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A new Spring game you can do with your horse

I went out to visit my horse, Firelight, at Horse Spirit Ranch, the stable where he lives these days. It is about 40 minutes from my ranch. When I went out I brought him some Fruitless Mulberry leaves from his favorite tree. He likes them better than apples, carrots, or equine senior, but they must […]

Ending Weaning Trauma

How to have the horse you hope to find: Years ago I developed a way to wean foals that did not create trauma. I used this approach for over twenty years. During this time, I learned that horses that grew up being weaned in this manner were smarter and had a deeper sense of well […]

Time is the Tortoise that Wins the Race

Firelight is in his new home at Horse Spirit Ranch with Lynn Hays, the owner. Horse Spirit Ranch is a boarding haven for horses. He is about 40 minutes from my ranch. At Horse Spirit Ranch there are trails, two round pens and two arenas. Boarding accommodations include group fields, private fields, paddocks, and stalls. […]

Timing your Leadership Communication at Liberty

This blog is a guide post in your leadership communication using The Carolyn Resnick Method of Liberty Training. When a horse is in control of what he chooses to learn, he is your report card in how effective you are with your leadership communication. By allowing the horse to respond as he chooses, you will […]

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