Would you like to have a deeper heart connection with your horse?

Carolyn and Trinity sharing a moment

If you answered yes, and you are ready for a journey of a lifetime, I can guide you to finding the secret to life though the nature of horses.

Upcoming Online Waterhole Rituals Course:

The next Online course starts March 24th and consists of 5 calls, which take place every 2 weeks.  You have two classes to choose from, Insider’s Circle or Extended Circle. Calls are held on Sundays at 11 am PST or Mondays at 5 pm PST, depending on your location. You have one more day to take advantage of our BONUS OFFER… (details below)

If you are New to my Method:

If you are new to my Method or you feel that maybe you are too much of a beginner with horses, I want to reassure you that the class is more for YOU than you can imagine. If you have an easy horse, can read his/her feelings enough to keep yourself safe (because I am not there in person to guide you), and if you can get your horse at Liberty to leave your company at a trot, you are definitely qualified for my course.

I will be there to support you step by step; I will show you where your strengths lie and how to improve your leadership ability. While taking this course, you will advance much quicker than you ever could on your own. The slower you want to go, the more you will be empowered.

The objective of the course is two fold: first, it is to develop your understanding of horses through growing your leadership ability with them. Second, it is to open your heart to the play of life and find the value in the dance you are in, right here and right now.

Everyone has ‘no fault’ insurance, including your horse. The mistakes you make are needed to deepen the understanding and connection to your horse. Mistakes grow your leadership ability and reveal to you more about your horse’s true nature. They also make you seem humble enough to be inviting to a horse. Everyone loves a humble presence in a leader. It creates respect – and nothing is more magnetic.

Photo by Mena CanonicoYour horse wants to be led in order to feel a bond with you. He also wants to know that he can shape your leadership. Some words and phrases to think about: connection, timing, freedom, care taking leadership from a willing heart to a willing heart, developing a magical connection to build a magnetic connection and dependability, and learning the seven heartfelt strings of connection that are universal to all living things.

Two Classes to Choose From:

Being in the Insider’s Circle class, we will have a group conference call every two weeks, and based on your submitted videos, I will custom design a program specifically for you and your horse on each call.

Being in the Extended Circle class, you will learn my method through your observations of the Insider’s Circle class videos and their recorded calls. You will develop your own program as you identify with and follow an Insider’s Circle program that you feel would fit best with your horse and personal skill level. If you need guidance or support, you can communicate with me at any time in the classroom.

All returning students will get a chance to advance the training of their horse at Liberty, with tack, from the ground, and riding. I will only coach you on these subjects if it is feasible. If we have a situation where you and your horse get stuck, I will not move on with the coaching on that particular subject. I want you to work only the subject that is doable for both you and your horse. My motto is only work with what is working for you. This way, we will always come up with a program that produces the advancement of your horse with ease and grace.

For returning students of my Online Waterhole Rituals Course:

Beginner’s Mind – Sharing Territory

It is so wonderful to see how many of you are returning to my classroom and how much benefit my program has given you.

Every time I give the course, I do it right along with you and each time, I look forward to starting again at the beginning with all of you. It cleanses and balances me, and each time my heart opens just a little bit more. I have been practicing my Method for over twenty years and I can say that I am still a student of my own method.

It is a good practice to start at the beginning; no matter how advanced you are with the Waterhole Rituals.  This is because it is how we stay in the beginner’s mind. Even though you are starting at the beginning, you are not repeating what you already know. You are deepening your understanding of horses, enhancing your leadership, and getting more acquainted with your authentic self and your personal magnetism. What we are doing is like the practice of yoga or the Zen of archery. Through the practice of the Waterhole Rituals, we evolve our understanding of horses, leadership and life. We are on a sacred spiral of learning to grow our ability to dance with horses.

Register Now >>>



Sign up by Friday, March 15th to receive a special bonus that will give you even more information and value!

