Day 21 Guided Meditation Practice

Quieting down in a state of joy through finding neutral brings consciousness without thought and awakens you to your Buddha nature, or to the Source of all creation, simply put, to whatever supports life. In these meditations, experiencing neutral, your life force is fully awake and not being pinched off from the mind disallowing things to be as they are.  Your body is rejuvenating, your heart is healing and leading your actions, and your horse is feeling your presence more deeply. In this state you are helping your horse to rejuvenate his well-being.

In this awakened state you are sharing Companion Energy. Companion Energy is magical from the vitality you experience, it will feed your soul. In these moments, a deeper wisdom to life and purpose is known and will always be with you. This awareness is never lost.  Sharing Companion Energy is a doorway to enlightenment. It is a seed you can grow from the practice of consciousness and allowance for things to be as they are. This is freedom and being fully awake to knowing that life is eternal and in no way are you ever alone.  

Your consciousness is widening and evolving. What arises out of this state is pure love. No false emotions and no negative emotions can be. You are coming home to a new place with your eyes wide open to life as you have never known it before, without judgment in a state of neutral. You are wide awake and just here with your horse wanting nothing. No emotions to stand in your way. You are awake and aware, aware to all that surrounds you. In this awareness you feel compassion and gratitude. In this state you are love and can feel a deep sense of joy. Sit with this sense of joy for 10 minutes. Your horse is there with you and feels your awareness as you are feeling him. In the moments spent in harmony, loving life will come back to you with a deeper meaning always.  Enjoy!        


Ending for the Chair Challenge

This is the end of the 21-day meditations and your journey continues from here.  Meditation is as important as brushing your teeth. It keeps your heart young and vital.  From the awakened consciousness that occurs from these 21 days of meditation practice you have gained a heart-felt connection with nature and love for life, for yourselves and all living things. Nature is no longer something outside of you. It is important to continue to give the moment your full attention to deepen your compassion and love for all living things.  Living in this kind of awareness takes intention and practice.  Anything we have in our life requires care to keep it alive. 

From Sharing Territory and experiencing companion energy with your horse you have awakened to your true self and a deep sense of belonging. This way of being is a true state of enlightenment. 

In the beginning to stay in this expanded consciousness is not necessary, nor is it advisable or possible.  However we can open the curtain from time to time through these meditations and enjoy the view.  Over time we can open the curtain wide and feel this amazing rapture for simply being alive. As the soul evolves, this way of being will become your natural state of awareness. Bit by bit this peace will carry over into your day-to-day life in your human world in how you relate to others. You will become aware of your true nature in a humble state of gratitude.

You know you are experiencing your true self in an enlightened state of consciousness when you no longer identify with suffering or disturbances. You are living in the moment, allowing things to be as they are, feeling a connection with the spirit that flows through all things.        

Going forward in your 21 day meditation with horses you can guide yourself by going through the 21 days as a continued practice. Remember when you become stressed you have the first meditation to bring you back to the true peace that is within you.  21 day meditations are like the Waterhole Rituals; they will continue to develop your spiritual awareness and connection. You can choose the meditations in any order you wish. You can guide yourself in your own meditations Sharing Territory with your horse as a simple daily practice to enhance you and your horse’s well-being and awareness. The 21 day meditations are the foundation to the Waterhole Rituals that are designed to open the door for you to be able to communicate with your horse’s true nature from your true nature. With the rituals you are socializing a horse to be in harmony with you and you in harmony with your horse.  If you would like to move to the next state of connecting with your horse please leave your email address for further information. …(other/future programs).