Day 4 Guided Meditation Practice

Like a butterfly, step out of your cocoon to feel the freedom of your own flight into a new adventure. In the unknown you know nothing. Feel the relief from knowing nothing, like a child lost in the wonders of nature.  Then rest in a cherished spot that your horse goes to and ask yourself “Why this spot?” Sit there and wait for the answer to come.   Relax, be present to the moment, and enjoy the moment.  Your answer will unfold naturally. 

Let time go by and just be. Rest and give yourself time to wind down into relaxation.   Let your thoughts go by - just be. Be at peace. Feel your breath breathing you. Feel the day moving on, the clouds moving on. Your thoughts moving on, your feelings moving on. Feel the stillness in your own being.  Know the bond is evolving.  Your vital life force vibrations (heart math) are becoming in tune with your horse. When this happens there is a feeling that you are family from sharing peaceful moments when both you and your horse are aware of these moments in gratitude. 

In this relaxed state in harmony with nature, turn your focus inward to the universe of your soul and observe yourself and your breath. Observe your awareness. Then listen to all the sounds that surround you.  Just be.  Be at one with the environment.  Observe life as if you were a floating cloud passing over a peaceful meadow.   Just be.  Be quiet.  Be light.  Be free like a horse in green pastures, like a soft feather being carried by the breezes to the magical hidden places lost in time. 

Out of your butterfly cocoon, your true self is emerging in a pure state of love, in a humble state of gratitude.  

Before you leave, go to your horse. When approaching your horse, consider how he would like to be approached. Take thoughtful steps.  Move faster or slower or pause in the tempo that would not disturb the well-being of your horse.

If he would like, give some good scratches and say nothing to him as he has said nothing to you. Feel a deep peace with your horse, the environment and with the universe. Deep peace is the greatest joy. Deep peace is a joy that cannot be denied.  This meditation is the one to use on a regular basis. This meditation will always renew your vitality and well-being. Enjoy!