Timing your Leadership Communication at Liberty

This blog is a guide post in your leadership communication using The Carolyn Resnick Method of Liberty Training.

When a horse is in control of what he chooses to learn, he is your report card in how effective you are with your leadership communication. By allowing the horse to respond as he chooses, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate with your horse.

Have you ever wondered what leadership is?
A leader is someone who makes a request. As a leader, applying my Method, you direct your horse only in the moment your horse is relaxed, willing to listen and you have your horse’s full attention. With this approach your horse will naturally have the desire to follow your lead because he feels no resistance. In my Method there is no drilling, persisting or asking a horse to face anything he does not trust.
In my method great attention is given to the mood of the horse so that the horse feels safe, optimistic, and connected. The feelings and tone of the trainer creates the mood of the horse. Attention to the training is secondary to the attention of keeping the horse in the right frame of mind, secure, and focused.

You begin each day choosing a lesson that would gain the bond of teamwork that you had the day before. This process will best engage the horse to connect with you and feel ready to take on new lessons. You should not grade the horse’s progress. All your attention needs to be kept on developing the quality of the friendship, connection, and the bonded interactions shared in the training process. Having this focus shortens the overall training of the horse and brings about an amazing partnership in the performance that you share with your horse.

What I am pointing out in my blog is that the timing of one’s leadership is essential to bringing about a willing performance from your horse; the moment of request, the moment of influence. Knowing when to ask is predicated upon recognizing the moment when your horse can put forth his best effort. Blaming the horse will cause you to go off on a tangent which will lead to more time needed in the training of your horse.
Practicing the timing of your leadership will grow your ability to read your horse and know how to bring him a sense of well being. That is when you enter the moment together. You and your horse are as one. The energetic alignment between Horse and Trainer is then achieved.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn

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gagnon.schell - 8 months ago Reply

Yesterday I finally did my first day of the CC. (I joined knowing it would be awhile before I could start.) I laughed and relaxed and had the privilege of observing one of the bahavoirs you talk about in your book: horses testing the awareness of others.

I was in the horses’ (only 2 horses) part of the barn with an old furnace blower on to help keep the black flies away. Outside is almost unbearable, at this time of year the horses fed at night, during the day they head out for a few bite then head back into the barn. One horse had gone outside to eat a bit, came back in and went off to one side and a bit behind me. With the noise of the fan I could not hear his hoof movement. Although I thought I was aware of my surroundings, all of a sudden the rod I had out behind me started to move, it gave me a jump and I laughed with the realization that Katiope had circled around behind me and was checking out the rod. The rod is a thin, all in one, shortist old fishing rod we use when we go out to the field to drive the horses to the barn. The horses are not afraid of it, they just know that this means we want them to go to the barn. They have never taken the time to really check out the rod, they just head to the barn because that means good stuff to eat.

Anyway, I am sure Katiope was very carefull to get in behind me and take me by surprise.

I wiggled the rod when he started to nibble it, he smelled it some more then moved off.

As far as day one meditation goes: one thought that came to my mind was ‘focus’ and what it means. Letting that thought become an emotion ended up with what I call a ‘knowing’. I did take the time later to journal this first CC day, which lead me to some personal realizations. Also, it lead me to this: Is ‘knowing’ a feeling or a thought? Or the marriage of the two? Maybe having the courage to follow our ‘knowings’ is what focus is.



Carolyn Resnick
Carolyn Resnick - 8 months ago Reply

Hi I am going to get back to you.

Willow Hill - 9 months ago Reply

This allowing can come of a deep trust and connection. When practicing Sharing Territory I’ve found my horse and I sharing a sense of timing. After a period of mindful attention to one thing or a particular state of mind we naturally arrive at the same time ready for the next with one mind and happily move together into it. I need more learning on how this translates to times when I ask him to do things so we can learn about each other well enough to have adventures together on the trail with me in the saddle. We take lessons in Connected Riding which starts with lots of groundwork and quite precise training methods and aids, both mental and physical. But these are times when I’m asking him to do things he would not have initiated. You mentioned in one of the lessons that this will make the connection stronger, that it’s OK to ask for things. It seems that if we do plenty of liberty work during other times together this could be the result. I want him to always know, ‘if it comes from Willow, it’s got to be good!’

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