Day 8 Guided Meditation Practice

You are going to like this one! You get to get up out of your chair and join the world of your horse through experiencing a walking meditation. So far, you have experienced adventures of awareness in many forms of mediation with your horse; going inward, staying present, communicating with your horse through visualization, looking into your soul through journaling, along with letting go of monkey mind adventures and through a deep practice of being in neutral, you have shared companion vibrations with your horse. Anyone that has watched you with your horse sees nothing but you sitting in a chair, as they have watched your relationship grow with amazement. I believe soon others will follow. Now is the time I am sharing with you a walking meditation in the same depth as you have done over a week’s practice in the pause sitting in silence with your horse. When you start your walking meditation begin by sitting down for a moment. Allow yourself to enter that space of neutral in a relaxed state of connecting to the moment, the environment, your awareness and a sense of belonging to all that surrounds you. As you begin to walk, remember, you are sharing territory with your horse. Allow this connection to map the direction you take. Maybe you will go alone, or follow your horse. Take one step at a time. Let each moment guide you. Do not let an agenda bubble up and take you over. Have no plan. Stay safe. 

(David Whites)

As you begin walking in your horse’s environment relax your body to allow your breath to come easily to you. Feel your breath walking you. Walk around in your horse’s environment, feeling nature connecting with your nature. Observe your horse’s territory like a new horse in a new environment. For you have never done this before. 

Observe the sky, the birds, the hills, the rocks and shady spots, the smells…observe the energy that the land is creating in you in the different places you travel. Enjoy your walking horse meditation. At the end, find a spot and sit with your horse in your own personal space; breathe deeply, then relax, and breathe normally. At this time, I would like to suggest you read “The Miracle of the Breath” by Andy Caponiegro.  

Feel the bond you are developing for all living things. Enjoy!

Note: If during the day you have a feeling of stress bring back the memory of your walking horse meditation.  Thank your horse for bringing more meaning and purpose to your life.  

Be on the lookout for gratefulness bubbling up in your consciousness throughout the day. Gratefulness is always there within you. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS WITHIN YOU.

The more time you spend Sharing Territory, the more lessons you are learning from your horse’s spirit. Feel his or her energy helping you stay in the flow of harmony throughout your day.  Enjoy!