trust and respect. How you apply the Waterhole Rituals fits around each individual horse, and each individual student, to suit his or her personality. What you gain will be an inviting leadership and a communication that horses can resonate with.

You will learn how to develop the character of the horse to be interested in taking care of you as you allow him to shape your leadership to be inviting. Working with nature is where all great partnerships are found. The result is a closer connection that you cannot imagine. In many cases, it is much faster because it is truly natural to the horse. Once you learn this method, things will fall into place quickly.

lila hardingBody Language is Powerful

Body language has a very powerful effect on a horse. You will learn how a simple posture can make a difference between having a horse that responds instantly to you from one that refuses to listen to you at all. You will use body language at a time that a horse will respond to it, positively and naturally.


To qualify for this course, you will need to be able to send your horse away from you at any speed and you will not be “sad” about doing so. This is necessary for me to be able to coach you effectively.

A little tip that might help you to understand why driving a horse away from you is a very good thing to do; it enhances the bond and increases a horse’s well-being and attitude towards life. Driving away is how horses in nature build their partnerships with one another. It is how mares and stallions start their courtship. When you use it in relation to the rituals, a social order, your horse will no longer look at you as a predator. Your horse will see you as a family member and that you want to connect more deeply with him or her.

At first, your horse will not be happy with sending him away. However, he will quickly become very happy and grateful. When you can move into this space, you will discover a whole new world and a new way to be in it. By teaching your horse to move away from you, any time you ask, will cause your horse to respond to aids as light as a fly’s touch in all aspects of his training and riding. When you take time with your horse on this point, it will remove most all resistance towards your leadership. The trick is not to be punitive with a closed heart. You send away to create a deeper connection. Horses are quick to read your emotions and energy. People often have a tendency to interact with a horse based on their own needs. How to reach a horse is by connecting with them through their own social system. The Waterhole Rituals is the social system of horses that works like magic for horses and humans.

The next online program starts March 24, 2013

Come Join the Adventure of a Lifetime!

I look forward to the next evolution of new students, returning students and the wonderful experiences we will all share.

Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


Carolyn & PaulinaPaulina’s Program

If you’re new to my method or my blog, Paulina’s Program is another great way to get started with me. I created this program to honor my mother and to be able to get in-home nursing care so she could stay with me. This ongoing monthly program gives you another opportunity to connect and learn from me, while simultaneously contributing to our cause. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. 

Donations and Payments

If you would like to donate any sum of money to our cause, it would be so nurturing for us and appreciated. Even as little as a $5 donation would be so important for her care. Anything you would like to contribute would be greatly appreciated. Click the button below and choose from one of the boxes or click on the link that says ‘Or, Donate A Different Amount’ to enter any specific amount.

There are three levels of support in honor of “Paulina’s Program”:

1. The “Marchador Level” – $150/month
Group Conference Call + Coaching on Videos sent in + *bonus* 15 min private coaching + chat room

MP3 Recording of Group Call

Open to 10 people – March 17th 2013

2. The “Honey Level” – $75/month
Conversational Group Coaching + video access + chat room

MP3 Recording of Honey and Marchador Group Calls

Open to 20 people – March 19th 2013.

3. The “Ladd Level” – $50/month
Both Coaching Call Recordings – Over 4 hours of Coaching! + video access

MP3 Recording of Honey and Marchador Group Calls

You can see the details on the donation site.

Thank you all very much for your love and support!



MaryGaye LeBoeuf shares a testimonial about the Marchador Level:

I LOVE the Marchador class, Carolyn – what a great deal! Being able to submit our videos and obtain your feedback on what we are doing is worth the world to me! I love having the group call and viewing everyone’s videos while hearing your comments and advice. Just yesterday, I was doing Uberstreichen exercises with Cowboy and it came in handy to remember what you told another student about when to release. I so appreciate your guidance around what I need to do to establish real leadership with Cowboy. And I just discovered the chat room where we can tell everyone how we are progressing! I hope other students will share what they are doing too. It’s those shared experiences that help me become more creative; seeing what someone else is doing makes me think about what I could do differently. It’s so valuable to see that others are having similar experiences and how they are handling them.  Thank you for this tremendous opportunity to learn from you and to help you and your mother.


