Day 6 Guided Meditation Overview

Horses have a deep sense of well-being from seeking comfort and harmony in every moment of whatever they are doing. We do not have that. From this Chair Challenge this will be one of the benefits you will receive.  

Horses have a keen sense of their environment, which enlivens their spirit.  A horse has an eternal flame that he can turn up and turn down at will that keeps him free and vital.  This ability is dampened in us from denying our true nature and looking for well-being in future and past events rather than experiencing well-being in our daily life like a horse does. 

Live everyday as if it is your last. This means that you seek well-being as it is right now. You can have it all. There is a way to both enjoy the moment and reach your goals.  Have a joyful heart. In a joyful heart there is no suffering, there is only awareness and gratitude in the here-and-now. 

This next meditation is about being aware of your environment like a horse.  Your horse is keenly aware of his environment.  When we connect with nature as animals do, we feel a deep sense of belonging.  From this sense of belonging, gratitude becomes our natural state of being in everything we do.   When we cultivate this way of being, there is an alchemy that will awaken your true nature.  You will find the secrets of life and anything you might be searching for.  


Day 6 Guided Meditation 

Find a spot that a horse would find enjoyable. Make sure that you are not sitting in your horse’s personal space. Take in the environment in detail like a horse. Notice every little thing, from the bugs on the ground and in the air and to the shifting shadows that come and go. Notice the sounds and the stillness and movement intermingling in harmony.  

Journal on what you are witnessing, describing the pictures you see and the smells that surround you. Write about the sounds that come and go.  Feel the breeze that touches your body and be at one with this very moment in time. 

Put your journal down. With your imagination see life through the eyes of a horse, being present to the moment and aware of the environment.  Relax and put your attention on your breath. Feel a connection to all things. Enjoy this state of being. You are at this moment sharing a two-way connection with your horse from being fully present to the life force in nature that surrounds you. Your attachment to your horse is replaced by a deeper connection.  From this deeper connection, a door will open to the infinite universe that is present in your own being.  When you get up to leave, say a silent prayer in gratitude. Enjoy!