Day 12 Guided Meditation Practice

Walk around in your horse’s environment.  Find a spot to write in.  Sit down and put yourself in a state of neutral and in a state of gratitude for this freedom that you feel in your heart.  Write in your journal what the differences are between your perception of life and what you imagine a horse’s perceptions of life is.  Imagine how the perceptions of a horse might help you to be more at peace.  Write on how your horse helps you to be at peace.

Put your journal down and pause a moment.  Clear your mind. Then write about your observations in this moment. 

When you write about your observations, you are bringing your left brain to be in the moment and aligned with consciousness. As you are writing, you are having a conversation with your authentic self. From your journal writing you will know yourself more deeply. 

These moments are healing and enlightening.  You are guiding yourself to your own self-realization by where you direct your consciousness.  We humans, unlike animals, need to direct ourselves to stay present to the moment. When we are not present to the moment, we lose our awakened state of consciousness.  When thoughts dominate the mind and are focused on solving problems, gratefulness is lost from being in a state of worry. To be fully free is a choice and a practice. What a beautiful practice it is in the company of a horse. His magnificence, his presence, his consciousness returns you to your well-being. 

Training lesson meditation

You are now able to stay present in a state of neutral sharing territory with your horse. You have experienced well being which blooms out of being in a state of neutral.

You are ready to face a training exercise where your focus is on training your horse in a meditative awareness. You are learning how to work with an agenda without losing your inner connection to your authentic self and well being. You will be playing with your horse following simple directions to push a ball from a voice request. Whether your horse learns this or not should not be your focus. Your focus needs to be on your approach. This is how the game begins:

Roll a ball in your horses field, paddock or arena. When your horse is comfortable roll the ball up to your horse at the same time feed a carrot to your horse. You are teaching him that when you have a ball you will feed him a carrot. Once your horse is looking for treats put a piece of carrot under the ball. Let the horse see you do this. Once he gets the idea by rolling the ball away to get the carrot move to the next step by asking your horse to touch the ball. Wait until he rolls the ball with his nose. When he has learned this lesson you have taught your horse to follow your request to move a ball with his nose. If your horse does not learn this, say to your horse “touch the ball” and then take the ball and touch the ball to the horses nose and feed a carrot. In no time, your horse will touch the ball on his own. It is my intention to develop your ability to train your horse from your ow ingenuity. This is how the game progresses: When he touches the ball with his nose, you roll it a few feet away from him and wait for him to touch the ball again. The result will be that you will roll the ball together from one end of the field to the other taking turns pushing the ball. It is a good exercise in the practice of staying in a meditative state, in a state of well being, not letting your agenda remove the bond or the flow that you are sharing with your horse. From this simple practice you learn how to stay in a shared rhythm with your horse. You are also learning how to find the entry point of connection and how to work with your horse with your authentic nature and with your horses’ authentic nature. I am not going to tell you how to accomplish this. I want you to figure it out for yourself. For all of you who practice this , we will offer a free webinar on this game.  Enjoy!