Day 11 Guided Meditation Overview

When I was growing up, a large group of my friends and I pretended that we were horses. We ran around town as a herd. The whole town approved of our games, because they felt that we were learning how to get along with one another. Deep friendships were formed, as well as our ability to develop our authentic self. We enjoyed life from the games we played, which my father felt was important to develop the habit of being happy.  My Dad said it would grow our opinions to be optimistic and this would strengthen our personal well-being way into adulthood. 

My grandmother guided me in how to turn the games we played into conscious meditations. What she offered was the idea that our games had a deep spiritual meaning to our existence.  She said that seeing the games as meditations would be beneficial to my personal development and my spiritual growth. She said I would become fully realized from tapping into the universal consciousness that all animals are tapped into.  She said that by continued practice observing life in the moment without opinions or judgments I would stay eternally young, vital and feel a oneness to “all that is”.  She went on to say that staying aware of life that is taking place in every moment, I would be fully awake to my true nature, and from this knowingness I would stay plugged into a deep peace, for it is always there within me.

I believed my Grandmother.

My Grandmother pointed out that my own horses were raising me from their response to my behavior and that by my attempting to see life though the consciousness of a horse would get me in touch with the best part of myself.  She also pointed out that I was fortunate, for they would raise me in knowing how to fit in with things as they are. Humans are not good at this; horses are masters at this.  A horse’s mind is not crowded with things of the past or the future, like our minds are, and being around them influences us to be at peace. From this practice we naturally let go of any disharmony we have picked up. 

Being aware of your environment like a horse will help to bring you into the moment in the most natural way. If you are present to the moment you are conscious of a new world being born around you. Life is a joyous gift to be experienced in each passing moment. In this consciousness you are awake to your true nature. 


Day 11 Guided Meditation Practice

The Walking Horse Meditation:

The Walking Horse meditation connects your physical body with your consciousness in a most natural way. In this meditation you are enhancing your well-being, your magnetism, and your empathetic awareness. In doing so you areawake to your true self. In the Walking Horse meditation you are using your imagination to see the world through the eyes of a horse. 

Walk around in your horse’s environment and feel at peace. Be fully aware of the moment. Walk with intention and with presence. Let your energy rise to help you move over the land you are walking on. Walk with grace and ease in a new born awareness. Feel your body like you have never felt it before, like it is your first day in a physical form. Feel your breath in rhythm with your stride. Walk in gratitude and a deep sense of peace.  There is great joy in the awareness of being alive. This joy is natural to all animals. From this consciousness you will wake up to a joy that is beyond the outside pleasures that you seek. Enjoy!