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Carolyn ResnickThe purpose of my blog is to make a connection with you. I can connect with people all over the world, thanks to the computer, and we can explore and correspond with one another on the experiences we’re having with our horses in our life! This blog is a way, to educate, to raise consciousness, and to use philosophical viewpoints that will lead to a better relationship with horses; for training, partnering, and performance.

The blog is also here to help support interested people and my students who are learning my method through the educational material I offer and direct coaching. Feel free to ask questions on horse behavior, pecking order, leadership, self-realization, meditation, and the training and performance of horses. I may answer your question, or I may choose it for a blog topic for a later date. Of course, I can’t answer everyone’s questions, but I will read all your comments and I will respond to several questions on each blog.

I look forward to chatting with you on the subject of what creates a better connection with a horse. Enjoy!

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“The amazing thing about her program is that your horse naturally does what you want him to do because he enjoys your company and you have that bond together.”
Amanda Myers
“You’re an Inspiration! There are people who come into our lives and help guide us along our journey in life. Thank you for being one of them. One of the most important ones!”
Kim McElroy , Equine Artist
“I took my boundaries down entirely with my horse and she showed me just who she was as a result. It was like I suddenly had access to ALL her spirit and it was absolutely gorgeous.”
Leanne Tindal


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I’ve always loved horses…

Carolyn with her horses



Carolyn Resnick officially retired from doing clinics in November 2015
but she still leads her online classes and takes private coaching call clients.
If you wish to take a clinic in Carolyn’s Method, then you can do this with one of Carolyn’s Certified Instructors
See the Private & Group Clinics page for more details.


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