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liz lane - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
I’ve just signed up for an extended circle seat and am very excited and looking foward to the journey ahead. Thankyou for the opportunity to learn in this way.
Liz (Anglesey, North Wales)

Tamara Blits - 3 years ago Reply

I love reading your blog, and watching your videos. I am a busy lady, but I love spending time with my horse. Yesterday, I spent a lot of time cleaning Dakota’s stall. I love the way he follows me around. He comes up behind me and nibbles on my shirt. I have to stop and pet him, and give him kisses all the time. He is so loveable. I rake around him and he doesn’t move unless I touch him, and turn him with my imaginary lead. He watches me and follow me again. Then I took him out to play in the big arena. When I take his halter off. he runs to the left to look at the other horses, I leave for a few minutes. then come back to see him waiting for me. That’s when I go in and play with him. He follows me in and out of cones an over the obstacles. He is very playful. My friend Cindy showed up, and we always turn our horses out together. they run so fast and get so excited together. Dakota leads Littleman from behind. They rear and kick and play. then slow down and enjoy rolling. They always take off after they roll. Dakota chasing Littleman, nipping at his butt. I hollered at Dakota to be a good boy. and chased him away. Dakota then came to me. and followed me. I got Littleman to join us by tapping the ground lightly. and turning away with a little movement from my body. That was nice. It was time to put them back, and I called Dakota to me. I had the halter ready to put on him, but Cindy hadn’t got her horse yet. Dakota then takes off, because he doesn’t like to be the first one out. Usually Littleman comes to Cindy, but Dakota tries to get in the way. He doesn’t want Littleman to leave. I Move Dakota out of the way. Then I get Dakota; back him up and move him; side passing against the fence. He is a lot better at leading. He used to walk ahead of me. Now, because I have turned him around to start over. or backed him up so much, he does a lot better. He’s getting better all the time. Dakota is a very strong mustang. He’ is very pushy at times, I backed him into his stall, it was a little hard for him to do. He then lower his head to me, when I said “good boy”. Then it was time for food. My horse is really something.

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Tamara,

    It’s always a pleasure to hear your update on what you are doing with Dakota. I’m so glad you have him in your life and that he has you.


      Tamara Blits - 3 years ago Reply

      He loves me. He doesn’t always like what I ask, but he tries. I gave him a little bath today. He used to hate a bath. I don’t like to scare him. He was pretty good. I turned the water on real slow. and give him a drink first. He wouldn’t go in between the bars, so I just washed him next to it. He didn’t seem to mind too much. I just washed his body not his head. I like to turn the sprinkler on, in the summer. He doesn’t mind that so much. He used to be so afraid of a sprinkler. I think it was the noise it made. He had his feet done today, they are so strong. I have been giving him Joint Combo, hoof and coat. He is beautiful. Thank you for your kind words, God keep you always.

Anna-Karin Hägglund EC 2010 2011/ BTWHR 2012 / Russian Basjkir Ameri Kahn - 3 years ago Reply

Hi Carolyn,

I will join the EC to get a chance to get deeper and fotward with Ameri K and Zaritsa. I remember you told us at the December clininc that we should juse an energy like swimming under water.
Zaritsa can e very upset and almost agressive when sending her away, but since I have started to use that kind of energy it works really good with her.

And this is what I like in your method, that sometimes there are so small things we need to do or change in our selves, that make a huge difference in our meeting with horses and, as a teacher I will include, meeting children.

i have to tell you a little story from my classromm. the children has been writing stories and some of the children ar very good storytellers, so their classmates loves to hear them reading them. One day a boy in my class, he really admire one of the girls writings, he asked me if he could sit and look at E when she wrote a story. I told him that I thought it was ok. He moved his chair ower to her place and sat looking at her writing. The boy has a really hard to get something down on a paper and now he wanted to study the art of writing by looking at her. I think it was so beautiful!
If he learnt something? I don´t know! But he really enjoyed himself!



    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Anna-Karin,

    What a touching story. I would have liked to experience this in my class when I was a kid. All I got was have to’s and deadlines. Surely, nobody thought of what we were doing as an art. If you think about it, everything that we do in our life, is an art. When we approach life in this manner, there is a comfort that I believe all people are longing to have. This is where happiness is found. It’s not in the meditation; it’s in the dance. It’s a combination of both. We horse people are lucky because our spirit is lifted from just being in the presence of them, then our work begins.

    Thank you for taking my course again. Glad to hear you’re having a swimming good time with your horses.


Ann-ChristineChurch - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn, this is like a rose .
I can’t wait for the class to start, like a bee I am drawn to this. To me ,the way you teach is like a rose bud.
When you first see the bud ,you can see it will turne in to a flower.
As each petal unfolde it just becomes more beautiful . I am a long way from getting the full sent of this beautiful flower, but I am enjoying and nurturing the rose.
Anki Church

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Anki,

    Your words in the comments section touched me in the same way that you say my program has touched you. I’m sure that I am going to look at roses more deeply.

