Waterhole Rituals Online Course

The Waterhole Rituals are like colors to an artist, you use them to create the foundational layer for a magnetic bond and connected relationship with your horse.

In the Waterhole Rituals Course you will be studying the true nature and culture of horses. You begin to understand how the Waterhole Rituals relate to a horse’s natural way of communicating in the herd, and then you will learn how to apply the Waterhole Rituals to develop the horse of your dreams in your own philosophy and style. The focus is on safety and empowerment of the students with their horses and themselves.

Read what students from previous classes have to say about Carolyn:

“I love Carolyn’s methods! Her words really resonate with me. Often when I read what she writes I respond with a “Yes! Exactly!” or I have a major “aha” moment. She is so uncomplicated and refreshing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to really deepen their relationship with their horse.”
Katherine Radomsky
“I consider Carolyn to be one of pioneers in studying and understanding horse behavior.”
Carol Hopkins
“Carolyn shows amazing calm and intuitive leadership as she builds the connection with her horses and demonstrates a sense of innocence and fun….her skills of interpreting body language and understanding of behaviour are awesome.”
Fiona Blachford

Starting the Journey

The Waterhole Rituals are not a step-by-step method, it is a journey. The first stage of the rituals is to socialize the horse by bringing out desirable behavior during intimate interactions around food. Through Sharing Territory together, you will develop a bond with your horse, and as the bond is growing, you educate your horse in how you want them to behave. It is fun to develop a deep friendship with a horse, and it is really easy to do! Through understanding the Waterhole Rituals you may be pleasantly surprised to discover a universal code of conduct and a way to communicate that naturally creates connection, willingness, and cooperation with your horse AND others.

Starting with an Equine Partner that is Right for You

The most important part of being successful with my method is to pick a horse that is easy to connect with. You want to use a horse that will respond easily to the method so you are SAFE as you work at liberty. Once you get my method under your belt, you can then work with horses that would be a bit more challenging but doable.

Some more feedback from previous Programs:

You MUST do it!! The course will change your whole way of thinking about being with horses and probably your whole life.”
The online program was fun, comprehensive, supportive, enlightening, engaging, and thought-provoking. Listening to Carolyn opens one’s eyes, heart and mind — Hearing others’ voices as they expressed their challenges as well as their successes, ah-ha moments — hearing the diversity of perspectives and horse-human relationships, brings insight into what one’s own self and horses.”
“This must truly be one of the best programmes on offer. The calls together with the questions page and the videos made for excellent coaching stretched over a good period of time. And even though I did not really actively participate with questions, almost all of them were answered through questions by other people. The group gives you a sense of belonging to like minded people and strengthens you in your belief of being on the right track. It was well organised and one always felt looked after, even though I was in the Extended Circle Program. Thank you Carolyn and the rest of the team.”

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before signing up for the Course, you should read the pre-requisites, recommendations and notes below to make sure you qualify.

Pre-requisites for the Course

  1. You require the skill to be able to work a horse at liberty, keeping the horse calm and also you should be able to move the horse away from you, whenever you request it.
  2. You have already taken the Chair Challenge – this is very important to prepare you for the course.
  3. You need the ability to read a horse’s intentions so that you can stay safe at all times. You can easily move your horse away from your space.
  4. The horse you decide to work with while learning the Waterhole Rituals should be uncomplicated and you should already be familiar with the horse.
  5. You should be an intermediate equestrian and able to handle most horses with ease.
  6. In the beginning you need to be able to work the horse alone. Later you will be able to develop skills to work with horses in a herd, but we would strongly advise against this while learning the Rituals.
  7. You need to commit to spend a minimum of four hours a week working through the Rituals with your horse and to be happy with whatever connection the horse offers you.


  1. To learn the Waterhole Rituals fully, you will need a secure area of a least 40×60 feet where you can work your horse separately.
  2. You should not expect to be able to Liberty Dance (Ritual 7) with your horse at the end of the course. While many students do in fact develop the skills and connection to achieve this, for many others the process is much slower. You need to progress the course at the pace your horse dictates and do not get concerned if other students are accomplishing more and working on different Rituals than you are. Surrender to the process and extraordinary results will occur when you are not focused on the outcome but what you learn from the process.
  3. Learning the Waterhole Rituals is a long journey, which you must take responsibility for. It is not a Method for creating a quick fix with problem horses. Once you have become skilled in the technique you can then work with more challenging issues.
  4. If you do not have an appropriate horse to learn the Waterhole Rituals with, or indeed if the horse you have selected turns out to be inappropriate, then there is still tremendous value in following the Program from what you will learn from it.

Starting January 2017, the Waterhole Rituals Online Course will be available through the Chair Challenge website, therefore…

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