...Register for the Extended Circle Class

Photo by Mena Canonico

and you will receive the January ‘Ladd level’ of Paulina’s Program, which includes access to 2 coaching calls (approx 4 hours of recordings from the Marchador and Honey levels), plus videos from Marchador students. a $50 value – and truly, you’ll get invaluable information that cannot be obtained anywhere else!

…Register for the Insider Circle Class

and you will receive the January and February ‘Ladd level’ of Paulina’s Program, which includes access to 4 coaching calls (approx 8 hours of recordings from the Marchador and Honey levels), plus videos from Marchador students. Two months of the Ladd program would normally cost $100 – and truly, you’ll get invaluable information that cannot be obtained anywhere else!

Hurry – space is limited to 40 students for the Insider Circle class and both classes are already more than half full!

Reserve Your Space >>>


Added benefits of the course:

The side benefit for people in both classes (Insider’s and Extended) is what you learn from the wide range of programs you get to witness. This information is priceless. The other benefit is the loving support you receive and the friends you will make along the way. From the nature of this course deep friendships are formed.

Important guidelines:

Liberty Dancing

Guidelines on helping others in the class: Only help others when asked and then only share with them what worked for you with your horse.  Do not advise anyone on what they should do with their own horse. This way, the person you are helping is growing their leadership and independence from teaching themselves by the choices they make. This creates true personal growth and empowerment.

If at any time you have trouble with a ritual, do not proceed. Wait for my help and write to me in the classroom so I can advise you. Everything you practice with your horse needs to move forward effortlessly, easily and naturally, in all interactions. This is the secret to the art of horsemanship. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section and I will respond.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you in the classroom!

Have a great weekend! Be on the lookout for more horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn

This poem was sent in by Diane Ursch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


(My Journey to Trainer’s Mind & Back Again)

I asked my horse
For nothing,
And she gave me
She gave me everything
So willingly & So beautifully,
I asked my horse for everything…
And she gave me
So we go back
Not to the Beginning,
But to a renewal
Of innocence & play, joy & willingness, trust & understanding,
On the continuum of renewals
That is our Journey.
Lessons revealed once more.
Self-forgiveness once more.
Connections deepen once more.
All is well
Once More.


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Kerrie Stepnick - 3 years ago Reply

Carolyn, hello,

It is hard to know which post is appropriate for what I want to share with you, so I hope you will forgive me if this is a touch off-topic. As for the heart connection with horses, to my horse’s credit and not mine,it is apropos of the topic.

I have a question: can a horse have PTSD? In the following paragraph I will describe what our horse Big Boy suffered before we owned him. Anyone who is really sensitive to a horse’s pain might want to skip the next paragraph, I warn you.

Big Boy was used to fight bulls (we are in Mexico)before we owned him. He was gored three times by a bull (three separate incidents). You can still see hollows on his neck, side and flank where it happened. He now hates anyone who wears a cowboy hat. Once when the previous owner/rider came by to see if they could buy him back, Big Boy was so angry at seeing the person he would not look at me for several days even though the person trespassed without my knowledge.

Here is what happened recently: in general when I come close to Big Boy at liberty, I mentally draw back as I approach. I make myself small, go away even as I physically approach. I also remember the joy of being a child with a horse. When I do this, he never flinches. But one day I thought ‘enough with that.’ I blithely came up behind him. He kicked at me, and his hoof should have cracked my femur in two. Amazingly, the instant he touched my skin, he turned and saw me and knew it, and stopped the impact. There was almost no bruise, and it did not hurt at all! It was a powerful kick, too. It is difficult to describe how much of a miracle it was, that I did not end up with a broken leg. So much power, just stopped dead when he grazed my skin.

Big Boy was so sorry. Afterward, much later he came up to me, sheepishly (I did not admonish him in any way for the kick) and wanted to sniff my face and make sure I was OK. He was just crushed. I will never forget his eyes, just totally grieved that he had kicked at me. I have never seen such sorrow in a horse’s eyes as that time.

But he is jumpy with people in general. He had to be in that ring with the bulls for a few years. Is it possible he has PTSD, and needs some special kind of healing?