    Looking forward to you being in the class. I feel it is always an amazing experience for all of us.

    My next rose experience, I will think of you.


DianeUrsch - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

This is a long post (sorry), so grab a sandwich and a drink:)))…..and for those trying to decide whether to try Carolyn’s Waterhole Rituals class, all I can say is you cannot go wrong if you do, and you will miss something special in life–your life and your horse’s life–if you do not.

Paulina’s Program–I am in the Ladd program– has been fabulous, and I have learned so much in just this short amount of time. I love it. I am so pleased to not only be able to help you and Paulina, but to be able to receive the outstandingly helpful insights from the calls. I love how varied the subject matter is, from picking up hooves to tack issues to particulars about preparing for and riding dressage. I love the longer length of the videos and of the conversations, with the great amount of detail and depth of subjects explored. And of course, your inspiring stories and your amazingly spot-on advice are ever-present.

One particular piece of information that I have found especially valuable was your advice to one of the students about making sure that we really put a foundation on the horse who does things easily, as her horse was doing its Uberstreichen exercises very readily. But the horse was actually doing the exercises “too easily,” you said. You warned that with horses like that, the danger is to essentially blow past getting a solid foundation. I feel that this describes exactly what I have done with my mare April, and it never jelled in my mind until I heard that particular conversation. April learns very quickly and does nearly everything well and easily. My inexperience translated that into believing that we were progressing quickly in our training. But, in reality, I was not truly understanding, and April was not solid. I also found that with a horse such as April, who is talented, athletic, interested and willing, it is far too easy to fall into performance mode or trainer’s mind. After my coaching call with you regarding my disastrous video and after hearing some of the PP conversations, I was inspired to write the following to my beautiful mare…

Ode to April

(My Journey to Trainer’s Mind & Back Again)

I asked my horse
For nothing,
And she gave me

She gave me everything
So willingly & So beautifully,
I asked my horse for everything…
And she gave me

So we go back
Not to the Beginning,
But to a renewal
Of innocence & play, joy & willingness, trust & understanding,
On the continuum of renewals
That is our Journey.

Lessons revealed once more.
Self-forgiveness once more.
Connections deepen once more.
All is well
Once More.

I wrote this to you in the “When to train a Foal” blog, but I do not think you saw it, because it was at the tail end of the blog and just when the next blog came out. So I wanted to repeat it here. I also want to repeat here something else from my earlier blog post. This was in response to your “wonderings” in that blog about your abilities as a teacher. I want to say that I have never experienced not only an instructor such as you, but a person such as you. Your method of teaching is unique, not only in your knowledge, but your incredible generosity of giving yourself to us, your strength in giving us strength, and your care in ensuring that we, your students, get as much as we are able to receive, from your teachings. You are always concerned about our questions, whether we understand, whether we have more things to ask, whether we think we are where we are supposed to be….I have not ever experienced a teacher with your kind, firm, empowering abilities.

With what I have learned from Paulina’s Program, I have re-evaluated me and my daily training goals with April, and we are doing SWELL! The no-fault insurance is in full effect for both of us, as our relationship has not suffered at all, just deepened. :)))))) I am so very proud of her. We are having a really good time, each day, every day. I would not be here with her if it were not for your program.

Something else that tickled me from the Ladd Program was the wonderful discussion about horses, tack, issues with tack on horses, the bond, and how that all fits together…..tack issues coming from the bond not being strong enough, tack issues coming from being in performance mode (why else put on tack?), and then the elegant idea of having your horse wear tack as jewelry….the horse does not have to DO anything…just look lovely in it as we go about our daily interactions…How that instantly changes the perspective!!??!!? I Love That !!!

Lastly, I want to describe a recent episode that specifically relates to the tack discussion and generally relates to the Waterhole Rituals program and what horses respond to. I was in a friend’s boarding barn, in the indoor arena, waiting. There was a young girl (10 to 12, I would say) with her little spunky quarter horse waiting to go on a trail ride. The horse had apparently thrown a shoe, and the mom called to the girl to put her horse back and go get another to ride. The little girl apparently then decided that she was not going to lug all her tack to the other horse, but that her horse could do that for her. So she proceeded to just pile everything on her horse….saddle, blanket, bridle, pads, her jacket, water bottles, more strappy stuff, her sweater, her scarf…..there was stuff hanging out all over the place, and the horse was covered from ears to rump, and just sweet as pie sauntered off with his totally carefree young owner. It was a delight to see this. My thought was how innocent children are and how much horses naturally gravitate to that.

