About Carolyn

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Carolyn Resnick's life with horses began in Indio, California in the 1940s. Riding alone in the desert as a child, she nurtured an intuitive bond with horses. In the beginning of what would become a lifelong passion for developing innovative horse training methods created from her interactive studies with wild horses, Carolyn spent three summers of her childhood gradually becoming accepted into a community of wild horses culminating in her riding the lead mare of the herd, bareback and without bridle.

As a junior rider her interest led to training and showing in both English and Western divisions. Her desire to create a championship performance from the willing spirit of the horse led her on a unique quest to gain knowledge of natural wild horse behaviour and communication systems.

Carolyn’s formal introduction to the wider equine community began in the early 1970s from her ranch, Stonehenge Arabians/Dances With Horses, a successful training and Arabian breeding center in Sonoma, California.

From her studies of wild horses, Carolyn formulated her own system of relating to horses she called The Carolyn Resnick Method. She subsequently toured the United States for several years, giving clinics and exhibitions on this.

Carolyn continues to teach her Method, which has now been adopted by many, many horse people. They see it as the missing link in their education and training as it provides the vital magnetic connection between them and their horse. Carolyn has also several Certified Coaches in The Carolyn Resnick Method and new programs for this will be recommencing in 2009.

After 25 years, Carolyn retired from the breeding business and moved to a smaller ranch in Escondido, California. She also serves on the advisory board of Return To Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc, California (www.returntofreedom.org) as an expert in wild horse behavior.

In 2005 Carolyn released her first book Naked Liberty, which was subtitled Memoirs of my childhood. Guided by passion, educated by wild horses. The language of movement, communication and leadership through the ways of the horses. A German language version of the book has also been released entitled Tochter Der Mustangs or Daughter of the Mustangs.


What is the Carolyn Resnick Method

The Waterhole Rituals is a liberty horse training method. Liberty horse training is connecting with your horse without tack  in a free open environment. One is focused on develop a working partnership with a horse though spontaneous harmonious interactions.

The relationship between Horse and Human is developed in the moments of connection and harmony.  In the practice of the Waterhole Rituals the trainer is developing their skills as a horse whisperer. The gift of being a horse whisperer is knowing when to give to the horse and when the horse need to follow their lead for a equal partnership to emerge.   

The outcome is that both the horse and human share a sense of well being from the leadership the human provides to the horse .

From the practice of the Waterhole Rituals a horse develops a desire for human leadership that will benefit any and all equestrians pursuits from ground work  to performance under saddle and any form of interaction where cooperation, understanding and willingness is needed from the horse.

The Waterhole Rituals are based upon social interactions in wild herds that bring about unity and harmony. These daily interactions consist of grazing rituals and sharing personal space. Thoroughly socialised herds follow a code of conduct that brings unity to the herd and a communication system where the herd shares a one minded consciousness.

When a trainer upholds this code of conduct a horse will bond and naturally follow their lead.

The Waterhole Rituals educates in how to lead and how to connect with the nature of the horse to bring out trust respect and the wiliness of a horse.  

There is much value and importance in following the Code of Conduct when practicing the Waterhole Rituals. In both following the code and keeping the horse to the code through the practice of the Waterhole Rituals brings the partnership alive where the horse would choose to follow the leadership of this person.   

If you need support on how to use them as you go along you can do a coaching call or delve in deeper through a private clinic with me or Linda Salinas.