What people are saying about Carolyn…

“You’re an Inspiration! There are people who come into our lives and help guide us along our journey in life. Thank you for being one of them. One of the most important ones!

You have awakened my awareness and reminded me of the world I must be a part of ….horses. I wouldn’t be the same person today without you. I know someday that I will be able to give others what you have given to me. Please know words can not express how thankful I am.

Through your teachings I uncovered the woman I always was and will always be!”



“I did the Extended Circle in your last course. I was following your blogs for quite a while before I read your book and signed up for the course.
The only regret I had was that I didn’t do it earlier! I’m having so much fun practicing the Waterhole Rituals. It teaches me to communicate without using my over-trained mind and I’m learning to use my heart and gut feelings a lot more.
It helps me in every aspect of my life and with all relationships form my children to near strangers, at work and wherever else.Thanks again with all my heart.”
Ulrike Kraft


“Carolyns’ teaching has given my horses the voice I always wanted them to have and the relationship I was searching for.”
Paul & Dorothy Straw


“I took my boundaries down entirely with Tannis and she showed me just who she was as a result. It was like I suddenly had access to ALL her spirit/soul/whatever you want to call it, and it was absolutely gorgeous.”
Leanne Tindal


Bitja shares her experiences on the Insider Circle Program learning the Waterhole Rituals.

Bitja Gardson


“Building confidence in both myself and my horse and having the relationship with him I never thought I would.”
Joanne Titman


“The joy I share with Mari is profound, and through the time we have been together I am more conscious of the different levels we have journeyed through, and very much look forward to maintaining our progress (irrespective of speed) with each passing day.”
Denise Rodriguez


Carol talks about she found Carolyn and what attracted her to take Carolyn’s Insider Circle Program and the benefits she and her horses have experienced from it.

Carol La Corte


“It has clearly deepened my understanding and connection with my horses and it is fun!”
Farah Dejohnette


“I personally am far more tolerant and patient, being encouraged to let go of goals has been a real revelation when one works in a goal orientated world. I no longer feel cross when things don’t seem to go in the direction I think they should I just try to understand why and how I need to rethink the way I am doing something.”
Jane Leadsham


Amanda Myers‘s colt, Lucero (Morning Star) was featured in Carolyn’s first Insider Circle class. Here, Amanda talks about what Lucero was like before and how he has changed in a very short time.

Amanda Myers


“My training of my 3 year old colt is hardly different than my 3 year old dog. The colt seems to hang on every word. I see the power of the connection, and am more aware of when it is broken, and restoring it rather than forcing a response.”
Rathel Gincig


“I have been involved with various forms of “Natural Horsemanship” over the past 12 years. And while it may have had tidbits of applicable information I always felt there was a huge hole in what it presented. I always felt my horses were being made to do things and their opinions were not always an option. But it wasn’t until I learned about you and your methods that I was I able to start seeing and feeling what I was missing. My horses are happier and I’m sure grateful that I’m beginning to have an understanding of them for who they truly are.”
Stephanie Brinkman


Cutting Horse World Champion Shelly Martin relates how she met Carolyn and how much fun she had working with Carolyn training PRE Andalusian stallion, Panadero, who appears on 2 of Carolyn’s DVDs.

Shelly Martin


“With my riding horse my relationship has improved in terms of bond and trust and this is great.”
Lynn Scott


“I haven’t ridden much at all this summer because I’m having too much fun on the ground, and that is just fine. My horses don’t mind it either, and they are better under saddle when we do ride.”
Susan Amundson


Linda talks about the benefits she received by participating in the Self Realization through the Waterhole Rituals 2008.





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