Day 14 Guided Meditation Practice

Walk around in your horse’s space and feel nature’s influence upon you.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Notice the light and shadows on your path.  Let the shifting breezes influence your movements, where you go and when you pause.  Notice the feeling of timelessness like a horse.  Feel the presence of your horse in this awareness and the joy he brings you for being alive.  Take your steps with grace and ease and feel this ease in your heart.  Find a spot and Share Territory with your horse.   Feel the play of life around you, in you, and through you.  Feel your breath breathing you.  Stay with this for 5 minutes.  Be aware of life in the moment of the pause.  This will bring you a deep peace. Enjoy! 

Notes: This state of well-being is always within you.   Make a conscious note of the joy you are feeling.

When you go back to your daily activities where you may be feeling stress, remember this meditation periodically throughout the day to bring a well-being feeling back into your awareness. 

One day this deep peace will be yours in whatever you do. What you will discover is that this deep peace is who you are and is always present within you. When you feel that you have lost a sense of well being you are only identifying with your fears and not from your true nature.

Forget about your goals while fulfilling them and allow a feeling of timelessness to bring you a sense of relaxation and well-being.  You will get more done and enjoy the things you thought were stressful.