Day 7 Guided Mediation 

Today’s meditation practice is focused on visualization. I communicate with my horses through visualization. I can carry on conversations with a horse through what we visualize together. We can communicate with one another in full sentences from the pictures and intentions that we share together. 

In the morning before you see your horse, feel the connection that you have with him as if he is standing right next to you. Take this to your horse as a gift that you know will please him. 

When you arrive, sit for a moment and put your attention on your breath, breathing you. Pause and visualize an expanded state of consciousness. 

Observe the environment, let the environment create a sense of well being connecting you to the heart of your horse. 

Pick up your journal and write about how the environment makes you feel more alive.You have left the world of opinions and gone into the heart and soul of your being. Let this moment bring you peace and gratitude. From this conscious state your writing will read like a poem. In this state of awareness notice how much more alive you feel. Put words in your journal that are true and that uplift your soul in an expanded state of awareness. You are channeling your true nature. 

Be happy. Be sad. Be what flows inside and outside of you. Be with your feelings through the sensations of your body like a horse. Let your thoughts flow like a river. Wait quietly for a new thought to come and give it your full attention until it moves on. Feel the sensations moving through your body between your thoughts like a relaxed horse. 

Imagine what it is to be like a horse. Empathy grows the bond. This growing state of consciousness is going to connect you to your horse in a profound way. It is hard to believe that this is true, but it is.  

Deepak Chopra speaks of this as entrainment. What is happening is that your energy, your spirit and your focus will align perfectly with your horse. When this happens your horse will find a deeper connection with you and follow your lead. This will create a magnetic connection that you will share with your horse. You can feel when this brings you to an understanding where you can speak easily to your horse and he will listen and share. I have had so many profound experiences with horses that were uncontrollable, untrainable, dangerous and had no respect for humans, turn into loving connected partners from Sharing Territory and sharing relaxed states of consciousness and communicating with one another through shared visualization! Enjoy