Carolyn, thank you for all you do. My thoughts are with you and your mom, for daily happiness. You are a wonderful daughter.

I will “see” you in the March Insider Circle.

Diane Ursch

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Diane,

    I’m going to use this poem that you gave in my next online class, if that’s ok with you. I’ll include it in my written material. You found the essence of what my program is about.

    Thank you for asking me to grab a sandwich, for I did. Your comment was so touching. I can’t thank you enough for it. I’m so glad that you are coming into the class again.


      DianeUrsch - 3 years ago Reply

      Dear Carolyn,

      Glad you got a sandwich!:)))
      I am very glad to be coming back into your classroom. April is also eagerly awaiting the magic.

      I am very flattered that you want to use my poem. You are most welcome to share it. It is the first poem I have ever written. It is your program that opened up a space for it to come through.

      Your program means so much to me. It has quietly embraced my soul. It opens my heart to things good and difficult in life, allowing them to become part of me or pass me by as I cull the lessons I need to learn and let the rest go. Your program has given me the increasing personal strength I have needed to deal with a continuing issue in my life that I cannot personally resolve, but that effects me completely. Your program has helped me to find “me” again, with the joy that my soul has always felt. Your program is giving me the ability to connect with this beautiful mare of mine and her radiant love of life…what a privilege it is to experience her presence and to be able to influence her to share that presence with me. Enjoying the mysteries…of the horses, of life…rather than fretting about them is the feeling that is pervading my being.

      And it is all good….:)).

      I thank you.
      God Bless.

MaryGayeLeBoeuf - 3 years ago Reply

I have seen a greater change in my leadership after my two Paulina’s class lessons with Carolyn than I could have believed possible! Carolyn hears what we say, or sees the video and then sees and intuitively knows what went wrong and what needs to change. She gives tremendously clear instructions, both specific and general, about what I need to do differently. But after the general instruction telling me to “control all speed” and “what ever Cowboy wants to do, you need to have an alternate plan and get him to do what you want” it’s given me a specific goal with as many ways to reach that goal, as I can possibly imagine. That is fantastic! It’s moving me way up in the my leadership with horse that has no desire to be led.

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear MaryGaye,

    It was nice talking to you. Glad to hear how exciting Ruella’s clinic was. And thank you again for your great testimony.

    Much love,

Tessa - 3 years ago Reply

Hi Carolyn,
Can people who are in the outsider circle post videos on the forum for insider circle students to comment on?

This is more for student to student feedback, knowing full well that you wouldn’t give the poster of said videos direct pointers.

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Tessa,

    At this time, we don’t want students in the course to be focused on helping other students. When you finish the program, you can go to the Ning site and support each other. In my classroom, it’s really important that everyone focused on their personal experience no matter what level you are at. If you need guidance of this sort, I would advise you to take the Insider Circle to give you the opportunity to be coached by me directly, so that you really get off on the right foot. What makes this program work is what I offer to your personal experience and another student would not have the experience to guide you in the proper manner. The other aspect of this is we are trying to keep everybody on the right side of their brain and connected in the experience and stay away from judgment. This is why we do it this way.

    As an Extended Circle student, you can communicate with me in the classroom on anything you would like. I won’t always respond but if you are insistent, I will. The deal here is that you’re not trying to ‘get’ anywhere. You’re working with what is, from your own coaching of yourself. Getting extra support could cause you to lose your personal empowerment.

    So again, if you want my help, you could move yourself into the Insider Circle class.

    Thank you for your interest in my program.


      Tessa - 3 years ago Reply

      Hi Carolyn,
      I appreciate your thoughtful reply. I am full of questions, but none truly requiring video to get a clear enough idea.

      I am excited for the program to begin and I’m signed up as an outsider student.

      I’ve been doing sharing territory sessions for over 2 months and just started doing this ritual up in the arena, away from other horses. The improvements are swift and Milo chooses my company more often than not.

      Looking forward to more interesting discovery processes

        Carolyn Resnick
        Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

        Dear Tessa,
        I also invite you to ask questions in my blog comments even if the blog is not about the question you would like to ask. The questions you ask are probably questions that other people would like answered as well,so please ask them and I will reply. Summit them early. Many times I stop reading the comments after Sunday. “See” you soon!