I hope you don’t mind this question. He is such a noble guy, beautiful, of mostly Lusitano breeding. Very bold, he protects the little herd of five horses and keeps them together.

Thanks, Carolyn, for making our lives with horses so much richer.

And best regards to your Mom.

jannie smit (ic spring and summer . BWHR december 2012 - 3 years ago Reply

I enjoyed the insider circles that I have done a lot and learned so much about my horses and horses in general. I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in deepening their bond with their horses and grow as a true leader.

Last weekend I had a 3 day dressage clinic with Jose Mendez, a great instructor here in Australia. I recognized approaches in his work that I have learned through the Waterhole Rituals, I spoke to him about that and he was very pleased that I could see what he was doing and that this would help me a lot in my further training of my horse.

I will keep coming back to Carolyn to deepen my understanding of horses.

Susan Smith - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

I really gained a lot from your Insiders Circle and it got me on my way with the Waterhole Rituals. I do hope that many people will take advantage of this opportunity to study with you and send videos of their horse work.

Thank you for your inspiration,


Rosalie Neijzen - 3 years ago Reply

Hello Carolyn,
I am a 16 year old girl from The Netherlands and I always read your blog with great interest. I would really like to connect with my horse like you do, but the only problem is that I don’t really know where to start. All the methods you explain in your blog are very interesting, but I need to start from scratch. Therefore, I would really like to get some tips about how to begin to connect with my horse. I mean only the simplest things, because I don’t have any experience in this, nor has someone I know.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Rosalie,
    The first step is to work with a horse that is gentle and well trained.
    Be sure you have an experienced person to guide you in how to do the basics like grooming and leading. When you feel you understand how to hand a horse on the ground you then can begin by Sharing Territory with your horse. I have several people in the Netherlands maybe they will respond to you here on my blog. I do not recommend working with my method until you have a strong understanding of horses and how to lead them. They can be dangerous at liberty. My method of connection is a training method done at liberty. I think that one should not try to train a horse until you know how to handle a well trained horse.
    Before you can train a horse you need to have several years of handling a horse first. Once you have develop some skills with a well seasoned horse you can then find someone that can guide you in my method. For now you can be with your horse and your skills will evolve. Do not try to experiment on asking your horse to perform or dance with him at liberty with out adult supervision.
    I hope this is help,

      Desiree, the Netherlands, EC spring 2012, IC summer 2012 with Abby - 3 years ago Reply

      Hello Rosalie!
      Contacting Monique is a great idea! I’m sure she can help you along! The way I started was to read Carolyn’s book and watch her videos. Then I did the Extended Circle online class, followed by the Insider Circle online class. After that, I went to meet Carolyn in person to work with her – that’s actually me in the pictures above! This order of doing things has worked wonders for me, as I know it did for other people here in the Netherlands as well. If you are curious about my learning experiences, please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Rosalie,
    Monique Ross is in the Netherlands and she is an instructor in my method. I will get her address and put it here in the comments section on Monday for you.

Tyra Esterly - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,
This morning when I was training my cats I thought of what you said in this article about learning from the wide range of programs and the trials and progress of others.

I was amazed how greatly this applies to animals.

I have five cats and a dog who all like to participate in these morning training sessions, and I was surprised how each animal will take the stage at one point or another, and how the others will fall back to observe.

This morning I started the training session with Bones, a big, sleek coated male cat we rescued several years ago. While I worked with Bones, playing with him then pausing for a training session, the other four cats (and the dog) watched carefully from their vantage points around the room. And when Bones got stuck on the command “Come,” a second cat named BlackNess came forward and offer the desired response. Bones saw that she knew what I was asking and stepped back to watch so he could better learn from her actions.

BlackNess proudly took the stage working through several different commands, waiting, and hopping up and down from a pedestal, but then got stuck on “Sit.” And when she became stumped my dog, Moose, eagerly obliged me to demonstrate the command. BlackNess moved beneath the table to watch while I worked Moose through a few repetitions of the commands, “Sit,” “Wait,” and “Come.” After he showed BlackNess how it was done, I asked her once again to come back to me and I continued to work with her. And when she began to lose interest after several more minutes of training, a third cat, Kitty, stepped in from the shadows and demonstrated the proper response.

