Day 19 Guided Meditation Practice

Start your day by being in a state of neutral before you get to your horse.  Feel a connection to your horse as you are going to him.  When you get to your horse, walk around in your horse’s territory, surrender to life as it is. You are allowing life to unfold as it is. Simply be. Hang out with your horse and observe your horse.  Be with him in his personal space and feel a deep sense of belonging, gratitude and pure joy. This sense of belonging you feel is also bringing well-being to your horse.  This feeling is healing your horse and healing your soul. Spend the day in gratitude for being able to connect deeply with life as it is. Enjoy! 

Join your horse and follow him where he goes. Pause with him and feel the connection. Then, ask him to move on. When he moves on, follow him. Take it slow and easy. Choose anything that you know that would give you and your horse the feeling of sharing territory together in the natural flow of where your horse wants to go. Just be with him. Once in awhile repeat this exercise. Listen to your horse.  Listen to your instincts. Share with him herding interactions that seem natural to the both of you. The best way to practice this is in a field of grass. If you do not have a field of grass, you may put down bits of hay so that when you ask him to walk he has a place to walk, to so that he can reward himself. This will help you get to the next step. 

When sharing territory you can have carrots under your chair and you can control the treats when you are sitting down. It will also help you to move into the next step, Intimacy Bucket Exercise. This is a very powerful exercise in gaining trust, respect, and a feel of a deep bond. I developed this exercise from how Mares educate their foals in when to nurse and when not to nurse. I use this exercise when I train wild horses to accept a halter effortlessly, easily and naturally. This exercise will open a door in how to communicate with your horse about most anything and get positive results. You can learn more about this exercise if you join us in the Waterhole Ritual online school.

This exercise that you are practicing today is on the road to the next step where your horse will look for your leadership rather than his own. Enjoy!