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Panadero's Journey DVD

Panaderos Journey DVD


In this DVD, Carolyn introduces you to a totally unique way of relating to your horse. Through her understanding of natural herd behaviour, Carolyn helps you develop the connection with your horse you’ve always dreamed of. Join Carolyn at one of her rare live clinics as she begins her relationship with P.R.E. stallion, Panadero XLVI. Watch as she takes him through kindergarten where he learns manners and rules. Learn how you can use treats as part of your relationship building and see how Carolyn’s uberstreichen exercises help strengthen the bond she shares with all horses.

“I have used her methods with my own horses, both young and old to amazing success. My young horse has matured to a dazzling and delightful mount, having originally come to me with a “much too big for his britches” attitude. My older horse, a rescue and very shut down from his past experiences, is now a warm and vibrant horse thanks to listening to him through liberty techniques. Thank you Carolyn.”Nancy J. Knettell

“By observing equine herd behavior and taking it to an entirely new level, Naked Liberty bridges horse and human communication, creating a revolutionary method of interspecies interaction. Using the same process lead horses go through in the wild to create a unified herd, Carolyn Resnick brings horses and humans to a working partnership. It’s this stripped down version of training, completely absent of tack or round pen, that the horse world has not yet experienced but will benefit greatly from.”Erin Gilmore, Assistant Editor, California Riding Magazine


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