Day 3 Guided Meditation 

Walk around in your horse’s environment, look around to find a spot that will bring youwell-being and that is out of the way of your horse. Sit down, relax, become present to the moment and breathe your spirit more alive. Feel your heart breathing you.  

Open your journal, pause for awhile, put your focus on all that surrounds you and when you feel truly integrated into the moment, write what is in your heart, whatever it is. Write until there is nothing more to write about. Relax and be at one with nature, your horse and with your authentic self. (The authentic self is your true nature by being aware of the moment without ego in a pure state consciousness.) 

Read what you have written out loud to yourself. Then write “I am with my horse. I am right here, right now.” Set your journal down. 

“Now” is all that a horse is aware of. At this moment you are sharing this conscious awareness with your horse. This consciousness is always present, whether you are aware of it or not. It is the one thing that is always present. Consciousness is never ending. This consciousness that is within you is your true self. This is what you have in common with your horse. You are bringing well-being to your horse from Sharing Territory and feeling a sense of gratitude from his presence.  Your horse is bringing you a sense of well-being from the gratitude that he feels from Sharing Territory from your presence. This is Companion Energy. Companion Energy is when synchronicity is being sharing. This synchronicity will renew your spirit and give you a vitality that will carry you forward till your next meditation. Enjoy!