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Introduction To the Waterhole Rituals DVD

Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals DVD


The seven Waterhole Rituals are the starting point for your journey with your horse. Based on the daily ceremonies and rituals that wild horses display in their natural environment, these interactions set up order and community in the herd and are instinctual for all horses.

The consequence for you is that by using these Rituals, you develop a much stronger bond with your horse than you otherwise would have. For your horse, it’s like kindergarten and the educational foundation for him that he otherwise would have received from the herd.

This is a step-by-step how-to on working with the Rituals and forms part of the overall Carolyn Resnick Method. The net result of using this DVD and what you will learn is a decrease in the overall need for training because of the enthusiasm and the desire and ability to learn that your horse will naturally develop. This applies whatever discipline or outcome you intend to pursue together. Not to be missed!

“The way that Carolyn handles horses is unbelievable. I can say from my own experience that she can establish a relationship of trust and respect with even the most difficult horses that I would have never thought possible. I am very grateful for her help which has contributed so much to the success of my horses.”Günter Seidel, US Team bronze medallist 2006 World Championships, Aachen, Germany

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