BonnieJBeresford - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
The longer I study and work your program, the richer my life has become. Since I discovered you in 2009, through multiple times taking the online WHR program both Insider and Outsider, through my membership on the Ning site where I have met and still meet the dearest friends in my life, through countless phone calls as both listener and student with you coaching me, to the indescribable experience of the BTWHR clinic with you in Escondido and finally meeting my online friends face to face in December….you have transformed my character as you have coached and encouraged and guided me in shaping the character of my horse. As I changed, my horses changed. Even my marriage is better!

Your program is complete. I can’t think of any other way to describe what it has given me. It is a philosophy, a way of training, a way of seeing how to overcome resistance, a way of being with horses, a way of understanding their culture, a way to see my future with them, a way to help others see their problems with horses. And something unexpected: a way of connecting with horses I do not know, and establishing a rapport that becomes personal in the moment – like meeting a lonely foreigner and being able to speak their language.

Today I am more than I was four years ago, more of a horsewoman, and more of human being. That is the change that makes all the rest possible. Your way has become my way, part of who I am. And that is what matters to my horses: who I am, not what I do. So simple, but so powerful.

Peace and blessings to you and your very special mother.

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Bonnie,

    Thank you for your beautiful testimonial. It means a lot to me to hear personally how you see my support that I offer to the relationships you are experiencing with your horses and people in your life. It keeps me on track and helps me to know how better to communicate to my students. It was a pleasure to work with you when you were here.

    Thank you for asking about my mother. I want you to know she is doing brilliantly well! We believe she is going to be out of hospice care soon because she is doing so well. We’ll have a video up soon. Her birthday is March 15 and we’re celebrating on the 20th.


Tyra Esterly - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
I really like what you said about sending a horse away to strengthen the bond. I know it was something I felt when I worked with Shilo, my friend’s mustang, but forgot later on in our relationship. I was amazed how just the absence of practicing this part of your method frequently can hinder the progress of the relationship and stunt future growth. You have written wonderful blogs expounding on this in the past, and I am grateful for the reminder.


Joy Greenhalgh-UK-IC-Broc, Cirrus and Kate - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

I put my name down for the Insider Circle as soon as booking opened! This will be my fourth: they are so brilliant I cannot wait!

I would like to tell you a happy tale about how my riding got an unexpected enourmous boost in the hopes that it will encourage folks because I feel so strongly that ANYONE HOVERING OVER WHETHER TO BOOK IN SHOULD GO FOR IT ! You have not coached me in riding but of course indirectly you have.

I start by saying emphatically that I am a “Happy Hacker” …trail riding is my thing and I have had only basic riding lessons, I did not ride at all until well into my forties. No one would call me a good rider and I agree! I had the chance one day to ride a fabulous dressage horse – a 17 hand Dutch Warmblood. I knew the owner had real trouble getting a left canter lead on this lovely horse , and so did the owners tutor – a retired Grand Prix rider with a lifetimes experience. In my ridden warm-up in the arena I used all the skills I have learnt from you, even though they have been ground work based. I asked for a left canter and ……you guessed it……..sweet as pie there it was.

No one was watching: I did not tell the owner , nor the tutor. I did not want to seem to boast. It has been my secret . I tell you now in deepest gratitude for the experience and wisdom you so skillfully impart .

Studying with you has given me a whole new positive approach to life. I seem to keep doing things that are way beyond or the opposite to what I would formerly have expected of myself : I have just built a web site for my business and and I have taken up fencing (the martial arts type not the keep the horses in the paddock type) – both things I previously would have thought absolutely TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Every best wish, Joy

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Joy,

    I am excited to hear that you are blooming out in many different directions. But I could see all of this in you – you are very, very gifted. I probably would have handled your experience a lot differently. I would have told them that if you set that horse up in a certain way, he’ll pick up the left lead so they know where the problem lies and so that the horse in fact, can pick up that left lead. You might say to them, that it could have been an accident but the point is – he can pick it up. The reason I would do this is that it might open them to the idea that ‘approach’ is the answer. I bet that your focus was on staying on the path, knowing when to ask, and I bet your canter speed was chosen by you rather then the horse – if you have listened to me in the years that I have coached, I would like to hear more about how you rode that horse that you think got you the left lead.

    Looking forward to you being in the class. Thank you for your testimonial. You always make the class fun for me.


