Day 17 Guided Meditation Practice

Today you are going on a meditation walk in nature with the consciousness of a horse.  Your horse may join you in this walk. If you like you can join your horse in his personal space. Allow the relationship to unfold through the interactions you share with your horse. Be sure that you stay in the flow of connection. If the flow is lost, give your horse room then go on your nature walk. While you are walking notice the trees. bushes, clouds, rocks, and all that you are passing by.  See how the things you are passing are revealing themselves as you are passing by.  Notice the breezes that come and go. Listen to the birds. Notice how the things in nature bring you a sense of peace. Feel the connection with your horse wherever he is. It is there to feel. Now shift your consciousness to the energy that surrounds you and all that you see. You are aware of form and formlessness.  Walk awhile in this awareness.  This awareness will give you a sense of timelessness and a feeling that life is eternal. When you come back from your walk, join your horse in his world and his space once again. Continue to interact with your horse in this way and you will discover the magic in how to connect and how to give room to grow the bond. These times of peace will help you throughout your day. Put your attention on how your days are enriched from the meditations you are experiencing with your horse. Enjoy!