Day 1 Meditation Overview

For the first guided meditation you will be observing yourself by going inward and taking a look at your thoughts and feelings. This first meditation is allowing your thought to be as they are; however they are. From this practice you will learn that allowing your thoughts to be as they are is mind freeing. 

Life is best experienced in baby steps and allowing what “is” to be.  Allowing things to be as they are you will gain a sense of freedom even when you are challenged with monkey-mind adventures.  The first meditation practice will open the door to a sense of freedom through accepting life as it is and accepting yourself as you are. And most importantly that you don’t need your horse to be right next to your chair because you can feel a deep connection wherever he is. I want to say that this meditation practice is not meant to replace therapy or to help people who need personal guidance. 

 As you are practicing the Chair Challenge over the next 21 days give yourself and others “no fault insurance” and watch how your days beginning to flow into a supportive harmony without your needing to control it.     

Pick a place that is no further than 60 feet away and no closer than 20 feet from your horse so you both have personal space without influencing each other’s mobility and freedom. This way your horse can easily reach you, if he chooses. What is important here is that you want sharing the moment and the environment to be the reason for the bond to grow. Take a chair, a pen, and a journal with you.  Find a peaceful and comfortable spot. If you do not want your horse to visit, because you would not feel safe with him approaching you while you are sitting down in a chair, pick a spot that your horse would not want to go to. You could also put food down for him away from where you are sitting in order to keep him in his own area. If you want your horse to visit, choose a spot that your horse would like to hang out in. This way he may come to you for a visit if he chooses.  However, do not put food down close to where you are sitting.  The food will distract him from feeling a connection with you.  Use the food only to keep him away from you.

Day 1 Guided Meditation

Take time to relax so you can feel at home in the environment that you are sharing with your horse.   Put your full attention on what you are feeling and thinking in the moment and write about it. This is the first step in finding your true self. You are aligning your left-brain with the present moment through your journaling. If you have any streaming thoughts that you can not turn off, welcome them and journal about them. As you write, stay aware of your environment and notice how the environment makes you feel.

Ask yourself - Is your horse peaceful and relaxed? Is your mind clear? Are you relaxed?  If not, write about what you feel is in your way.  When you have all your thoughts written down, pause to reach a still point of relaxation, then write about how you would like to feel, in detail. 

Feel the stillness in the moment. Feel your spirit alive and well.  Imagine pure joy in your heart.  Receive wholeheartedly each new moment that has never been before.  Feel these moments in your breath. Notice the gratefulness that is rising out of you.   

If you have more thoughts, turn them into feelings.  Turn your feelings into awareness of the moment. Put your attention on your well-being that is present in the here and now.  Be only aware of the moment and feel your breath breathing you. Know that you are full of love and you are loved by everything that is nurturing and kind.  Enjoy!