What continues to amaze me, though, is that this is not a rare or isolated occurrence. This happens in every training session I have with my cats and dog, as well as when I work with horses.

I share this with you because I may never have learned to look for such behaviors in animals had I not stumbled across this blog and your method. Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing such a wealth of information through your blog. From these articles I was inspired to read your book and watch your videos, and the culmination of these has helped me look for the little things that make working with animals so enriching.


Laurinda Reinhart - 3 years ago Reply

Hi Carolyn! I would love to retake your course, especially at the inner circle level, but I am going to have to wait until I have a better internet connection or can fly out for a hands on class. Until then I plan on starting over this spring with the horses from my notes.

I love Diane’s poem. I am always so gratified when I am in the right heart space and ask for nothing how much my horses give. But when I ask and expect them to do something they have offered before for nothing, the answer is ‘No,I am not a trained poodle’! this may sound silly, but for example I was trying to cue my stallion to shake his mane and ‘sing’ for me, which he was offering up for free sometimes at feeding time. he immediately stopped. So I stopped trying to cue and instead radiated from my heart all the love, beauty and joy this behavior filled me with. he started offering this to me again. I am also getting a gas pedal!

It is frustrating trying to figure out things I am doing wrong on my own, but i guess I am making a bit of progress. Is this what you mean by I asked for nothing and my horse gave me everything? the heart strings of connection? Do you have any suggestions for asking a horse to stand still for hoof trimming? I have been learning to trim for the past year and a half. I don’t know if it is my energy, lack of leadership skills while I am struggling to do something new or what, but my horses love to play games with me at a time when I need them to be still.

Happy Spring to you, your mom and all your animals!
Laurinda Reinhart

    Carolyn Resnick
    Carolyn Resnick - 3 years ago Reply

    Dear Laurinda,
    I believe what might help is practice asking your horse to stand still. Stand with your horse next to a fence and hold him with a rope holding on to the fence with the same hand so he feels tide. Wait until he is relaxed and has no agenda and becomes content being in “neutral” with you,in this state he has no other interest but to be still and feels relaxed.
    Then draw a “box” on the ground away from the fence and ask him to stand in the “box” on a slack line. The “box” should only be the size of this body. At first ask only for a short time maybe for 30 seconds or shorter, what ever is easy for him to do. Then walk around for a minuet and then ask him to repeat standing in the “box” for longer periods. Increase this exercise so you can get your horse to stand still as long as it would take to trim his feet. This will get rid of the wiggles. I teach this to all my horses, it develops a nice charter in my horses. This is teaches my horse to return to natural when I need him to give me his full attention. It is the next step to develop after the “Eye Contact Ritual”. Hope this helps. Let me know what happens.


DianeUrsch - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

I am very complimented that you enjoyed my poem. Your program gave me the inner space for it to be born.

As it is her poem, I showed it to my mare April…she was thrilled.:))

I am so looking forward to our new class. With all that went on last summer…broken arm, personal issues resulting in moving the horses…this will be my second class with April. But you know what is so interesting about all this is that the connection with April remained and strengthened, even though she was with that trainer through late summer and fall. I essentially did the Fall EC with no horse, but the learning experience still came through.

As my poem says, April & I are in a wonderful place. I thank God she is back with me. I have learned much. She has learned much. Still lots of learning and experiencing to look forward to.

Thank you for everything.
With love & respect,

Elodie Belz (ICC spring 2011) - 3 years ago Reply

Dear Carolyn,

I would love to take one of the classes, but I will be finishing my PhD very soon and I don’t know what I will do after that. It means that I don’t know if I will be able to stay in Switzerland and continue to work with Sami, so I am not sure I would have a horse for more than half the duration of the course. My dream is to find a job here and to buy Sami, so I am doing my best to make that happen. If I manage to do that soon enough, I will join the class but right now I cannot guarantee anything.

I wish you a nice week-end,


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