Day 2 Guided Meditation 

Walk around in your horse’s environment as you are sharing this space with him. Enjoy the environment like you believe your horse would.  Be empty like a horse that feels at peace.  Find a spot that feels good, that is out of the way of your horse. Sit down, relax and become present to the moment. Observe your surroundings, listen to the sounds around you and be grateful. Feel this gratefulness bring a relaxation to your body and focus deeply upon it. Close your eyes when it is safe to do so and be at peace feeling a connection with life as it is.  Know that this peace is always there within you. This is your spirit, your life force, the force the dwells in all living things. Take this moment, this moment that has never been before, and feel and imagine the connection of all things breathing as one in harmony and unity. 

In all living things there is a spirit that is joyful for just being alive.  By being aware of this very moment as you are at one with your environment, you are stepping into the consciousness of your true nature. 

Horses experience life through the senses and communicate through intentions, not thoughts or opinions. Horses live in a world before thoughts.  Becoming aware of the moment without thoughts like a horse will bring you a deep sense of well-being. In this focused awareness you will feel more at home inside your own body.  

Let your breath bring well-being into your awareness. Feel your breath breathing you.  Feel a two-way connection with your horse, a feeling of companion energy. Remember this feeling and recall this feeling once or twice during the day and at night just before you go to sleep. Enjoy!