Private & Group Clinics

Linda Salinas – Certified Instructor –


Private & Group Clinics:

– Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals Clinics

– Intermediate/Advanced Waterhole Rituals Clinics

– Self-Realization through the Training of Horses as Liberty


These clinics take the Waterhole Rituals, from beginning to advanced, and the cross species bond to the next level at your ranch or a local facility. The focus will be on your approach with different temperaments and personalities of horses so you practice getting to know your “true” horse as an individual. With personal coaching from Teddie or Linda you will begin a journey of self realization through the training of horses at liberty.

These Clinics takes you into the horse’s world to show you how to communicate with horses in their own language and to develop appropriate leadership and communication skills. It will help you to understand the nature and the mind of horses and how to interact with them in the most natural way. You will learn how the Waterhole Rituals will work for you and how to develop your own strategies to create a working relationship with all kinds of horses

The 3-day private Clinic is basically a 3-day, 1-on-1 with a certified instructor.  This clinic is specifically tailored to your exact needs, desires and level of experience to enable you to achieve your goals and to get the best possible results in your work with horses.

We work with beginners as well as advanced horseman and the Clinic is best suited to people who are creative and natural leaders or those who are looking to build their leadership skills.

You will discover a life enhancing connection you can share with all horses. If you enjoy directing a horse, have no fear of loosening the bond with horses and are naturally compassionate, you will love this work.

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