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This is a note on how the Insider Circle is doing. I have read many of your stories and how many of you are having incredible experiences with your horses doing nothing… leading to something that could have never taken place if we had not be practicing the importance of the pause with the First Ritual, “Sharing Territory”. Some of you are going to be able to bring new discoveries to the horse world from your experiences being in this class. From these shared experiences, we will discover things that we did not know. From these shared experiences the world of horsemanship will advance and I will be learning new things as well.

We are always in the experimentation of creating willing connections and growing friendships with horses if we are truly present in the moment and a true leader, healer and student. Everyday I am learning something more about horses.

The horses enjoy our company as much as we do theirs and when this happens the dance is really quite natural but it surely is not a race to the dry cleaners. Sharing territory in the pause of feeling connected, horses are more willing to bond with us right from the start to learn and work with us because it brings them a feeling of connection, well-being and companionship.

The amazing connection and results that some of you have been experiencing using the First Ritual have taken place because the student learned to wait until the horse starts the action. Waiting for this to happen is an amazing door opener to the magical partnership that springs forth. Though some of you in the class may not be having such amazing experiences and results and maybe feeling like you haven’t found your magic, it may just be the circumstances that you are in. Your horse may take longer to bond due to abuse or something he has to get over first or there may be challenges you deal with in the facility your horse lives that slow down the connection. It may be you can’t stop doing instead of just being with your horse. Whatever it is that is in the way will disappear if you keep going.

I just want to say, please believe you will reach a result that is profound. Maybe it will not happen for you from the First Ritual. Maybe it will come from carving a method out from my Method that serves you better than mine does. We all want to walk our own journey and my Method is to teach you how to do that.

Once you learn to trust the power of the pause things happen. Repeatedly sitting with horses once the bond is formed and we have shared many moments in companion energy, I find that I can jump into action and have a horse that dances with me and is consistent as if he has been trained.

I also want to address what companion energy is. It is a word I coined. It is metaphysical and scientific and relates to the study of quantum physics. It is tangible but you can’t touch it. It is tangible because it can be measured. It is a vibration.

Matter influences matter and vibration influences vibration. In matter, there is magnetic influence between two objects. It is the same with vibration. A connection occurs over time and becomes the same. When this happens, love, communication and trust are the outcome.

If you are creating all kinds of vibrations while sharing territory, you cannot connect as deeply. If you doing some activity with your horse like grooming or any shared interaction there is too much going on to have a cellular connection take place and mature. The rhythms and juices you have in your body need to match the rhythms and juices of your horse in moments of the pause in companionship. When this happens communication is instinctively understood by both of you.

To dance at liberty you need to have shared vibrations and energy to stay connected. The pause will bring you the knowledge and awareness you are looking to have.

Please share your experiences that are so heart warming and show the value of using the First Rituals in the comments sections below for all the blog readers and for those that need convincing or support to keep going. I am sure it will be very enlightening and encouraging, and bring more meaning to the importance of the First Ritual.

Enjoy your weekend, doing nothing, with your horse


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Kerrie Stepnick
Hi Carolyn and all: I joined the Rituals in a box program, and have been unable to get on the internet much due to having been abruptly forced to move due to construction – indeed it is one of the best things that ever happened to us in our nearly three years in Mexico! When Capricho and I joined the group, I had been looking at a variety of information, so we came with a mixed background. I grew up very “cowgirl” (e.g. winning junior rodeos on horses I trained myself) and then abandoned the world of horses (???¡¡¡¡¡) for… Read more »
Kathy Hunter
I learn so much from reading everyone’s postings. Thank you. With Amber, I am on the first ritual and am seeing slow changes, but each is welcome. If I have Amber out on the lawn and am sitting on a chair – Amber pretty much just grazes and doesn’t come over. If I have Amber in our fenced arena with hay, she will wander by me going from hay pile to hay pile and sometimes stop for a minute. When she is done with the hay, she usually stands looking over the fence at her herd mates. Amber will come… Read more »
Carolyn Resnick

Dear Deborah,
Yes I will show leading from behind when it is right for Morning Star.

