Day 18 Guided Meditation Practice 

Begin walking around in your horse’s territory, observing the life around you. Observe your breath, feel your breath breathing you. Feel you breathing your breath. Notice the difference; One, your body breathes itself and two you are controlling the breath. There is harmony both ways. Let’s approach developing a partnership with the horse in the same way.  

The strongest instinct that the horse has is his herding instincts. This has been washed out of most horses in captivity because training methods prefer that the horse listens to the human rather than to the herding instinct. It helps the human to control the horse. In this program, we do the opposite. The reason is that when a horse listens to his instincts he has a greater desire for companionship and trust. It opens the door to his social response to you. 

When a foal is born the two instincts that he has is to move away from anything that approaches him and to follow anything that moves away from him. This keeps the foal in the flow of the herd. We want to return this flow, this instinct, to the horse. You will see the value soon. 

When you started the program you introduced the reed. This was the first practice of the herding instinct. Now that you have developed the bond from the meditation program, you are ready to begin the next exercise to further develop the herding instinct of the horse. 

When I was a child I would spend my days following the horses in the desert. We did not have fences, and we did not need them because the food and water was kept for them at the ranch. They would spend their day wandering here and there eating whatever they could find and enjoying their freedom. The horses would stick together and I would stick with the them, sometimes following, sometimes leading, sometimes herding and sometimes pausing.  I joined them in these interactions and from these simple interactions I was able to ride them without any formal training. The reason that I am offering this to you is because it will develop your understanding in how to connect, how to train and how to lead your horse. 

Approach this exercise as a mediation where you use good judgement to keep the flow and enhance your ability to get your horse to respond to being herded. Take this day to see what happens, however it turns out as long as there is flow and movement. Much has been gained from this practice. Now you can practice these interactions so that you can have a conversation with your horse at Liberty in this flow of connection! 

As you are sharing the day with your horse stay in the flow of your authentic self and being present to the moment like your horse Be sure that your agenda does not interrupt the flow. If for some reason your horse chooses to become more spirited from being asked to move on, just keep the peace within yourself and he will return to a peaceful space. Enjoy!