Day 10 Guided Meditation Practice

You are choosing to soak up the day in the companionship of your horse. Take notice of the things that surround you in the very spot that you are. Write in your journal the things you notice around you. Write your own guided meditation. Take time to notice each new moment like a horse would. Notice the changes that occur from the passing of the day. Notice your body breathing as a pleasure you do not want to miss. Your breath is joining the rhythm of your horse’s breath naturally. You are becoming more and more in tune with your horse.

Thank your horse for the well being that is growing deep within you. In this state you have found your place of personal renewal. Where ever your horse goes you are in connection with him. This is the secret to growing connections with horses. Feel the quietness growing in your body like you have never felt before.

Sharing the day in companionship with your horse will grow the bond whether your horse is near or far.

In these moments of bliss the company of your horse opens a joy greater than words can express.

You are returning to the child’s mind. From this place of renewal you will always be in connection with your horse from the feelings you have.

Like a horse, breathe with the rhythms of nature and you will know him more deeply. In the rhythm of your breath notice the changing conditions that surround you. See the evolution of time in passing shadows and become aware of the sounds in silence. Notice how relaxed you are—how effortlessly and easily your body breathes in relaxation and how willing your body is to be at peace with a world in harmony. In harmony there is the connection you seek.

Notice the changing aromas in the air. Connect with life and the free spirit of a horse. 

Notice your skin and how it feels. Imagine you can breathe through your skin. Imagine that you can feel your skin all over like a horse. Feel your energy flowing. Feel your personal presence growing. In this “alive” state your horse’s awareness of you is growing. Whatever you feel, be with it. No right or wrong. Things are as they are. What you feel is perfect as it is.