Deborah Johnson
Good morning! It’s raining, thunderstorms and the flies are horrible, even with fly predators. I walked out to the pasture and Eclipse wanted the flies dealt with asap! We ran to the tree where the fly spray was, and I asked her if she wanted her fly mask on today. “Yes, and spray everywhere!” It never occurred to me to ask permission for this. Hawk said no to the mask, but yes to the fly spray and asked me to rub it in very good around his eyes. Bit asked for the mask and lots of spray, especially on her… Read more »
Kim Male

Sorry Bonnitta….
for spelling your name wrong—omg 3 times….
I will be more attentive…LOL..
another lesson learned….thank you again.


Carolyn, Thank you again was a wonderful call last eve. & I learned so much from you and from all the participants experiences. Again as I said I was so amazed w/ the connection I was able to have w/ my Friesian whilst we were away attending a 4 day horse clinic. I was worried at first on how I’d be able to do the first Ritual with him while we were away from home . He was to be in a stall while we were not working together at the clinic . Usually he lives outside pretty much… Read more »
Debra Saum
I have written before about my quiet time (sitting) with my horse Romeo. All the wonderful and inspiring stories that are emerging from Carolyn’s First Ritual are like soul food! It thrills me to see so many individuals and their horses reaching heightened awareness through such a simple practice. As an Animal Intuitive, I was once again reminded this week about how this “quiet time” of sitting with our horses is actually a time filled with telepathic communication……observations, understandings and enormous ‘ah-hah’ moments for our equine buddies happen when we give ourselves over to the innocent act of sharing their… Read more »
Forest Horse
I like hearing about the sparrows and white rabbits! Last week, I went to share space with the herd. There is a nice wooded area down below where they gather to nap in the morning. I wandered down the hill and saw Camilo, one of my donkeys. He is one of 2 shy donkeys, but not the shyest! I set up my chair in the usual place. None of the other equine were visible. Camilo came over and hung out for a while. He does love to eat books. While he was holding the book in his mouth, I took… Read more »
Kim Male

on 14…me

hahahhaaa…me me me….ego…that’s funny…so many me’s …really have to let it go.

thank you Bonita and Carolyn…
another revelaton

Kim Male

Hi Bonita—where is the video of your stallion?

Kim Male
On post 11 Thank you Bonita….this offers much clarity and confirmation…I love it. Along with my process here, I have been reading Margrit Coates’ books and have been witnessing so many changes… shifts in my consciousness, confirmed by my horses’ behaviors and even those of other animals around me…like the rabbit. They are all teaching me I believe. Earlier in the week, when in my mind, I knew we were moving to the next ritual of ‘saying hello’….my horses started before I did… cracked me up… It must be such a relief for them to know I am in moving… Read more »
Hi Carolyn, It is so good to hear you talk of these things! Being new to the horse world I don’t have a lot techniques in training or experience riding. I may never experience in real life the incredible union of heart dressage, or know what it is like to ride like the wind. I do resonate with your approach tho’ and am finding great pleasure in just being in the field with the horses and reading. My horse lives out full time with up to a dozen others. At first they were very curious about me sitting as I… Read more »
Jocelyne Boudreau
Hi Everyone: I have been doing the 1st ritual for about 2 weeks, just sitting there with my two buddies. My attention is mostly on Magik, my QH, since he is the one I want to ride one day (he hasn’t been ridden for one year and I have no experience but he’s a lovely boy 17.y.o.). Anyways, this morning, for the first time, I decided to go get him, at liberty, in the paddock, and ask him to follow me into the shelter, not knowing if he would. Well, I approached him and when I was about 10′ away,… Read more »
Marsha Friedman
There is a saying, People plan and God laughs, that applies so much to my experiences this week. Due to my not being well for the two weeks we were to practice the first ritual, i was determined to catch up. I had a plan to work with my first baby Sweet Prince, who is now 5 years old, first thing Monday morning. though my sweet boy was not feeling well himself. He was laying down in our round pen and did not want to get up. I sat down next to him and stayed with him till the vet.… Read more »
Companion energy – vibration matching vibration – I have a story to tell about that! I went to my medical doctor 2 years ago after I had first gotten my horse. He was my first horse and I had no previous experience with horses. I told him how being with the horse was helping me to heal and that we would just stand together for long periods of time and both of us would become so incredibly calm and peaceful. I told him it was the most heavenly experience. He said, “I can explain that to you in medical terms.… Read more »
Bonnitta Roy

I wanted to share these videos of my stallion ChoCho. It was really difficult to capture the elan vital of his joy — given that I had to be stiff holding the camera– he was looking at me as if he were saying “what’s up with THAT body language…”

anyway, three really short video takes of what IMO natural joy and enthusiam looks like.

