Carolyn Resnick Certified Trainers

While we are growing as a business and a family, I have realized that I need to have a systematic, standard of teaching that is consistent with how I want my Method taught to the public. This is to make sure that anything that is stated as “The Carolyn Resnick Method” is truly taught with my blessing, my knowledge and is taught the way I want it to be, with as much safety and integrity as possible.

My Method has grown organically over the years and all of my current trainers are actively keeping up their learning by attending continuing education classes with me to learn the most updated changes in my Method. These updates include new techniques, new exercises, and updated programs for the way I want my Method to be taught. So that means that when you hire one of my Certified Instructors, Linda or Teddie, you are getting the most updated information in my Method and the Waterhole Rituals.

My Certified Trainer, Linda Salinas, is from Gaston, North Carolina. She is a fabulous trainer and she continues learning from me to stay on top of all the latest techniques. You can go to her home and horse ranch in North Carolina for a clinic or she can come to you and develop a clinic especially for you and your group of horse friends. Linda travels worldwide.  You can find out more about Linda on her website and see what events she will be doing near you at  Look her up on Youtube as well.

My Certified Trainer, Teddie Ziegler, is originally from Maryland but now resides in Lake Elsinore, California. She works with me daily, here in Escondido, working with me and my horses continuing her education and helps me a great deal in my business. Teddie is currently teaching private lessons, group and private clinics within the United States. You can go to her website to check out her schedule of events to see if she is doing a clinic near you at Teddie will travel to your ranch for a clinic or she can give lessons here at my Ranch in Escondido, CA.  Look her up on YouTube as well.

Both of these ladies will travel to give group clinics and bring the Carolyn Resnick Method to you and your horse friends. I highly recommend both of my Certified Trainers and that you attend one of their clinics or have them give you private lessons. If you want to begin a new journey with your horse, build a stronger connection and relationship with your horse, or are looking for a better way to get a higher level of performance from your horse in a kinder, gentler way, then make an appointment to talk to one of these wonderful Certified Liberty trainers.

North America – USA

(listed alphabetically)

Linda Salinas: North Carolina, USA (will travel)


Video Link: Linda Salinas

Teddie Ziegler: Escondido, CA & Lake Elsinore, CA (will travel)



Notes from Carolyn:

Liberty training needs to be approached with care and is not a program for a beginning horseman. Working with a horse at Liberty takes more skill and is more dangerous than with tack.

When learning from one of my Certified Trainers, take the information that you learn that makes complete sense to you to use it in your daily practice in whatever discipline you are currently working in, i.e. jumping, dressage, hunt, etc… Do not practice my method without understanding how to stay safe first.

I consider my Method at Liberty an advanced ground training method for experienced horsemen and women. This Method will grow the bond and relationship with your horse to a level that will take your current work, on the ground or riding, to a new level of performance and love.

It can also be used as a simple tool to just start the relationship with your horse, new or old, into a true heart felt connection where magic is found and love abounds. Once your horse “really” looks at you, deep into your heart and you can do the same, nothing will ever be the same.

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