Aline Mellema/ IC/ Angel and Vicky/ Netherlands/ ECspring2011/ ICfall2011/ BTWRCmarch2012 - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

Amazing how all your ideas and programs have developed and how they came together as a real online School with room for so many different people! Wow!
Thank you for giving us so many opportunities to work with you and to learn from you.
I’ve shared this on facebook and hope many (new) people will dive into this life changing experience 🙂

I would also like to share this video of Angel and me working on our trick ‘go fetch’ 😀
The most important thing of this all was FUN! Thank you for giving me back the JOY in horse training… and in my life!!

Much love,

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Aline,

    I loved your video. I hope everyone has the chance to see it. In fact, I will have it posted on The Carolyn Resnick Method page on Facebook.

    It would be my guess that this behavior grew out of the play interactions you shared rather than trick horse training. It’s so exciting to me when I see performances developed from spontaneous interactions and then building it into a behavior that you can ask for and get as if it was trained.

    It is my wish that more people would find the excitement of the spontaneous training of horses, being something that is the reason for interacting with horses. By this, I mean to enjoy training of horses more than using a horse that’s been trained by someone else. In saying this, when someone is first starting out with horses, I do recommend that they start out on a well-trained horse so that you learn the skill in how to interact and use the training that’s in the horse appropriately. After that, they should run to the nearest young horse and begin the journey of training because it is so rewarding.

    I can see you are rewarded daily.


      Aline Mellema/ IC/ Angel and Vicky/ Netherlands/ ECspring2011/ ICfall2011/ BTWRCmarch2012 - 3 years ago Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words Carolyn.
      I’m really happy that you enjoyed the video and thank you so much for sharing it on your facebook page.

      You are so right about this not just being ‘trick training’ and I’m so glad this was visible in the video. I hope other people will see and feel this too when watching it.
      This all happened out of the relationship we build through the Waterhole Rituals.
      Thanks to your method and your personal guidance I was able to see what Angel loved doing most. All I did was praise her for the funny things she did and go from there. She loves to make me laugh, so all I had to do was laugh and have fun with her 😀
      The most important ritual that made me discover this was Sharing Territory… amazing how powerful that is!
      The best part of this video was that in the end she didn’t even care about the treats anymore. It was all about the connection and the joy we shared.

      Thank you so much for everything Carolyn!

      Much love,

Marja van Run - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

Very good overview of all the ins and outs of your online programs; you are so good at explaining things :-). I will share it on my Facebook page.

I have a question: I remember last year’s opportunity for alumni students to buy the call recordings from the Insider Circle course. I would love to have that same opportunity with the calls from the upcoming course. Will you be offering this possibility again?

Love from rainy Holland,

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Marja,

    I will check this out with Teddie. I don’t know how that is done. I’ll get back to you.

    Thank you for the suggestion. I’m always forgetting these things and I appreciate the support.


Monique Ros, from the Netherlands-certified trainer. - 3 years ago Reply

Hi Carolyn

Just let you know i there

L♥ve the green collor on your site

lots of love Monique

Angela Frey - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
I have written you before about possibly having one of your qualified instructors come and do some clinics in your method here in South Africa. I have so much wanted to share my story and how your method has taken me to the level of connection and communication with my horses… Especially my stallion Fuji Fire Star.
I am an animal communicator and my primary reason for relationship with my horses is the spiritual awareness that comes from the deepened bond… I have only found that true connection using your method to ‘break the ice’.
You are on the top of my bucket list as a human being I want to meet in this lifetime… I run clinics for therapy and interspecies communication but feel I can no longer do this unless I express my support of your Method and its benefits. I would like to ask your permission to refer people to your method and clinics and be allowed to talk of the benefits it has been to me and my understanding of Life…
I would never presume to teach your method but would appreciate being allowed to guide people in your direction. I am hoping that in so doing I might generate enough interest to be able to facilitate a visit here by one of your qualified instructors.
I have an NPO(non profit Organisation) Lightstride which facilitates healing for underprivileged childrena nd woman who have suffered abuse and trauma. The area I live in has the highest rate of alcohol foetal syndrome in South Africa and domestic violence, rape and drug abuse are very high. I know that including your programme into my therapy sessions will create positive change for all as it has for me… I thank you for sharing your wisdom and pray daily for you and your Mum, that you are always supported in Love!!

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Angela,

    Thank you for your kind regard for my Method. I do remember that you were interested in having someone come to South Africa. I look forward to being able to send someone to represent me at your facility when you are ready.

    Of course you can share your experiences of my Method and how it personally empowered you. I appreciate you sending people to my programs.


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