Bonnitta Roy
Kim, I appreciated your post. I once had my stallion at my trainers for an afternoon. He was in a stall that he didn’t much like. Too small… not a lot of good vibes, if you know what I mean… But anyway, there were these three sparrows that were in his stall, as he pranced around and let everyone know he did not like to be confined. during the break. And I say how easily and calmly they shared their territory with him– despite the very close quarters and how easily they could have been hurt. They just understood his… Read more »
Hi Carolyn, Liked your latest post. With the camels here I’ve pretty much just done the 1st ritual. I’ve played with the other rituals but pretty much I just hang out with them, all of them or one of them, depending on what they each are up to, and as a group. Merely being together is sufficient. Just yesterday when I walked into a group of them I felt like I’d come home. The energy of it was simple, strong. Their welcoming of my arrival enbraced me like a warm mist that wrapped around me, and I stood there silently… Read more »
Kim Male

oops….hahaha..I hit the submit button by mistake while fixing spelling and grammar…

Kim Male
I would liek to share a special moment surprisesurprised by a special moment….I had just arrived where my horses live and in the field, with them, not more than 20 feet from my big draft horses feet, was a white rabbit—sharing territory with them. He or she did not move, was content just resting there as rabbits do. Even after my horses saw me and started walking, he did not move…not because he was scared…because he was content…it was mezmerizing. I believe there was a message there. The white rabbit is part of a few that live on the farm,… Read more »
Oh my goodness Carolyn I have held my own little theories on vibrational energy for many years so really interested when you spoke about this. I have some knowledge of colour theory as an art teacher and it was this that got me started on vibrations. Knowing that we see colours because of different vibrations or rather frequencies which is why colour can affect us physically. An easier understanding is music, chords and discords and why certain sounds make us feel good and others bad. For me all this translates into all living things including people and of course horses.… Read more »
Thanks, Stina. It is so beautiful to see you playing with your horses on the island. I wanted to share a short experience from the Insider Circle. I am in the Monday call group, which didn’t happen this week, and was able to listen to the Sunday recording, which was a total revelation to me. Anyway, I expanded the “Sharing Territory” with my mare Lilly to “Reciprocal Movement” yesterday. After sitting with her for 30 minutes and reading, I placed a few piles of freshly cut grass (one of her favorites, and cheaper than carrots!) around the indoor arena (we… Read more »
I have been so inspired by Carolyn, her stories about her students, though I’ve been kind of slow – especially in understanding the power of the first ritual. For some reason I thought that when the horse started wanting to rip the book out of my hand, that was it. I could move on. I’d spend 4 or 5 days in the first ritual, but then would move on, just spending a little time in it after that. Carolyn told me at one point, your problem is you need to spend more time in the first ritual. I was working… Read more »

“Sometimes backward progress is what really brings you forward….”

This is so profound Stina… and just what I needed right now. It keeps on echoing in my mind. Thank you, also for your video and other true words!

Tina Cobb

Stina –

I loved your video. What a marvelous way to spend time with your horses. I can’t wait to finish work today and do “treasure hunt” with my Seguro.

Thank you for a beautiful and inspiring experience.

Best wishes, Tina

Dear all, I hope I can share a heart warming experience here through this small video clip. I have spent alot (a-l-o-t) of time with the first ritual of just being with the horses and sharing space. I am very lucky as I have all the time in the world, we are not in a hurry to reach anything or anywhere for anyone with our progress forward or backwards. Sometimes backward progress is what really brings you forward…. What we do in this little video clip is just being together and having fun. I did not really believe the… Read more »

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