Day 5 Guided Meditation

Imagine what it would feel like if you were a floating leaf on a quiet pond. Become the leaf. Imagine falling backwards onto the surface of a quiet pond without creating the slightest ripple as you touch down onto its surface. As you are floating you can feel your pulse and you can feel the pulse of the breathing earth. Imagine what that would feel like. You become the breathing leaf on the still waters of your own creation. You have arrived in the land of freedom of your own making. Observe the harmony that surrounds you. Observe your feelings of freedom and comfort in the arms of it all. In this awareness you are humble and grateful for the comfort and joy you find in concert with nature.

Becoming relaxed through this guided meditation your horse will feel your presence more and more. In your active imagination you are becoming more and more magnetic to the very heart of your horse.

Hold this feeling of the floating leaf in silence