Day 9 Guided Meditation Practice

Today, be present to the environment and let time pass with no thoughts. Relax and become at one with life and stay on watch for danger, like a mare with a foal at her side in a perfect day in harmony.  From the well-being that you are holding in your heart, release and allow your body to melt into a greater space until you become part of the “All,” till you become all things of energy and light. In this state, you are in your horse’s world, in the present moment in a deep state of love.  You are at this moment fully realized and completely awake to your authentic self. Enjoy! 

Note: Today’s mantra is to say “thank you” three times when stress comes into your life or when you feel a connection in your heart for all things, or when wonderful things come to you today, repeat the mantra. When you fall asleep say “thank you” and feel your breath breathing you.